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BatMud Interviews

-- Zoso --

Ramjett interviewed Zoso, a level 30 wizard, in March of 2006.

Zoso hopes you had a clean finger.
Zoso is a level 30 immortal.
He was created Mon Dec 15 16:05:22 1997 and he is 1y, 11d, 16h, 48min and 11s old.
He has been on for 32min and 53s, idle 2s.
He has killed: Moreod the master vampire (undead), 1198452 exp
               Qwendir, God of the undead and Lord of ..., 1478940 exp
Web page: timo.palola@gmail.com
>In the silence of the darkness when all are fast asleep
>I live inside a dream calling to your spirit
>As a sail calls the wind, hear the angel sing
>Far beyond the sun across the western sky
>Reach into the blackness find a silver line
>In a voice I whisper 'a candle in the night'
>We'll carry all our dreams on a single beam of light
>Close your eyes, look into the dream
>Winds of change will winds of fortune bring
>Fly away to a rainbow in the sky
>Gold is at the end for each of us to find
>There the road begins where another one will end 
>Here the four winds know who will break and who will bend
>All to be the master of the wind
>Falling stars now light my way my
>Life was written on the wind
>Clouds above, clouds below
>High ascend the dream within
>When the wind fills the sky the clouds will move aside
>There will be the road to all our dreams
>And for any day that stings two better days it brings
>Nothing is as bad as it seems
>Close your eyes, look into the dream
>Winds of change will winds of fortune bring
>Fly away to a rainbow in the sky
>Gold is at the end for each of us to find
>There the road begins where another one will end
>Here the four winds know who will break and who will bend
>All to be the master of the wind

Tell us a little about yourself. I'm a 27-year old guy from Finland. After slacking for too many years, I'm finally getting somewhere in my studies which is why I havent been able to code much for Batmud lately. I play guitar, read books and surprise, surprise, I code as my hobby. I also play games, mostly online games and computer rpgs, and I run traditional rpg games. And I try to keep myself in a reasonable shape by running and playing outdoor games in the summer. When did you start playing Bat? I started in 1993. Then I was away for a while and came back in 1997 on my creation date (December 15, 1997). I wanted to be Stormcrow, but some bastard had made Stormcrow 12 minutes before me. I still hate him. How did you originally find BatMud? I played a BBS game called "Realms of Usurper" or maybe it was just "Usurper," and I liked it. Then I heard about muds and how they're even better games, and someone pointed me to Batmud What's been your favorite 'incarnation' here on Bat? Being a wizard is my favourite one. If I'd have to name a player one, I loved being a Fraggle mage/conjurer. Do you enjoy Bat more as a wiz than you did as a player? Yes, I like creating areas. As a player, I felt Bat was a bit too much of a pain in the ass for my liking :D What areas have you coded? My first project was a small brewery for Hablo's village. Then I made the Caverns of the Undying and gargoyles and shadows. I've extended the caverns a bit after that, and I'm working on converting the Vortex area (which was originally coded by Apollo). And I have a few other areas under work, hopefully ready this summer after studies ease up. Any hints into what your working on or is it Top Secret? Well, I am (still, it's a loooong project) converting the Vortex area. In addition to that, I am working on the Netherworld, an addition to the Caverns of the Undying that includes a high level quest. And I'm working on one more area with a quest. If you could dest one player for any reason, who would it be and why? Not sure, probably some smartass highbie who thinks he's better than anyone else and should be treated as special just because he plays a bit more. I never really had any problems with a particular player. If I'd have to name one, Gotrek! :) What events do you like to run? Sadly I can't run many events, but the one I like to run most is Orc invasion. It's fun for newbies. If I could run any event, my favourite one would be Vikings! Do you feel your work here is appreciated? I do, I've gotten good feedback about what I've done so far and what I have planned. Can you share an interesting story with us, about some experience you've had on Bat. I'm not sure if I have any incredibly interesting stories. When the Caverns were put in game and the first party found the catacombs there, I had fun seeing how they play. It was my first time snooping a party. So the party ran in there for 9 hours if I remember right and then gave up. Probably wasn't fun for them, but it was for me, heh. Tell us the truth.. donations really DO go to a beer/pot fund, right? I could tell you that but then I'd have to kill you. What do players do that you find the most annoying? The most annoying thing is when players confront new ideas with blatant hostility without even giving them a chance. Another one is when players treat others players rudely for no reason. There's always a person behind every character. Thank you for the interview Zoso!

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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