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Lord of Chaos Tutorial (by Shiva)

This is a tutorial for Lord of Chaos newbies.  I've found brothers of this
guild to be extremely helpful, but thought maybe some common information
in one spot would be useful, so here goes.  I hope all the information is
accurate and correct.
To change the material of your blade :
Plunge  into pool.  Plunge blade into pool.  Extract 
The pool will let you know if you have enough material of one type to be
extracted.  It takes about 50-70 Kg of a material to change.
To repair the blade (Condition is how well your blade resists chaos.  DO NOT
let your blade break.  If you do, all your souls will be freed.)
Plunge  into pool.  Augment 
The whole focus of this guild is on your blade.  I once reinced and pretty
much maxed my skills/spells and I still sucked because my blade was new.
Have a lot of patience, and this guild will reward you, for I've seen the
powerful blades at work.
Summoning the blade in front of Grimoor supposedly gives you a better chance
to summon it.  Do not summon the blade in no-summon areas like your castle -
nothing bad will happen, but just wasted sps. 
The blade's statistics will save over reincs.
Dont worry about the portal for now.  I still dont have exact info on what's 
that, and it would be no more to explain everything :)
Shiva.  Duck Lord of Chaos.
  Some basic information is in "lord_chaos help".  Read that first. To improve
your blade, you must kill and kill, then blood the corpse (sucking it into
your blade).  Our blades will not take a corpse we did not kill.  As your
blade improves, your "make" and "enchantment" will also improve.  

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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