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BatMud Interviews

-- Eata --

I interviewed Eata on October 14, 2005.  This was his character at the time:

Eata Dick is a level 46 mortal of the Ogre race.
He was created Wed Jun 29 17:17:09 2005 and he is 43d, 19h, 42min and 11s old.
He has been on for 11h, 43min and 3s, idle 18s.
He has killed: a nasty thug collecting the entry fe.., 34565 exp
               a huge spider, 118693 exp (party of 2)
Web page:      [Ranger] [Incise/Shred/Hshred]
Phone:         [manse+] [maus+]
This player has a blog - last modified 4d, 22h, 4min and 20s ago. 
He has no plan.

Can you tell me a bit about yourself "in real life"? Well Iīm an no-life, unemployed 22 year-old dude from Finland whose whole life is based on game thatīs bunch of letters and numbers. :) Sad but true. Well I started working after i finished the school we all have to go, dunno what school is it English (probably high school). I used to work in a warehouse as a forklift driver. Tell me about your BatMud character. Well (98.2555%) experience spent in reincarnation taxes. Shows that I really like to reinc, and I think reincing should be made exp-free. It would make this game so much more fun for everyone. At the moment Iīve promised to my friend that I wonīt reinc until next month, so kinda bummed for that. At the moment, Iīm an ogre ranger. Iīd like to reinc to psi, but Iīm pretty sure Iīll suck ass if i do it with 15m totals, but Iīve a few decent-leveled friends who Iīll force to take me with them. :) How do you spend your time here on Bat, in a typical session? Well i try to set myself everyday an certain amount of exp/money to be made and usually Iīll get it. After that this becomes an chat with extra features to me. When did you start playing BatMud? It was somewehre 1998 that I started and I heard about the game from a friend of mine. Played it a year or two and then took a few years break. Now when I see them, theyīre highbies, and Iīm this nothing. Makes me wish I had kept playing. What prompted you to stop playing Bat? Nothing really, I just kinda forgot it... And it really wasnīt fun to play with 28.8 modem and telnet, so that kinda made it suck. We used to go play at this nearby college after school, and the people there just hated us cause we were like 14-15 years old. What's something about yourself that no one here knows? That I have a criminal record. Nothing major just a few fist fights etc. So it's battery or assault or something like that. Alrighty then. When you hit areas, what areas do you like to do? Mostly cash runs, so drawbridge, lor, the reaver catacombs, nishapur, kutanakor, colosseum and dalesmen... Canīt remember names of them all. Do you do equipment runs too? Well if someone takes me along, but all I can make is the sun amulet. Havenīt really studied it cause not at the point yet with this character. Have you done any Random Acts of Kindness here? Well Iīve given some eq to people when I suicided my character a while ago, when i thougt that would make me go and get a life. Like that would happen! Ok, now for the opposite.. how eeeeevil have you been? I really havenīt been, yet. :D And I try not to be an asshole, not now or even if I had +300m totals. Few fights Iīve had, but thatīs normal I guess. What I donīt like is that some highbies can fuck up your whole game if they want. What changes would you most like to see in the mud? Something could be done to the reinc system, like a free reinc once a month or something. They fucked up the combat with the combat speed tune, so why not that too. I mean fucked it up for us noobs with 0 tpīs. Ok, that about does it. Thank you for your interview!

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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