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BatMud Interviews

-- Xian --

From Shadowjack's "Names Project" a nubmer of years ago:

How did invent the name Xian?

I had played D&D for sometime and then I heard about mud, 
Batmud. I wanted a good name for my character in mud. I realized
that this name is going to represent me for a long time so I 
didn't want any stupid name.

My previous names in RPG world were Leatherman, because I loved
the sound of that word and Ionus. Last one was from my parents,
it came from ion they called me Ion when I was little baby and 
they hadn't come up with better name yet.

(Ion was an illegal name in my country at the time,
 so I'm not Ion in real life)

I figured out that knight in full plate mail can't be 
"leatherman" there is very little leather clothes on knights
and I didn't want to be something as little as ion.

It took few moments to find my name. I had readed X-men and 
I remembered that there was someone called "Xian". So I grabbed
that one. In Europe there wasn't so many ppl reading comics 
(well at least not X-men I thought) and I was quite certain 
that my name was original idea.

Funny thing was that I tried to hide where my name came, because
that name which I borrowed came form Xi'an and she was female and
I wasn't. I didn't want to be a girl. I wanted to be _real_ man!
Later I found out it's much better to be "it" than male or 


Some ask is my first name Christian. No, definitely not. My
name isn't even close to anything with 'X' in it, so this is 
really made up name.

Because there is this little country "China", there are lots of
Xians in world. There is even a Cristian in www.xian.com and 
www.chinaxian.com wich is some kind of town or something. :)

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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