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BatMud Interviews

-- Overlord --

Overlord was interviewed on October 21, 2005.

Overlord Brantis is a level 43 mortal of the Human race.
He was created Thu Feb 20 01:52:48 2003 and he is 103d, 10h, 48min and 13s old.
He has been on for 15h, 35min and 38s, idle 21s.
He forwards mail to another account.
Phone: 1800-darkpact+
>Kawasa {sales}: legendary dagger of stinging mb5m
>Ringo [sales]: stats?
>Ignore [sales]: +legendary it must be
>Ringo [newbie]: what does legendary give?

Tell me about your character on Bat, please. What's your current reinc? Well, right now I am a kind hearted merchant. I do a lot of mindless mining. Merchant was a lot more experience demanding than I expected. I decided to take 3 nav levels so I could teleport around to assist my mindless work. I've got about 70m experience. Human seems to be a well-rounded race that is working very well right now. Tell us a little about yourself. I'm 18 years old, living in Iowa, USA. I am freshly moved out on my own. I was in Council Bluffs then moved to Ames. I wouldn't consider myself the "computer nerd" type, but I am totally a nerd. I am kind of the classic mudder type most the time, such as playing a lot but constantly drinking and smokin some pot. I graduated high school this spring and completed 1 year of college during high school. Now I am going to self-teach myself some basic programming then when I feel I am ready to take the next step, I am planning on going to Pac Bell Industry College in California for video game design. When and how did you get started on Bat? Well in around 1997, I was about 10, and I always saw my brother playing some mud, and he would never let me play. So naturally that's what I wanted to do. I luckily came upon Batmud in my search for a mud. How did you find Bat? Well 8 years ago is a long time... hard to remember. =) I remember going on a site that you type in what kind of mud your lookin for then it gives you all muds related and tells you average player amount and so on. I think what attracted me to Bat was the room amount.... it far exceeded any other mud I came up with. Based on your age, Overlord must not have been your first character..? Yes, Xanthic was my first character. I suicided him in 2003 beacause he was going nowhere. I had learned the general play of the mud, but I reinced every other week so I never had money and always lost experience. I suicided him and started fresh with Overlord, but when I hit enough exp for first rebirth I am going back to using the name Xanthic. I use the same names on all the games I play: Overlord, Xanthic, and 25PercentSkill. Why do you think Bat holds such an appeal for players, vs the store-bought boxed games? I think because no matter how hard other games try, they can't get the diversity the mud has and never will be able to' What's something that no one else here knows about you? I play professional paintball on a sponsored team. That's one reason I don't think I am a nerd. Well, I would say the REAL typical mudder is more of a laid back person who prolly drinks a little and mostly smokes, but to the non-mudder population, they think of us as 40-year-old-virgins. :) If you actually go around and talk to people on a mud, you realize that most of them aren't nerds and such, but most of them are hardcore party animals. It takes someone with a certain imagination to play a mud. In Batmud, what other reincs have you tried? Everything! Combined between both my characters, I have 200+ reincs. What reincs have been your favorites? Channellers, barbarian, tiger are my 3 favorites. It depends on the time of year. If I really dont have time to party and just solo, tiger works. If I have nothing to do at all I go barb, or channeller if I am brave. Do you have any TPs? I have only earned 5 from various things, but I did donate last time donations were open. I figure a game that has given me 8 years of fun and free play deserves some donations. I sent in 200$ American money. You're 18.. what'd you do to get the $200 for donating? I worked at an Ace Hardware store. Hello? ... hello? (long delay as Overlord goes afk) This is the only 'talk show' I know of where I can take a small break to smoke some pot. =) Ahh yeah, right. Umn. How do you feel about recent tunes to Bat? I think people need to stop bitching about all the tunes because they can't be as hardcore as they were before. This game changes all the time, and it's always good....let it change and stop bitching about every little thing. Ever consider wizzing? Yes I would consider wizzing some day. I'd want to work on more race variety. Also, building a guild that wields a 2h sword with both hands, and does elemental damage as a tank by channelling powerful elemental spells through his blade. Sounds suspiciously like Lords of Chaos...? No.... LoCs don't do elemental damage. Like some fire whirlwind spell where he spins his blade around the room with fire on it and hits everyone... an area skill that uses sps too. The final goal is to make tanks semi-useful in eq mobs. Ever have any interesting people issues here on bat? I am always the middle man in the fights... I either kill those who need to be killed or I help resolve problems between people. For 2 reasons... if some guy is killing a newbie for no reason, I dont want that newbie to quit... we need more players. (.... long pause ...) And what's the 2nd reason? (.... long pause ...) OK, Overlord seems to be off on another longish pot-smoking break. We'll catch up with him another time, when he's less busy!

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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