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BatMud Interviews

-- Malicat --

Malicat's interview took place on October 19, 2005.  

Malicat Magrelant is a level 87 mortal of the Ogre race.
She was created Sun Apr 09 21:34:23 2000 and she is 282d, 21h, 45min and 38s old.
She was last on Wed Oct 19 06:23:35 2005 (28min and 17s ago) (sleepy kat).
She forwards mail to another account.
She has killed: Wompah, the massive and the mighty, 12035 exp
                an icedragon called Alaxter, 279651 exp (party of 7)
Web page: http://despair.com/potential.html
This player has a blog - last modified 10d, 14h, 53min and 33s ago. 
>So, the couple behind me was debating on what movie to see.  I talked them
>into seeing Serenity, even though they had never seen it before.  They hunted
>me down after the movie, thanked me repeatedly, and then asked what the name
>of the TV series was, so they could buy the DVD set. :)  It's awesome, even if
>you haven't seen the show, really.

Tell us a little about yourself. I'm a computer supervisor for a fairly large electronics retailer in the US, Best Buy. I'm also a full time college student finishing up a psychology degree, and I plan on spending my senior year of school in Finland, and hopefully moving there full time. When did you start playing Bat? April, 2000. My boyfriend at the time, Ikira, introduced me to it. I think he was kind of shocked I wouldn't let him level up my character, I wanted to do it myself. What were you doing in life at the time? I was an insurance agent working for GEICO and living in DC. How long have you been playing Bat? Makes it about 5 1/2 years now. I moved from DC to NC where I worked as an independant insurance agent. Got burned out on that and moved on to tech support where I hacked out firewall so I could play at work. Got bored of that after another year and moved to Denver doing general office work. Then I got the Best Buy job part time to get a discount no cool stuff, and they kept promoting me, so, I stuck around. Since then, I moved back to NC from Denver to finish off my degree. How did you originally find BatMud? It was allllll Ikira. The bastard. :) What's been your favorite 'incarnation' here on Bat? Catfolk Loc/Spider will always have my heart, however with the parry tune, I've decided to play with barb until I get elders. What was your worst reinc and why? Beastmaster. Bunch of stupid requirements, can't train for shit, the animals are a pain in the ass, and in general, it's too much upkeep on your character before you can be effective in a party. Describe your current character. Level 87 barbcrimsonss. Up to 9k rep now, and this is my first barb reinc ever. I'm a bit inflated, haven't trained anything but the minimum requirements for crimson so I could spend the exp on maxing the important barb skills and maxing out my con and str in ss+. How do you like to spend your time on BatMud? Exp like mad to get rep. I'd prefer to do some eq mobs, but I don't have a def eq set, just dam eq, so that's going to have to wait until I get more cash. What's your favorite area on Bat, and why? Anything that requires a fair bit of thought on leading I prefer to spend time in. I love the Elven Outpost, the mobs are a good mix of higher levels and lower levels, the area is interesting to move around in, and the room descriptions are good. It's also not overly-complicated and a complete pain in the ass to run. What is your least favorit area on Bat? Why? Duz/EoW type areas annoy the hell out of me. No thinking is required, the mobs are all too much exp for how easy they are to kill, and in general they're just not very interesting to run around in. Have you done many Random Acts of Kindness here? Malicat is never nice to anyone and will never admit to anything different. How about the opposite -- how eeeeevil have you been? I pkill people at the drop of a hat for irritating me. If I can't get a good party, and can't sum kill the people on my list when I'm bored, I fuck with their parties until they break up, or until they kick my target. Would you ever wiz here? Nope, according to Blitzer I don't play well with others. It appears that wizzing is just a popularity contest, and as long as you are cute and cuddly and people like you, you will be allowed to wiz. Anyone who is not, regardless of coding ability and desire, can't wiz. Have you earned TPs here? Typos, found a few small bugs when I was pkilling in regards to some of the newer tunes, like the aggro command combined with the pkill target using guardian angel. Who are some of your most/least favorite players on Bat? Why? Merioli was actually one of the first people I ever met as a newbie, along with Harambikkel, Uncle, and few others who don't play anymore. Cran and Ruffneck are total sweethearts. And after meeting most of the Kepustan+ crew irl, those guys are just too awesome for words. Aden, Capula, Qurp, Lorelien, Leper, Kenn, and Stomp are all awesome beyond words. And most of the Americans I dislike. Shrug. No sense in naming off my pkill list. :) What recent tunes have you most liked? Exp pool is spiffy beyond words. What recent tunes have you least liked? I'm still twitchy on the parry tune. What changes would you most like to see made in the mud? More interesting areas and a close down of the crappy ones. Removal of explore count on rooms that are no longer in the game. If you were a wiz, what are some of the projects/areas you would develop? New guilds, complete wipe of old guilds with replacements. Will you still be playing Bat in 1 year? 5 years? 10 years? Yes yes and yes. :( That about wraps it up... Thank you for your interview, Malicat!

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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