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List of Herb Pairs (by Dryad)

This is a hotlist of herb pairs.  Just scan down the list alphabetically by 
herb to look up its pair.

apple = wormwood
arnica = cabbage
barberry = yarrow
bloodmoss = onion
bloodroot = raspberry
blueberry = wolfbane
boneset = pear
borage = chicory
burdock = chickweed
cabbage = arnica
carrot = thistle
cauliflower = costmary
chickweed = burdock
chicory = borage
comfrey = lobelia
costmary = cauliflower
cotton = mystic spinach
crystalline = jaslah
elder berry = honeysuckle
foxglove = holly berry
garlic = nightshade
ginseng = mistletoe
henbane = jimsonweed
h'cliz = spinach
hemlock = tomato
holly berry = foxglove
honeysuckle = elder berry
jaslah = crystalline
jimsonweed = henbane
lettuce = water lily
lobelia = comfrey
lungwort = vine seed
mandrake = potato
mangrel = mushroom
mistletoe = ginseng
mugwort = strawberry
mushroom = mangrel
mystic carrot = turnip
mystic spinach = cotton
nightshade = garlic
onion = bloodmoss
pear = boneset
plum = sweet flag
potato = mandrake
raspberry = bloodroot
rhubarb = soapwort
soapwort = rhubarb
spinach = h'cliz
strawberry = mugwort
sweet flag = plum
thistle = carrot
tomato = hemlock
turnip = mystic carrot
vine seed = lungwort
water lily = lettuce
wormwood = apple
wolfbane = blueberry
yarrow = barberry

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