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Cyran's list of BatMUD's Items

The crown of mental powers
+12int +3wis +5 sp regen
Golden Helm
+12 sp regen +infravision
The helm of Crimson Plume
+3str/dex +infravision +see magic
Dragon Helm
+5str +5con
Dented rusty helm
+damage +5% negate offhand penalty
Diamond Diadem
+3wis +3 sp regen
Fine dwarven Helm
Opal Diadem
+3wis +5 hp regen
Black golden crown
+4wis +2sp regen
Demon's Mask
+5% Attack +5hp regen +5con +1dex +infravision +eat corpses -100cha
Steel helm
+10 dex
Tisau, the circlet of power
+light +mirror image +5hp regen +phys res
Black scaly Crown made of thorns
+25 int/wis +3sp regen
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Vibrant Black Cloak (VBC)
The necklace of Elewyn's Heart
+3 sp regen
Holy Cross
+10% dispel evil +phys res
Bone necklace
Pendant of Apathy
+damage +hit +6dex +hp regen
A green emerald hanging on a dragonskin chain
+5 sp regen +6wis
Horn of resounding
+10% battlecry +1-4str
+3 to 2 random tank stats or +6 to one tank stat
Back to the beginning
The Amulet of snow dog
+1 sp regen
The invisible amulet
+10% exprate
Dull black amulet
+10int +hit
Sun amulet
The Amulet of POWER
+0-10 str
The stone Amulet of Earth elemental
+5 sp regen +5wis
The amulet of Wendigo Warrior
Spider Amulet
+sp regen +10% qc
Back to the beginning
Russian Autumn Cloak
+1 sp regen
Magic Cloak
+5 sp regen
Cloak of Light
+13wis +5sp regen
Shimmering Cloak
+5sp regen and +6 int or wis
Black robe
+3con +2-3 hp regen
Black silk robes
+6con +5hp regen
Rainbow Cloak
+2str/dex/con/hp regen
Cloak of darkness
+6 dex +infravision
Back to the beginning
Soth plate
+5str/dex/hp regen +10% random skill
Brantis Plate
+10 con +hp regen +good ac
Demonscale platemail
+10str -5dex
Black shiny breastplate
+1-5 dex
Fine dwarven breastplate
Vibrant Black Breastplate (VBB)
+25 dex +5str
Dragonskin breastplate
+4con +2str +phys res +good prot
Mirror breastplate
+13sp regen +10% random mastery -4 hp regen
Black silk robes
+5 int
Robe of the Archmage
+3int/wis +5 sp regen
Warlock robes
+15 sp regen
Vibrant Black cloak
+15str +good ac
Back to the beginning
Ebony Bracers
+6dex +5 hp regen
Bracelets of Eternity
+5 sp regen +5wis +10% Quickchant
White-golden sleeves
+sp regen
Golden bracelets
+9 sp regen +8% cast generic
Fine dwarven armguards
Bracelets of Despair
+6wis +5sp regen
Black bracers of Madness
+10con +damage
Black scaly bracers
+10str +hit
Bracers of Quickness
+25dex +fast hearbeat
Back to the beginning
Black scaly gloves
+20str +damage
Gloves of nimbleness
+10-12 sp regen +10% quickchant
The blessed leather gloves known as 'Iljadora'
+10wis +3 sp regen
Red glove (right hand)
+2 sp regen
Fine dwarven gauntlets
Small gloves of extreme observance
essence eye for skills
Black glove
+sp regen +3int
A gauntlet made of valerium
A gauntlet made of qualierum
The purple glove (left hand)
+5 sp regen -5% Quickchant
Steel studded gauntlets
+5% stun
Red glove of the Healer (right)
+5 sp regen +2int +1con
Silver sleeves
+5% ccw +2% cast heal
Silver Gauntlet (dex=right str=left)
+5 dex or +5str
Black barbed chainmail gauntlets
Gauntlets of the Black Reaver
+5str +5hp regen
Green glove (left)
Back to the beginning
ULTIMAX deathstone
+5hp regen +3str
The sceptre of Power
+hp/sp regen
Lucky copper penny
+10% mip +phys res
Wand of magic
+12sp regen -hp regen
Ebony Rod
+5% Stunned maneuvers +hp regen +2str/dex +3con
Ball of protection
+good ac
Live beating heart
+3int +sp regen
Staff of Olympos
+3str/dex +5hp regen
The standard of McNot
+5 con
Back to the beginning
Blood Red Mace
Gnarled staff
Hammer of might
Tiamat staff
+resist disintegration
Tiamat shield
true invisibility
Vorpal Blade
Shield 'reflection of goodness'
can reflect damage
Blade of Quickness
+Quicker heartbeat
Maul of Titans
+20str -15dex
Snake Dirk
+2 dex
Staff of the elements
+waterwalking +create water outdoors
Back to the beginning
The holy ring of zen
+5 sp regen +2 int, big minuses to str/con
Ring of Shadows
emits heavy darkness, +hp regen
A small blue ring
+3con +hp regen
Small jeweled ring
+phys ress
Sewer ring
+1-5 hp/sp regen, emits light/darkness
A heavy black metal ring
+3 int +5 sp regen
Coiled Serpents
+3 sp regen +4 wis +1int -1 con
A very big bonus to AC
Back to the beginning
Black skull belt
+10con +damage
Beholder Anti-purple headwear
+2con +4dex +damage
Girdle of Int
+6 int or +6 wis
Belt of Bones
+5sp regen +4int +2wis
The lightning belt of zeus
+3str/dex +5 hp regen
Girdle of Strenght
+6 str or dex, +2hp regen
Belt of the bluestar
Amethyst belt
+hp regen
Gilded belt
+sp regen
A small ring of smoke
+6con -2dex
Back to the beginning
Supple maroon trousers
+2 int/wis/spregen -2str/dex/con
Zcandler's repulsive leggings
+4con +2sr
Black nylon stockings
blessed steel leggings 'nwodros'
+5sp regen big minuses to str/dex/con
Fine dwarven leggings
Cold black leggings
+10str -3con
Pulsing leggings
+5% stun +10 str +6dex +hp regen
Back to the beginning
Boots of speed
+7, +9 or +13dex
Niki's green boots
+avoid death
Blue radium boots
+5sp regen +2int
Strong sapphire boots
+8int/wis +3sp regen
Jesus creeper boots
+water walking
Running sandals
Reddist's boots
+6con +resists
Steel boots
White golden boots
+sp regen
Blue dragon scale boots
+damage +6 str or dex or con
Back to the beginning
joka miehen munanjatke
Silver battlesuit
+20str/con +15hp regen +good ac
Magical Silk Shirt
+10str +5 con +2hp regen +poison/magical resists
The white robes of Alchemist
+10% Quickchant +3int/wis
Robes of protection
+4con +2str +good ac
The stonesuit of the gods
+20int/wis +15 sp regen -str/con -10%attack
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