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Ivory Tower

Area Info

Dirs: 8 w, 2 s from S-Cross


General Descrip: Beautiful ivory tower filled with newbie to midbie monsters.

Difficulty: Newbie to mid.

Area Size:

Last Update: September, 2010

Monsie Info:

p = poisons       d = dispels evil         l = levin bolt     b = banishes

Avenging angel           dl    11k   bright copper staff
Carefree sprite                 5k   none
Cloud giant              p     18k   large club  
Elven warrior                   5k   slender pike
Griffon                        18k   none
Guard in white armour           6k   shiny white helmet, white mail vest
Puff                     b      ?k   banishes, so HW first
Wind Walker              p     13k   
Winged warrior                  6k   none

Area Map:

    { |       |
only{ |       U/D
down{ |       |  \
    {  \   o--U   \
    {   \ /   |  jump(out from the tower)
      D->o    |
      .   \   |
      .    o--o



  To exit the area, find the room with the paired Wind Walkers.  Go down, then jump.

  Puff banishes, and most of the area is no-summon.  Be sure to HW the party first.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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