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BatMud Interviews

-- Shinarae --

Tarken interviewed Shinarae on April 13, 2006:

Shinarae Lluminus is a level 200 Archwizard.
He was created before 1997 and he is 1y, 231d, 20h, 36min and 10s old.
He has been on for 4h, 36min and 15s, idle 11min and 8s.
He has killed: A great lion is looking at you, 25040 exp
               Axidia, Master of undeads, 242904 exp (party of 6)
Web page: http://mina.en.puhu.suomea.org/american
He has no plan.

So, Mr. Shinarae, can you tell me a little about yourself? My real name is Yokozuma Guiseppe McSweeney. I am two and a half meters tall, have 45 illegitimate children, and can shoot laser beams out of my eyes. o....k....ummm...when did you start your BatMUD addiction? I started BatMUD in 1994 when I was looking for online opponents to play Magic: the Gathering. Since I needed to make _some_ character, I played a lackluster lightning mage and hung out in the Magic rooms with Caladar, Altair, and Greyhame. Quickly I became legendary for being the only person to ever play with Giant Sharks. Then one day, there was nobody to play against... so I started to wander around aimlessly. As they say, only the first one is free :) I became addicted to the full, rich environment with so many things to poke at until they exploded. Eventually the Conversion of 1996 came and I became a druid, because it was new and nobody had done it. The M:tG rooms were removed. What is something that no one on the mud knows about you? When I first arrived, I made a character named Trilloch. I screwed it up badly and suicided it, starting over as Shinarae until I knew what I was doing. The plan was to suicide Shinarae and make Trilloch perfect. But then I got hooked, so I saved Trilloch for a later purpose. I think I made Trilloch get to level 12 before I ruined him. What did you mean by 'perfect' exactly? Well you know how sometimes when a player reincs he accidentally types train fishing to:1050 or the like and blows his exp on something they don't want? or reincs into a guild, only to find they hate it? I wanted to "use up" all my mistakes on a throw-away character before making a permanent one. What was your favorite incarnation here on BatMUD? Elven druid, no doubt about it. Admittedly being a vampire alchemist was pretty cool too. I got some nice solo kills and such. What was your worst reinc and why? My reincs were few. I reinced five times total, including the force reinc in 1996. I tended to play a guild to death. I would guess human merchant. Making armour and weapons was fun, but then they did the Dethwishh tune, and they dested all the merchant-made items. I'm not familiar with that story, can you elaborate please? A long time ago, we had the ability to make merchant-made weapons with the damage capabilities of some of the better weapons today. Dethwishh the merchant had the best skills, stats, and spells, and was cranking them out routinely. While I was making things like "a cobalt mace named Fireball" for my eventual return to druid guild. The weapons Dethwishh made were seen as out of tune and, to solve the problem, every single merchant-made armour and weapon was destroyed. I had a safe full of them. I refused to open it for a year plus, hoping the wizards would change their mind, and I'd have my crummy items back. Have you done many Random Acts of Kindness here? Describe. As a druid, I would relocate to random merchants and give them earth power/regeneration/replenish energy, or banish, depending on if they were robotting or not. And on the mean side? I didn't do a lot that was mean. I didn't make a lot of enemies when I was a mortal. I flooded the library with rain spells once. That was about it. Why did you decide to wiz? I had done a fair number of quests, gotten a good E%, solved most of the mysteries of the plants/minerals, and broken the alchie formulas. It seemed to me like I was solving the game mechanics. Wizzing seemed like the next logical step. I had talked with Poet about it before, and made it official. And why did you become an Archwizard? Well for a long time, I did not want to be administration. I was comfortable making areas and the occasional guild. Then one day I caught someone trigger-corpse-idle-looting. And I reduced his strenth to 1. That was illegal, and I was severely scolded. That's when I made up my mind to go admin. So you can do what you want? Not so much that, but so that I had actual ability to enforce sensible policy. Plus I had fairly extensive code knowledge of the game. It, too, seemed like the next logical step. And I know your answers are limited on this, but what advantages do you have over the other wizards, game-wise? Mostly just game time. I've been a wiz since November 1999 and have been fairly active for almost all of that time. All that time reading existing code and making other code gave mea pretty good idea how the game works, mechanically. Hmm, I have more areas and guilds than all other arches combined, expanding my loyal army of mortals. I'm also fairly familiar with code that most arches don't want to touch. But mostly, it's the eye lasers. Do you feel like your work here is appreciated? Mostly yes. When you have as much code as I do, you hear a lot of complaints and bug reports, but you also get a lot of "this is great, thanks" too. I know that, if I was a mortal and there were responsive, active coders, I said thank you as well. It's not easy keeping this place running smoothly, and I think most players know that. What do players do that you find the most annoying? Players who don't take the time to poke around in an area to look for secrets, quests, and easter eggs I think are doing themselves a massive dis-service. Players _can_ advance with just exp runs with 10 quests and 20 E%. I can't understand why they'd want to. It also leads to BatMUD's most lethal disease, enphollowitus, better known as "I Can't Lead Syndrome." Players who are so used to being dragged through areas and quests without paying attention or even asking "wait, what are we doing?" and then they find out they can't function on their own. I admit as a mortal I was completely the reverse, and I understand that with exp comes power. But knowledge brings more, faster. Some of the most powerful and most despised players know how to get the most power and money fastest, because they have really taken the time to search areas until they know how they work. You know, I have never thought of it that way. Nobody does. I shall explain via parable... One day, there was a lightning mage named Shinarae. He found the newbie mines were being flooded. This happened a lot, and nobody knew why. But the lightning mage found a hole that was gushing water. So he put some items into the hole. Nothing much happened, so he wandered off. Then a wizard by the name of Shadowjack said to him, 'you came close to solving that quest'... I'll give you 2 tps if you solve it. So the mage took more items and put them in the hole, and lo and behold, the water stopped. The quest paid 5,000 gold, quite a fortune. So from then on, every day, the mage went to the mines and stopped it from flooding for 5,000 gold. and nobody else ever figured it out. (until the lightning mage hit level 31 and couldn't go into the mines anymore) What areas have you coded? In order, the apartment in Rilynt'tar, the drow tower, the samurai fortress, the catfolk treetop village, wildspace, the Trilloch's Zoo, the Trilloch's tower, the haunted mansion, and mirror mine. Trilloch... I see your old char haunts you still? He and I go way back. Making him my big bad eq monster was just something I could do to make sure everyone knows how cool he is. What features have you added to the game? Some of the features are relatively minor, like fixing the alch formulas and the like. I also made several guilds, coded reagents, the anti-abuse system, mounts, and variouis items related to my guilds (such as salves). Tell us the truth.. donations really DO go to a beer/pot fund, right? Nah, it's just beer. Actually these days, most of the donations go to funding cons. Maybe not "most" but more than before. The hardware upgrades are second, but the 15th birthday, for example, was a big thing If you could dest one player for any reason, who would it be and why? That problem has been solved. Let me tell you the story of Why Shinarae Hates Thematrix...... One day I got an amusing bit of communication from Thematrix. The mudmail was along the lines of "your area bugs, I had a couple of rings when I went to your area and I found out they're missing and yours is the only new code I saw, you suck, I hate you, bla bla bla" What TM didn't know is that I was watching him the whole time he was in my newest area, the samurai fortress, because all wizards are told to watch their new areas because of potential bugs. TM had gone idle for 90 minutes next to my ninjas, who chain steal. Now as I'm sure you're aware, steal, like most skills, gives a message when you try, and fail. Which TM technically saw over, and over, and over. The rings in question, and most of his money, were stolen by a ninja who never got killed. The ninja, money, and rings were purged at reboot. For a player to show that kind of poor decision making skills, failure to pay attention, and (worst) blaming someone without reviewing the facts, is a combination I call "stupid." Kind of the reverse of how I played as a mortal. And if I had to dest one player, I would dest someone with that kind of poor mud ethics. Sadly, TM is already gone. :( What events do you like to run and why? I like running the batcity invasion events because of the knight guild. But before I made knights, my favorite was probably still orc invasion, because I won it a good few times as a mortal. Then they made BC larger. Can you share an interesting story with us, about some experience you've had on Bat? 1. There was the time I answered a call for a Tiamat party's idle raiser with "I am the worst choice" and they said "you're perfect, stand here." I diced 3rd :) 2. And there was the time I broke up a party of five because they stole one of my kills, and didn't know that druids have some very, very clever ways of fighting back. 3. But I think the single experience I will remember the most involved me in a 2-man party in Shadowkeep. In those days, SK was in the lake just SE of Bat City. And my partner was a troll who is allergic to water, and neither of us had any WW ability. And the exit went something like this: step...step...Troll [party]: muahaha...I live I just loved that line :) Well, thank you for your time. I'm glad that you are up there helping to run the show. We can all expect more great things from you in the future.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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