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BatMud Interviews

-- Tyril --

From Shadowjack's "Names Project" a nubmer of years ago:

What's the origin of your name?

Hands was my first character here on Batmud.  Hands got his name because 
I was 8 and kept forgetting my names.  I was looking around for an easy 
name to remember and I saw my hands (I also used to look at my hands all 
the time when i typed so it wasnt going to be easy to forget hands).

Nithian - When I was a wizard I used someone's name creater that gave a
name similar to nithian (I think it was nitan) and I added the rest
cause it sounded cool.

Tyril - I made this up completely at random.  Started by typing 't' and
then I decided it needed a vowel (y), then a consinent (and so on)
until I got Tyril.

Relic - I made this name up (popular name though on other muds) because
in my head a relic is very powerful (no not the movie).  And I liked how
it sounded

Rashiel - Rashiel is a name from an AD&D char in Al-qudim (or however 
you spell it) It sounded like it would fit the campain rather nicely.
So I kept it and he ended up conquering the main continent.

Amonra - Named after the Egyptian god

Rath - Similar to wrath (I was 7 and couldnt spell)

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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