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Dryad's Big Bad Book of Heatsticks

Introduction to Heatsticks

Shinarae introduced the "make heatstick" skill into the alchemist guild
on January 13, 2006.  Heatsticks serve two purposes:

  • Boosting fire regens
  • Improving metal-type refining yields

Help Skill Make Heatstick: Skill duration: 4. Type of skill : special skill. Affecting stats: dex. It uses 10 endurance points. An introduction to the alchemical arts, students are taught the ways to enhance a material's various properties. The most fun property, of course, is flammability. Just a little special powder can make some materials burn better than they did before. While not always that helpful, some explorers have found that campfires burn hotter when treated with such things, while metalworkers swear that a hotter forge makes for better smelting work. Syntax: use make heatstick at Material must be one of coal, wax and phosphorus coal = low heat, long-burning wax = moderate heat, burns quickly phosphorus = high heat, butns almost instantly
The Heatstick: This segmented stick of wax is meant to be broken into pieces and thrown into a heat source, such as a campfire or a forge. While it will not itself burst into flames, it will aid an existing fire to burn at above-normal temperatures. It has 17 segments left. Syntax: fuel with put in forge This item is in great condition. It looks light weight. And its identification info: The following messages seem to vibrate from wax heatstick [17]: It is called heatstick and identified as 'stick', 'wax stick' and 'wax heatstick'. It takes the following slots: held. It has been in the game for 10min and 2s. It is almost weightless, large, in great condition, it's BRAND NEW, made of wax, worth 1 gold and of flawed quality. The weapon skill to best use this in combat is brawling. The wax heatsticks seem to weigh 0.05 kgs per segment. So a 17 segment heatstick weighs 0.85 kgs, whereas a 10 segment one weighs 0.50 kgs.
Fire-Boost Information Using a heatstick with your fire will boost its regen per fire-tick. The effect is not stackable (i.e., you can't use 2 coal sticks to get the same +2 effect as a wax stick -- you only get the single +1 boost). Material Boost Duration Duration Ent-Damage (per tick) (secs) (ticks) (hps/hbeat) ------------------------------------------------------------- Phosphorus ? Wax +2 164-166 4 -100 Coal +1 205-295 7 Total Regen Total Boost per Stick Material Boost per Segment 13seg 15seg 17seg ------------------------------------------------------------- Phosphorus ? Wax +8 104 120 136 Coal +7 91 105 119
Refining-Boost Information Material Loss% w/o Loss% with Segments Net % Heatstick Refined Dex Skill Heatstick Heatstick Used Savings --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Coal adamantium 191 101 20-22 17.8 1 2-4 Coal silicon 191 101 20-22 19.4 1 1-2 Coal electrum 191 101 20-22 18.6-21.1 1 1-3 Wax adamantium 191 101 20-22 16.9 2 3-5 Wax electrum 191 101 20-22 15.1-17.7 2 3-7 Wax silicon 191 101 20-22 16.0 1 4-6 Wax silicon 191 101 20-22 17.7 2 3-5 Wax magnesium 191 101 20-22 18.6 2 2-4 Wax zhent 150 101 20-22 18.6 2 2-4 Wax/Coal* electrum 137 101 20-22 16.9 3 3-5 Phosphorus Notes: - To test this, 10.0 kg chunks of raw material were refined to max-divine, both with and without heatstick use. - When heatstick use is successful, you get the message, 'Your refining attempts go smoother than usual.' - Refining a material from raw to max-divine takes approximately X to Y refines, therefore X to Y heatstick segments. - Simple math.. my single first-refine normally takes 5% of the material away. With a coal segment used, it only takes away 3-4%. - Heatsticks don't work with every refine skill.. they kick in randomly, maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of the times you refine with one in the forge. Loss-savings are proportional to the number of segments used. - Throwing several heat sticks into the forge seems to improve the chance of having a heatstick kick-in on any given refinement. - The heatstick effects are not stackable.
Skill % Comparison Material Skill Dex Segments --------------------------------------- Coal,d 50 13 (find out nyriori's dex) Coal,d 58 104 16 Coal,d 96 148 17 Coal,d 96 191 16-17 Wax,d 58 104 10-13 Wax,d 96 148 16-17 Wax,d 96 191 17 Malacoda tells you 'just made several wax heatsticks at 80% skill with about 100 dex and standard refined wax, 4 had 11 uses and 1 had 12.'
Material Quality vs Segments Produced Material Quality Segments Skill Dex -------------------------------------------------- coal divine 17 96 148 coal great 13 96 148 coal flawed 10 96 148 wax divine 16-17 96 148 (rarely as few as 13)
Some random conversations about heatsticks (23:20) Nyriori tells you 'I am actually going to ask Hannibal to do that. I'll talk to him later.' (23:20) Nyriori tells you 'coal is +1, wax is +2, phosphorus i have no idea' (23:21) Nyriori tells you 'nod' (23:21) Nyriori tells you 'I am getting 13 charges average on coal' (23:21) Nyriori tells you 'due to how in a forge, the heatstick is 1 charge = 1 refine attempt' (23:21) Nyriori tells you 'I am led to believe that phosphorous would probably be ideal for refining but may not be for fires' (23:22) Nyriori tells you 'if its duration is short. Once I get some phosphorous I will see' (23:22) Nyriori tells you 'no no' (23:22) Nyriori tells you 'let me show you' (23:22) Nyriori tells you 'Coal heatstick [12]' (23:22) Nyriori tells you 'right' (23:22) Nyriori tells you 'although the effect may wear out before the stick does' (23:22) Nyriori tells you 'in terms of a single use' (23:22) Nyriori tells you 'rangers like t more because...' (23:22) Nyriori tells you 'if an ent tries to stomp an augmented fire...' (23:23) Nyriori tells you 'they get burned' (23:23) Nyriori tells you 'not sure if hte fire still goes out. I bet not' (23:23) Nyriori tells you 'IMHO once this catches on I predict at least a small market, and merchants using them a lot' (23:23) Nyriori tells you 'but time will tell' (23:24) Nyriori tells you 'I do not know if you need to refine the mat or not (I had refined coal)' (23:24) Nyriori tells you 'I will find out. If not, then there's absolutely no reason not to use these if you have coal' You tell Nyriori 'nods, I think they'll be a bit of a pain in the ass unless we truly have a "market" .. or exchange of some sort. Like the potion shop.' Nyriori tells you 'Maybe not.' You tell Nyriori 'it'd be a mess to store them in chests, one per slot' Nyriori tells you 'rangers could place orders.' Nyriori tells you 'yeah and for that reason I am not sure what is best for rangers. Coal may be.' Nyriori tells you 'as it lasts a long time' Nyriori tells you 'buy 5 coal sticks, it's only +1 sure but still' Nyriori tells you 'we'll see' You tell Nyriori 'nods, maybe os if they just buy what they'd use per boot.' You tell Nyriori 'is it taking much coal to produce a stick?' Nyriori tells you 'I'll find a phosphorous recipe and give it a whirl... ifI can find one' You tell Nyriori 'nods, I have it, just hard to produce in quantity' Nyriori tells you 'could be' Nyriori tells you 'skill is very cheap to train' Nyriori tells you 'I only got 40' Nyriori tells you '50' You tell Nyriori 'nods, I have it at 96 atm' Nyriori tells you 'cost me about 50k xp' Nyriori tells you 'inefficient then' You tell Nyriori 'but I've been busy irl and haven't had time to use it yet' Nyriori tells you 'hm, it may just default to coal on account of cost/difficulty, but still' Nyriori tells you 'this is really easy for a merchant to just cut as needed and throw in the forge' You tell Nyriori 'doh wait nm, I was thinking porcelain at the time.. I don't have phosphorus.' Nyriori tells you 'nod' Nyriori tells you 'I'll look into it' [04:51]:Dryad [bat]: heatsticks are in the game now.. I've put up some basic info on them at this link: [04:51]:Dryad [bat]: maroon.com/bat/library/heatsticks.asp [04:52]:Zard (bat): say whaaaa [04:52]:[bat]: Kimahri thanks Dryad heartily. [04:52]:Dryad [bat]: and yeah, it's real preliminary [04:52]:Zard (bat): what are they [04:52]:Dryad [bat]: shinarae posted to alch/merch with some info, but he didn't post on inform/updates yet [04:52]:Zard (bat): for cooking marshmellows? [04:53]:Dryad [bat]: fire boosters :) [04:53]:Zard (bat): ohhhh [04:53]:Dryad [bat]: I'll make a few, free, for ppl to test.. give me a little while. Will hand out at scross or reloc to you. [04:53]:Being (bat): what is that ent-flammability thingy? [04:53]:Zard (bat): im sitting in the bc moat fishing if your around [04:54]:Dryad [bat]: apparently they roast the hell out of ents :p [04:54]:Being (bat): agh.. just what ents need, more downtunes [04:54]:Tixe [bat]: wonder if they're good for pk [04:54]:Being (bat): now they'll be forced to avoid all common regen places :P [04:59]:Dryad [bat]: give me a tell if you want me to reloc and drop you a heatstick to play with, free [05:00]:Being (bat): "First one is always free" [05:00]:Zard (bat): ohh mememe

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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