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BatMud Interviews

-- Seaside --

Seaside was interviewed on October 22, 2005.

Seaside is a level 78 mortal of the Ent race.
He was created before 1997 and he is 207d, 1h, 29min and 11s old.
He has been on for 13h, 2min and 39s, idle 38s.
He has 2 pieces of unread mail.
He has killed: A nasty demon who wants your blood (.., 50877 exp
               Hirebrand Davinor is feverishly atte.., 93823 exp (party of 2)
>Plan , hmm I must have set that somewhere, where was that?

Tell us a little about yourself. I live in Washington, DC. I do software quality analysis, using software to test software. :) I'm a married, 52-year old father of 2 kids, ages 6 and 8. I think I am the 2nd oldest I have talked to on the mud, I forget the name of the first. I've heard you mention in the past that your son muds here.. Tell me about that. My son is 8 and doesn't type well yet. His mud chararacter is Mard. He may be the first 2nd-generation BatMudder. What does he think of Bat? He hasn't partied yet and doesn't know how to interact with other players. I'm trying to teach him to touch-type. If he learns to touch-type, I told him I would help him get a room on Bat. I have 3 or 4 smaller chests I want to get rid of. :) Tell me about your character on Bat, please. What's your current reinc? Right now, I am a ent with tarmalen, monk, and nav guilds. Here are my vitals: Str: Adequate (108+), Dex: Divine (80), Con: Magnificent (181++), Int: Good (67), Wis: Great (195), Cha: Attractive (86), Siz: Colossal (92) Score Hp: 853 (853) Sp: 853 (853) Ep: 333 (351) Why did you choose your present character set-up? I need a soloable char, because the kids need attention a lot and on short notice. I tried spider/tiger, but without healing, that is hard. Spider/tiger/priest would be good, or reaver/spider maybe. I like tarm/monk/nav a lot. I was only a mage last time around. I tried merchant/alch/nav, but I dont sell well. However, I liked the alch research. Monk/tarm/nav can fight and heal. You have to be careful to fight what you can handle, but the game progresses smoothly, with not too much down time between heals and meditation, and the regen time is quick for soloing. How did you get started on Bat? I played BatMUD for years from about 1995 to 1999, then I stopped until about 1 year ago. I've got 150m now and was 60m when I started again a year ago. My reinc count is 7. I learned about D&D when it first came out. In addition to D&D, I like other role-playing games. Swords and sorcery, and amber looks interesting. I liked bards tale when it first came out. :) My uncle introduced me to computer games with a chess game on paper tape on a DEC. Much later, I learned about many muds and played 5 or 6. I don't remember how I found out about Bat - probably from a mud locator list. But it seems to be the only one that didn't go down over the years. I even donated back when I had a little money. I'll have to log into classic bat sometime, and see if it tells me when I started playing. I wish I felt I could afford to donate again, I would like more tps. I used to get 3 tps per $, now its less than 2 tps per $. I have one list of muds I used to play, about 10 of them, but only Bat seems to work now. I don't know if darkwind and legends are still out there, might be, but different addresses. I didn't see anyone else play Bat until I hosted a Batcon. You hosted a Batcon? I did, back about 10 years ago. (Name removed) was there, and about 20 people came over. We had 3 or 4 computers playing Bat. The convention was in New Carollton just outside of DC, inside the beltway. Some people stayed with me, not a lot, 3 or 4 I think. I had room and was single. :) I don't think my Batcon was official, I just let people know a couple of months in advance. I went to a Campcon in Indianapolis around then too. You're married nowadays. What does your wife think of Bat? She is OK with my playing but has no interest herself. She shops on the web a lot, follows news, and plays solitaire a lot. And works, sends emails, and writes. She is director of a small museum. What do you like to do for fun, irl? I'm not much into hobbies except reading. I played with slight-of-hand and making animal balloons in younger days. Long before kids. I keep trying to remember stuff now, and it's hard. I did teach the kids to make simple balloon animals. I read a lot of science fiction and plays. I've finished all but one of Bernard Shaw's plays, and I've read a lot of Ibsen. I didn't like high school and escaped into books. Tell me a bit about college please.. where'd you go, what did you study? I started at Vassar in 1970, but I was there because my parents wanted me to be there. I wanted to get a math background from high school before college. I didn't do well at Vassar, and I did not know what I was there for. I then switched to Youngstown State, where I got good grades by trying not to learn, just get grades. I earned a BS in computer science with minors in math and psychology. And I took a year off and spent it in Israel and Europe. For us young punks, tell us what computers and programming were like back then. In Youngstown State, they had main frames. I learned to program the machines that sorted computer cards. I programmed with wires in the back. They got terminals then, but we used to submit batch jobs. What languages? At Vassar, it was IBM jcl and APL. APL was a cool language. :) At YSU, it was fortran, cobol, assembler, and RPG. I worked using PLI, Fortran, lots of Assemblers and computer language. Oh, and Snowbal at YSU' Those were before object-oriented. I am learning java now, and I know some specialized versions of C. Nowadays I mostly work with Mercury products, WinRunner, LoadRunner, QuickTest Professional. They are used to write softare to test other software. Loadrunner puts loads on to simulate what will happen when 100s of users are on at once. Right now really wouldnt mind winning the lottery. :) Traffic in Washington, DC is getting hard. What's something that no one else here knows about you? I don't know, I have eaten a ton at a restaurant (name removed, national security) works in. Let's see... When I was a teenager, I visited an aunt who wouldn't let me go downtown when the Chicago democratic convention was going on, the one they sent the army into. (For those unfamiliar with the 1968 convention and riots, you can read about it here.) And in my college days, my hair went lower than my beard. Which was pretty common back then. What do you do during at typical session here on bat? Well I have two version of typical session. One type is if the kids are around. I tend to do easy mobs around snowdogs, zoys, nalleys, king eowyns, as either a tarm or a small party as monk/tarm. Or I may help someone with reinc. I did a few parties helping Saigere get restarted. Usually though, I either do 5k to 50k mobs to get rid of exp pool, or 3k money mobs for gold. I used to do oysteria a lot. It's the best money I make, but Ooga was an effective pirate, and I wasn't interested, and I gave that up for now. He used to pirate a lot and much of it around oysteria. I don't know if he still does or not. I need to explore more, I learned Simon's hut and another place recently. I used to die a lot exploring. One of the things I didn't get used to for a long time on the mud is that dying isn't bad. I just spend the experience first. What sort of equipment do you carry? I mostly use medicore equipment (less than 100k a piece), and I don't get it protected. I want to save money, and I would like a crystallic battlesuit. It takes a lot of mud time and money to get stuff protected, and it's easy to lose it various ways, unless its named and you are careful. So I think either you get very good equipment that is named, and you protect and fw, or you get medicore equipment and don't bother. At least that works for me. :) I have 2 or 3 or 4 sets of medicore equipment. Right now, I am wearing a dragon helm, slime neckalce, Chael, black robes of protection, tom's coat, Silver Amazon arm greaves and gloves, +con RoW, sparkling ruby ring, and a staff of ulmat took. What are some of the areas you're most fond of? Bob's orchard is the place I mostly soloed as a mage, when I soloed. :) I would like oysteria, if one could deal with pirates. Valley of Kings is intersting, but I need to learn more of it. Bob's is a newbie area, that I remember fondly from way back. Valley of Kings is big and interesting but has a few things I don't like, like a room with two people who block you in and aggress and are big enough to quickly kill a 40th level player. What makes an area good, in your opinion? It needs to be interesting, but also findable and not too obscure. The problem with the revelsone, urvile areas etc, is they are soo crowded. Otherwise, they would be good. I like snowdogs and zoy's. Of course, I tend to focus on soloable areas, or areas with soloable sections. Do you think there's a fair enough balance of areas for the soloers? Yes, there are a lot of solo areas out there. The mud is huge. It can take some exploring to find them though. And there are enough areas with rooms that you walk into and you are dead. There is one like that in tarackia and one in valley of kings (at least one), though as a nav it's possible to survive it soloing. So with exploring, you have to be ready to die. What about Bat draws you to it? What motivates you to play? It's fun. :) I make progress. Progress = exp, eq, knowledge of maps and mobs, etc. Have you ever considered wizzing? Not really, too much like what I do for work, and I like playing. :) Why do you think Bat holds such an appeal for players, vs retail games? Well, it's cheaper and probably as much of an intellectual challenge. And it's easily accessible; you dont need much of a computer. The social aspects are as good as retail games. Graphics are about all it misses.. graphics can be cool. I liked Morrow Wind a lot, but Bat compensates with ease and access. Thanks for the interview!

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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