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BatMud Interviews

-- Hemicuda --

Tarken interviewed Hemicuda in March, 2006.  This was his character at the time:

Hemicuda is a level 49 mortal of the Elf race.
He was created Sat Jan 14 21:35:06 2006 and he is 29d, 4h, 15min and 59s old.
He has been on for 8h, 17min and 56s, idle 8s.
He has killed: John the winemaster, 3088 exp
               Myrier, the former High-Priest of Br.., 443087 exp (party of 7)
He has no plan.

Tell me a little about yourself.

I am a machinist.  I make all sorts of different parts for different uses. 
I primarily do this using computer-controlled machines that run on a basic 
machine code.  In my free time, I enjoy fishing, skiing, golf and riding 
my ATV.

When did you start playing Bat?

I stared playing about 2 and a half months ago.

What were you doing in life at the time?

I had a break from work and was bored.

What has gone on in your life since you started playing?

Not a whole lot really it is winter where i live in Vermont.

How did you find batmud?

I found it through a search on Yahoo.

What were you looking for?

I had tried mudding once in college. I was bored and thought it would be 
something fun to try again.

Was BatMUD the first mud you tried?

I did briefly play dikumud a long time ago.

What has been your favorite 'incarnation' here on Bat?

I like being a tarmalen. I like zooming around from place to place with 
nav stuff. I also enjoy if I get a chance to summon and do a deaths door. 
I enjoy the battles against big mobs.

What was your worst reinc and why?

Had to be number 2. I ended up as an elf nomad due to a bug.  Noctur and 
Favorit both were patient and nice enough to fix me to elven tarm which is 
what I am now... it skipped over letting me pick my background, so I kept 
nomad, and I wanted a background for tarmalen.

Describe your current character.

Currently level 49. Level 35 tarm, 2 Nav levels, and I just started working on 
druids.  I have 2 levels in that. My current experience is roughly 33 mil geared 
primarily towards healing people in battles. I tried to ask advice to make sure 
I used experience wisely to be a servicable battle tarm.

How do you like to spend your time on BatMUD?

I currently spend time trying to obtain good spr eqs when I am not in a party. 
If no parties are available I will do resses and raises. I also keep an eye on 
wanted channel for people in need of summons, remove poison, deaths door etc...

What is your favorite area on BatMUD, and Why?

Right now it is fraggles, actually underneath the gremlins. I have spent more 
time trying to kill zupcux unsuccessfully I might add than any other area. 
I have a personal grudge against him and will not advance past Level 50 until 
a party with me in it is successful there.

What is your least favorite area on BatMUD, and Why?

It would have to be Norans Castle only because I wish it was larger.  I found 
it by going to Dryad's website and would reccomend it to any low level player 
for the money and xps. I think if it was expanded on with the solo player 
in mind like it is now, it would be even better.

What motivates you to play on the mud?

It is a fun way to spend time. If i am not outside doing something it is more 
entertaining than just watching tv or surfing on the computer. There are so 
many different variables in the game that always make it fun and interesting.

Have you done any acts of kindness here?

I have helped a couple of newer players than me, but unfortunately I haven't seen 
them again. I also try to be a decent player. I try to treat others as I wish 
to be treated, and as I said before will always try to help someone out if I can.

How evil have you been?

I was involved in two things one which was my fault and the other I had no control 
over.  I did the best I could to make amends for the one that was my fault.

Would you ever wiz out here on BatMUD?

I havent given it much thought. I guess if I hung around long enough sure. 
I would be interested in maybe having some input on designing an area, 
that would be fun.

If you were a Wiz, what area would you further develop?

I would like to see Noran's area developed more. I think it is a great solo place 
for newer players. I havent been to alot of the areas, but it is nice to have 
stuff to solo when at a lower level even though I enjoy parties. Also if there are 
none, quests for a tarm like me that do not necessarily always require a lot of 

Have you ever earned TPs? What did you do to earn them?

Yes, I was given some. I reincarnated and was able to change my race but not my 
background. Fortunately Noctur and Favorit were really helpful and i was awarded 
5 tp's, but I would not say that I earned them :).

How long do you think you will play BatMUD? 

I will play as long as I enjoy it and have time to play. I will not go to a 
different mud though.

You emote to Hemicuda 'cheers enthusiastically at you.'

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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