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BatMaterials Hardness Table (by Shinarae)

This very incomplete book contains some of my research into the hardness (the
damage resistance) of batmud materials.  I assume harder materials make better

The hardness of materials was tested by the traditional ogre fashion -- I
stomped on them until they broke. Specifically, I took items from the very top
of good condition and damaged them all the way through fine to battered. That
way all items were going through exactly the same condition changes.

Things I noticed:

-- heavy items and light items of the same material needed the same or nearly
the same amount of damage to change conditions.

-- the quality of workmanship of an item seemed to have negligible effect on
the items ability to take damage.

-- weapons and armour suffer damage at the same or nearly the same rate.

-- expensive materials tend to last longer

That said, here is the BatMud hardness scale where the number is based on iron
having a hardness of 1.  Thus, a material with hardness 3 is 3 times harder to
damage than iron. Please understand all numbers are not exact amounts.

Iron: 1

Steel: 2 1/4

Generic Wood, Bark, Elm, Oak, and Cedar (most woods in fact): 0.8

Brass and Bronze: 1.5

Highsteel: 3

Molybdenum: 2.5

Bamboo: 1 1/3

Copper: 1.1

Bone: 0.8 same as most woods

Ebony: 2

Silver: 2.5

Leather: 1 1/4

Silk: 0.9

Fur: 1 1/6

Burlap and Cotton: 1

Ice: 0.8

Diggalite: 5

Adamantium: 10

Mithril: 5 1/4

Lead: 1

Garnet: 5 1/4

Cobalt: 5 1/3

Rhodium: 1 5/6

Titanium: 3.5

Duraluminium: 3

Electrum: 1 5/6

Tadmium: 3

Diamond: effectively indestructable, harder than all other materials

Emerald: 3.5

Sapphire: 2

Glass: 2/3

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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