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BatMud Interviews

-- Glaurung --

I interviewed Glaurung on October 18, 2005.

Glaurung ElBastardo is a level 91 mortal of the Ent race.
He was created before 1997 and he is 226d, 2h, 46min and 7s old.
He has been on for 7h, 53min and 9s, idle 20s.
He has killed: The Arch Demonologist Gendahar (poss.., 79555 exp
               a black magic-eating cloud hovers ar.., 422363 exp (party of 9)
Phone: 451406: The Demilich Ogaitnas Iuqnarf
>Ssmud tells you 'Goatse tells you 'also, if you use zmud, you might want to
>ignore glaurung, for once he sent a Trojan via zmud.''
>yes, fear my leethaxxor abilities!

Can you tell me a bit about yourself "in real life"? Hmmhmm.. well I'm 28 years old, studying computer sciences at the University of Helsinki. I had a break in the studies and am now continuing.. I've played a great many online multiplayer rpgs during my years, mmo's etc. I'm your average geek I guess. What did you do during your break in studies? Coding mostly.. java for the last few years.. mostly for handheld devices.. I've also done my time as a helpdesk monkey or IT support. But I've also done a meels-on-wheels for the elderly as a sumemrjob once. Couple of months I was working for the city of Helsinki, cutting grass and tending the park areas. It was OK. I had to wake up weee early, but I got to be outside lots. Only bad things were finding a pile of dogpoo in tall weeds when cutting with a weedwhacker. *splatter* When and how did you first find Bat? Years back.. I'm not sure on the exact date, but it was 2 conversions ago when I first created this character. A friend of mine introduced me to Primetime lpmud.. and a friend from there introduced me to Batmud. I still played Primetime and dabbled with bat.. but at some point I switched to playing Bat. I did the exodus to Zombie mud that many others did during last conversion. What's been your favorite incarnation here on Batmud? I most like playing offtanks.. evil-religious ones. I've been quite a reinc addict in my day, so I've tried a great many combinations.. including duck barbarian. What's your current reinc-count? 14.. but I suicided a while back and it reset. I think it was around 80 before that. Why did you suicide your character? It was a poor man's PERKELE ET TEE SITÄ! JUMALAUTA NYT NUKKUMAAN SENKI KÄNNIÖÄÄLIÖ! I guess. A what??? Oops.. I meant 'rebirth'.. I made that rebirth alias when I hit 150m totals. Translation: damnit dont do it! go sleep now you drunken asshole! Just a precaution so i wont do any drunken rebirths! =) Please describe your current character. I'm a full tiger, full lord of chaos with 16 levels in spiders. 197m total worth. This gives me a good collection of offensive skills. The ent race allows me to use 2-handed swords, and 16 levels in spiders allows me to use a 44 character demon. I can claw, I hit really hard etc. My set weighs 107kg without feather weights. Weapons alone being 73kg or so. 36kg locblade (I dont have many souls yet, the weight helps it hit a bit harder) and the 36kg 2-handed sword version of the vorpal blade.. dunno how many there are in the game, not many. Do you have many task points? I have enouh for 3 full boons.. and I donated for them. I have the same amount I had before I wizzed back in the day.. so I have donated twice for those. =) Well, I've earned some of the TPs.. for instance, I won the first batmud lyrics contest. It's in Finnish though.. I just changed the lyrics to a Christmas song. I've also gotten some for Campcon stuff. What was it like being a wiz on Bat? It was fun at first.. but I was coding at work, I was coding for school.. I didn't feel like coding for free time. It got boring then.. and of course, as a newbie wiz you can't pkill any annoying people. =) I guess it's more fun to play than to code for the game. I did code Teletubbies, but surprisingly, they weren't allowed in the game. Look for my workroom in Pleasantville. Some wizards have their towers there, so do I, buts it's sorta broken down. How do you spend your time here, during a typical mudding session? In an active session, I tend to gather a party and go kill stuff.. exp mainly. Though in this reinc, I can solo as well, so I can go check out places that are new to me. But I tend to idle in Batmud all day. I usually have the game open at work and at home for chatting with friends, etc. Offtank parties mostly.. 3 offtanks, healer and preferably a psi.. I just hit your average common offtank areas. I can't tell those, someone might have forgotten about those and might start to do them again! But mainly around 40-70k mobs. It depends on the party a bit. What's your favorite area on Bat? It's hard to say code quality-wise.. but I've always liked Horn Durath. Exploring it years ago was so much fun. Do you tend towards random acts of kindness.. or of evilness? Hmm.. both I guess. I can't think of any random acts of kindness for now.. but they are there! Evilness. Hmm. Besides being obnoxious on channels, I do sometimes randomly pkill annoying people. And there was the nunthing.. I pkilled some nuns and got pkilled back. It ended up with me getting banned for 2 months. What motivates you when you play here? Dunno.. social thing probably.. too many friends in this game.. I've played many mmorpgs but always somehow return to Batmud. Batmud friends turn into real-life friends. Or people I met at a con etc are friends after that on the mud. Why do you always return to Batmud, despite all the graphic mmo's out there? Mmo's dont have the same social aspect. Well it's hard to build a social surrounding when you have thousands of players on the server. In mmos you end up making friends of people who you bump into all the time when levelling or raiding, etc. But Batmud is a tighter-knit society. And it's easy to idle in Batmud, during the workday and just chat with people when coding etc. You can't do that with mmos. Also, Batmud has a very complex system. Most mmos have much simpler systems.. and of course being able to reinc keeps it interesing. Batmud's pvp system is pretty good.. it's mostly totally free, and there still is very little griefing in this game. I can't see that happening in mmos.. if it's a free pvp, it's full on griefing & ganking. Does Batmud being free have anything to do with your playing here? Nah, I've donated here. I've donated for 3 full boons twice. I've spent more on Batmud than I've spent on all my mmos together. I think it's around 500 euros or so. Well.. if I've played for some.. I dunno.. 10 years? few less perhaps. Then it's 50 euros a year. Thats not bad for a "hobby".. which has given me tons of connections around the world and good friends in real life. I met my girlfriend Tiarana at Assembly when we were tending the Batmud stand. She came to check it out. Assembly is a demo party.. a huge one. People gather there to show others their skills in designing and programming, etc. It's sorta like a huge lan, but the focus is on demos and stuff like that, not gaming. I've been to the United States 3 times, and I've stayed at mudfriends places everytime. Thank you for the interview Glaurung. It's been a pleasure.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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