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BatMud Interviews

-- Yuugian --

I interviewed Yuugian on October 18, 2005.  

Yuugian is a level 29 mortal of the Elf race.
He was created Fri Nov 29 07:06:10 2002 and he is 21d, 10h, 53min and 16s old.
He has been on for 53min and 35s, idle 54s.
He forwards mail to another account.
He has killed: Small beholder floats in the air, 2483 exp
               Smokey the Bear stands here, 1855 exp (party of 2)
He has no plan.

Please tell me a bit about yourself. I live in Alabama, in the United States. I am finishing my bachelor's degree in computer science. I have a fiance and will soon be married. I plan to get my master's degree and then do software design and legacy system upkeep. My hobbies include reading, computer games (read Batmud), reading, and Star Trek. What does your fiance think of your playing Batmud? Recent quote "What is up with this GAME, MAN?" Yikes! When did you begin playing Batmud? Long story, ok... I read Stephen King. I was finishing the Dark Tower series in 2000 (or as far as it had come out by then). You are familar with the Bear in the 3rd book? "Shardik" I searched Shardik on Google and found the description of a character here named Shardik. I logged on and got sucked in. I almost got fired from the local school system for playing too much but ended up geting canned for budget cutbacks. So this must not be your first character here...? Second. The first got force-reinced in .. hmn, I don't know the year. It all blurs together. Yuugian is a play on my first name. I was on a chat room in 98-99 and wanted to be Yug (my name is Guy). Too many Yug's, so.. Yuugian. What is your character on Bat like? Merchant, if you did not guess. Trying to be able to make chests. I could buy all I want, but I want to make them. See, cash 145282.90 plus my purse in redwall. I wander randomly through newbie-ish areas and BS alot. Blacksmith that is, not the other definition. I have recently aquired the ability to amalgamate and cannibalize, so that is amusing me for now. I am not much of a team player, so I rarely join parties. Big cash. I have made 20k in an hour just by blacksmithing What other guilds have you tried? I was Brotherhood in my other life here (prior to force-reinc). Now I have some Runemage. I want to make a cart to sell runestones to the scarce runemages. Having little success casting the spells myself -- not enough time on in a row. How do you think Batmud is for newbies? It has a steep learning curve, but if you are familiar with telnet, it is easy. I think if they can find it, they probably can play well. What's your reputation like on Bat? When I do talk to people, I try to be helpful, especially to newbies. Thank you for your interview, Yuugian! See you around.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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