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BatMud Interviews

-- Ulver --

Ramjett interviewd Ulver in March of 2006.

Ulver Vintervarg is a level 80 mortal of the Ent race.
She was created Sat Feb 26 18:26:10 2000 and she is 1y, 135d, 18h, 10min and 40s old.
She has been on for 2h, 27min and 52s, idle 1min and 1s.
She has killed: Jurkajef Yellow-Beard, the infamous .., 95076 exp
                grey haired shopkeeper sits behind t.., 141395 exp (party of 4)
Web page: gdo@saunalahti.fi & www.mikseri.net/gdoverkill
Phone: 358405497878
This player has a blog - last modified 111d, 11h, 16min and 43s ago.
>Rookies: When dealing with hippies,radicals and niggers, shoot first and ask
>questions later. Above all, dont let them get to their jewish lawyers. -Tricky

Tell us about yourself. I am about 127 years old, though I have to keep an appearance of 27 year old because of the people who are idiots and can't understand it. I am a human, male of my species. For most of my adult life, I have been an unemployed mudder, with no education and a lack of interest in the current political and social world, so I have withdrawn myself from it, sometimes more sometimes less. I write stories, songs, and poems, play various instruments while trying to do music, and pretend that I have some artistic talent, but who am I kidding. When did you start playing Bat? Late 1994. How did you originally find Bat? A friend of mine, Armak in this world, introduced me to it after hooking me into playing net-hack. How do you like to spend your time on BatMud? Annoy people with my stupid stories, post bug reports about bugs that live inside my head mostly, idle, rapekill newbie areas and occasional newbies, watch porn, television, and movies, listening and playing music, drinking and _\|/_ , trying to have as much fun in any way that I can, mostly from laughing at various idiots, including myself. What's been your favorite 'incarnation' here on Bat? As a character I have enjoyed maybe most playing as evil religious, priest/reaver or so, and then again, bard has always been close to me since my musical interests. What was your worst reinc and why? That is hard to say, I have screwed up my reincs so often, maybe a drow Reaver. What changes would you most like to see made in the mud? Ranged weapons would be nice, few guilds more like thieves, necromancers and some-kind of shaman guild for nomads, maybe few playable races more, a little more player-killing, maybe clan/society/city or even race based within few rules that would keep newbies safe, possible 3rd dimension, that is flying / diving, and too many other things that I just can't think of right now. Will you still be playing Bat in 1 year? 5 years? 10 years? Well for 1 year sure, maybe longer if I live that long, Batmud still exists that long, idiot politicians don't destroy the world before that, or something else happens that I cannot know of yet. Sure, I guess I would at least be a frequent guest here if nothing else. Thank you Ulver for the interview!

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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