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BatMud Interviews

-- Kitsune --

Tarken's April 2006 interview of Kitsune:

Kitsune Deathdancer is a level 25 immortal.
She was created Fri Oct 20 05:45:08 2000 and she is 309d, 17h, 10min and 45s old.

She has been on for 4h, 27min and 54s, idle 4s (*grabbing my flute*).
She has killed: Dryad's soul (demonic), 666 exp
                Thematrix, -20 exp (party of 1)
Web page: "saying that Souc is mean is like saying Saddam was mean to someone."
>You tell Shinarae 'and the first thing i will do when i see him is give him a
>big hug and say "you never hug me". Then I will pout and order him to strip so
>i can have my way with him!' Shinarae tells you 'that's my girl!'
>Some information for friends and wizards:
> Email      : kitsunedeathdancer@yahoo.com

Tell us a little about yourself. I'm a very bouncy person both online and in real life. I love to talk and do so whenever the opportunity presents itself. I love cooking and baking as well as playing (and watching) sports! I am almost done with college and can't wait to have that part of my life done and over with! Talk about stress! I love bowling and playing/listening to music. I also OWN air hockey :) When did you start playing BatMUD? Hmmm... It's certainly been a while! I started playing back in October of 2000. I was a sophomore in High School. I believe I was 15 years old. What has gone on in your life since you started playing? Oh goodness, so many things that I'm not sure you want me to answer that question! I've graduated highschool, almost finished college, and numerous other things that come with all of those changes. I'm sure you don't want me to go into detail! How did you originally find BatMUD? I was in school and walked up behind my boyfriend at that time (Armand) and asked what he was doing. Later that day I logged on for the first time... the rest is history! (Dryad add... here's Armand's April 2006 finger info)... Armand Deathdancer is a level 50 mortal of the Ogre race. He was created Sun Sep 24 05:28:25 2000 and he is 87d, 18h, 21min and 1s old. He was last on Mon Feb 13 12:11:39 2006 (58d, 15h, 21min and 54s ago). He has killed: A HUGE minotaur is looking for adven.., 13712 exp the mayor is looking for something f.., 11440 exp (party of 3) He has no plan. It sounds steamy... Yeah, steamy. :P My first eq was a burlap bra! What is something that no one on the mud knows about you? That is a difficult one! I am a very open person, so odds are anything that I say will be known by at least one mudder knows. I will say that it is a pretty safe bet that nobody on here knows how easily hurt I can become or how shy and/or nervous I become in very public settings. On here nobody can see me, I can say everything I think. I tend to not speak infront of people I don't know if I am not in a comfortable setting or surrounded by many friends. Have you done many random acts of kindness here? Describe them please. As a mortal I always did my best to help out newbies. When I was a merchant I would give them all free surgery to 80 (as well as explaining why surgery is important). I would also drag them through areas explaining things as we went instead of just killing and that was that. I tried to make sure everything was understood. I was way too nice at times though. Once, as a tarma, there was a tiger mission out for me. A tiger appeared when someone was in the room and they ended up fighting the other person that was near me in an attempt to get to me. The person left the room when the tiger went either unconcious or died (I cannot remember which), and I then brought the tiger back and fully healed and scar removed, and then they killed me. :( And on the flip side....how dark and evil have you been? Hmmm. I pkilled a person one time. I felt so bad I cried irl. *blush* I am just not an evil person. Tarken is absolutely stunned and amazed and can only say 'Wow...'. Who are some of your favorit and least favorit players? I have no people to name, just generalizations. I dislike those players who take an attitude like they are better than the other mudders and believe that they are too good to be nice to newbies. Newbies become mudders if treated as they should be, and they deserve a decent start to the game. I would have to say my favorite players are those who not only know patience with other players, but also realize that just because someone says or does something one day doesn't mean that's how it always is, but that they could just be having a bad day. Why did you decide to become a wizard? Well, I had been rather bored with the mud for a while. Not because the mud was not fun, but because the helper in me really wanted to come out. I want to help BatMUD, and I can do that a lot easier by being immortal. I have many things to learn still, but I want to help keep BatMUD fun and interesting for players. I can help do that through coding. Did you know anything about coding before you became a wizard? Not really. I had many friends that coded and I was taught how to code a room back in about... oh, 2003. I was also taught how to code emotes then, but seeing as how that quickly fell apart (due to time zones for logging in) I quickly forgot. I did pick up on it quickly though. After being shown how to do that one room, I had 5 with pretty descriptions :). Same for emotes. There were quickly 50 new emotes when we started with none. (We were going to start a mud) Do you enjoy Bat more as a wiz than you did as a player? That has ups and downs for both sides, really. I miss being able to go party every once in a while. I miss that kind of interaction. However, I never partied much as a mortal anyway, I mostly soloed and explored trying to learn more about the MUD. I would say that I most certainly enjoy it more as a Wizard, but mostly because I can, in turn, make it more enjoyable for the players now. What do players do that you find the most annoying? Umm, actually complain that I talk too much on chat channel. :P I realize that I talk on there a lot, but just because I am not a mortal anymore doesn't mean I am not part of the Bat community. I do things for the MUD, but I cannot neccessarily enjoy them as everyone else does. While that may be my choice, I still shouldn't get criticized for wishing to converse (however frequent it might be). Do you feel your work here is appreciated? Well, not much of what I have done is in the game. I only have one area in the game, after all. People do come to me a lot for problems with bugs or player problems. It's nice seeing people come to me for stuff like that. Either I'm easily approachable, I make them feel comfortable... or they saw I was the only one unidle! What areas have you coded? I have only one area in the game... the Public Gardens. I am currently woring on two other areas though. One is a branch off of a project that is mostly Zoso's, and the other is a secret. :) What features have you added to the game? Back in 2003, I did roughly 100 monster descriptions (along with possible and/or appropriate emotes) for Dino and some were used in Valley of the Kings. A few of them were altered a lot, but some were also done nearly verbatim! Tell us the truth.. donations really DO go to a beer/pot fund, right? I plead the 5th. If you could dest one player for any reason, who would it be and why? Dest a player? ... as in, make them no more? 'Yes' That would be mean! I couldn't do that without just reasoning. That reasoning would not be at all from personal opinions either... it would have to be a legitimate reason for removal. Even if it was allowed, I wouldn't have the heart to do it. What events do you like to run? Heh. I love running Orcs and Mosquito the most! Why? I like running orcs and mosquito because these events can include players of all levels and abilities. They give a chance to not only fight and gain exp and loot, but they are very interactive as opposed to Sharon or something like that (unless you want to kill her). Can you share an interesting story with us, about some experience on Bat? I have many stories that are either funny or interesting that happened in the mud... but I would say that how BatMUD affected the rest of my life was more interesting. BatMUD was a wonderful game and a place to escape for me in the beginning. I gained a few REALLY good friends from this game, and they turned out to be wonderful friends out of the game as well. Those friends helped me through many difficult times, and the game was a great outlet! Now the game is still a great place for me to turn to when I want to chat with someone, but it also serves as a creative outlet. I can create things now, and I can go wild with them! I can also continuously learn by inquiring about different code and then applying it. Probably the craziest thing I ever encountered on here was when I begged for someone to let me do some descriptions for them. I was still a mortal at the time. Finally someone took me up on the offer. Never in my life did I expect to hear "write a description for a bracelet made of pubic hairs". When I finally did it, I was told that I was not detailed enough. I edited the bracelet description and then was told I was too detailed because I used the term "intricately woven hairs". I am almost positive I was asked to make that description just for amusements sake. :P It was never used. I am sure they were just screwing with me!

A few sidenotes, added by Dryad: Mind one other question? How did you come up with your name? Kitsune tells you 'My name, eh?' I'm picking up on Yari and Shadowjacks' old names project.. but I'm wanting to work it into full interviews whenever possible. But for most people, it'll probably just be a single question, "Where'd you get your name?" :) I love the Japanese language and culture, and my best friends were from Japan. My favorite animal is a fox, and "kitsune" means "fox" in Japanese. That's why I picked that. However, everyone says "Kit-soon" instead of the proper pronounciation of "Kit-soo-nay". That was very annoying for a while, but I eventually started seeing the word and hearing "kit-soo-nay" in my head and saying "kit-soon" so everyone understands what I am saying. Ahh. :) I've always said it to myself as kit-soon-ah! :) Kitsune tells you 'e's are "ay"' Nods, now I'll remember, and I'll say your name right in my head. Japanese is a phonetic language... Ka Ki Ku Ke Ko sounds like "kah" "key" "koo" "kay" "ko". Do you speak much Japanese? No. I knew a lot more and was learning a lot more when Maki and Miho still lived in the U.S. I do not understand much in the Japanese language, but I can read most of the characters, since they merely stand for sounds. That does NOT mean I know what i am reading though! I could see the 4 symbols: Se - La Mo - N only in the respective characters, and know it means Sailor Moon' "say-lah Moo N" .. the N is it's own character. It's a tricky one :) Interesting! OOH btw, what are you getting your bachelor's degree in? Nothing the way i am going. I just found out i might just get kicked out. Yikes. Grades? Kitsune tells you 'nods' I have to have a 2.0 to not get kicked out. I will have a 1.93 at this rate... ... so close. I graduate in December, if i don't get booted out. Geography, though. to answer your question. Neato, close to my own heart. :) So you finish this semester, then they decide if you can enroll for fall? I am enrolled for all my classes up to graduation. The GPA will determine my staying in or not. Nods, wow.. I wish you luck. And malleable profs. It isn't so much that as if I can get this ONE CLASS passed. I pass if I get a paper done. However, I don't want to risk jeopardizing this semester. A 1.9 grade point takes EFFORT! ..what was your method?? How did i get the GPA? Well, here it is... ... skipping class. Why was i skipping class? ... to bake @Kitsune blushes to a deep crimson. Oh, man... what do I say to that? Other than .. thanks for the interview, and if anyone wants to know WHAT she was baking, you'd better ask Kitsune yourself. :)
Here's an amusing side conversation, for the over-40 crowd. :) @Kitsune smiles meekly at you. Kitsune tells you 'when is the interview getting posted?' You tell Kitsune (*grabbing my flute*) 'hehe as soon as I can get it edited out, been working on it all 45 minutes now :)' Kitsune tells you 'do people read them often?' You tell Kitsune (*grabbing my flute*) 'yup, not sure exactly how many ppl read them, but the site gets about 300 unique visitors a day' Kitsune tells you 'perhaps you should say when a new interview is posted Chat "New interview up!"' Kitsune tells you 'or in news or something' You tell Kitsune (*grabbing my flute*) 'nogs, I do it on channels every time' You tell Kitsune (*grabbing my flute*) 'I'm not fond of posting in news.' Kitsune tells you 'the interview can't take that long to edit' You tell Kitsune (*grabbing my flute*) 'heh you wouldn't believe :) I have to take out all the "kitsune tells you .." and all the extraneous things (channel messages, hit point reports, etc)' You tell Kitsune (*grabbing my flute*) 'then I have to make it exactly the right width and fix all the spacing between questions :) it's a LOT of work' You tell Kitsune (*grabbing my flute*) 'few hours total per interview, though it's great when Tarken and a few other players help me by doing most of the questions :)' @Kitsune smiles at you. Kitsune tells you 'i was surprised Tarken didn't ask my favorite mortal incarnations' You tell Kitsune (*grabbing my flute*) 'you're welcome to add in stuff :)' You tell Kitsune (*grabbing my flute*) 'I've given him a list of like 50 idea questions, and rather than tailoring it to the person, he usually just runs down the list' You tell Kitsune (*grabbing my flute*) 'nice guy but no Babwa Wawa' Kitsune tells you 'babwa wawa?' Kitsune tells you 'well, he did say he was skipping the mortal character questions or something like that' @Kitsune laughs at you. You tell Kitsune (*grabbing my flute*) 'heh nods' You tell Kitsune (*grabbing my flute*) 'you ARE old enough to know who Babwa Wawa is, right? :)' Kitsune tells you 'no' You tell Kitsune (*grabbing my flute*) 'hehehe my my my... Barbara Walters. But as done by an old Saturday Night Live skit, ran for a few seasons.' You tell Kitsune (*grabbing my flute*) 'a classic.. Sort of like the Beatles.. who were a group back in the 60s. :)'

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