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BatMud Interviews

-- Yari --

From Yari's name book, 1995:

How did you choose the name Yari?

 Well, actually, I made it up.  Well, sorta.  You see, I
 wanted to have a different name.  I first would have liked raistlin, but
 decided that that would be cheesy, because it isnt original.(I enjooyed
 dragonlance a long time ago, though R was a cool char.  anyway.)  so I
 discarded that before I even started.  So, then I said Hmm, I wanna be
 Felix.  Felix is a character in 2 different books by John Steakley, Armor
 and Vampire$.  Excellent books, I recommend reading them.  Anyway, Felix
 was taken, and it was quite a while before I had the clout to get a high
 wiz to give me the name.(Felix is now my secondary.) So, at my login, I had
 to think up a name, quickly.  I made up Yari, it was short and easy to
 type, and sounded sorta medieval.'

Whoo, hum, Yari sounds vaguely Finnish, you are American, right?

 Yari tells you ' yeah, I am american.  Over the years, I have learned that
 "jari" (pronounced yari to all U non-finns) is a fairly common finnish name,
 so I suppose that might have cause confusion.  I have also learned that it
 means spear in japanese(which *may* be where I got it from, you see it's in
 oriental adventures, which I own.  the word yari is listed in a weapons
 page there, shrug who knows.)  I have also been told that it means warrior
 in russian and that it means friendship or some such in hindi.  So, I am a
 friendly warrior spear, I suppose ;)'

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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