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Mines of Kutanakor

Area Info

Dirs from CS: 500 gp at the N-Cross tree


General Descrip:

Difficulty: Low to mid, good for parties

Area Size:

Last Update: September 17, 2000

Monsie Info:

* = aggressive
M = multiple monsies attack when provoked  

Asynkt                      *        115k    corroded iron key, Sandals of the Earth  
Brugge the Stalwart                15-20k    Trollsmasher
Burly dwarven guard                    3k
Burly dwarven warrior       M        4-6k    battleaxes
Crazed dwarf miner                     3k    random small eq
Drider                                75k    Drow Ring
Dwarf miner                          2-4k
Dwarven royal guardsmen              5-9k    battleaxes (worth 100 gp)
Elven runner                           4k  
Evil orc                    *          4k
Felkor Mastersmith                    16k    iron hammer
Garthac Strongarm                  15-30k    Trollbiter
Grabble, Captain                       8k    battleaxe
High Cleric                           21k    none 
Insane dwarf miner                     3k
Kalron                                17k    none
Large wyvern                *?        50k
Nasty imp                   *         35k
Nasty orc                   *          8k
Orcs                        *      500-1k    pike (worth 200 gp)
Puny orc                    *          7k
Reaper orc                  *         20k
Rotting mound of garbage    *         75k    none
Strong orc                  *         10k
Ugly orc                    *      200-5k    pike

Area Map:

New sections:  
  Ikar added an expanded section to Kutanakor.  Blood drinker, pulsing
leggings, boots of evasion come from Kutanakor.   The new section 
has something to do with the way to baal.

From West Entrance:

		         O--O--O (pull torch)

   2nd lvl:
                       D   O
                       |  /|
                       O O O
                       | | |
                       O-O tough to map (someone map and send to me)

From East Entrance:
            pull statue                                                     
                |  \
              O O   O   Grabble
              | |   |   |   
       brugge-O-O   D   O
       garthac   \      |
                 /       \
                O         O-O
             (secret?)      |

Second Level:

       \    |
          | |
	O-O-O-O-O  <-- shambling mound
	    | | |
	    O O

Tricks, etc:

	pull statue
	pull torch
	push knothole (in dusty room)
	pull lever (to flood caves)

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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