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Material Properties (by Dryad)

material        density   sturdyness   value      malleable?   magic
adamantium      heavy     incredibly   very       incred solid highly
alexandrite     normal    incredibly   average    loose        a bit
aluminium       normal    sturdy       cheap      solid        a bit
amethyst        heavy     sturdy       low        loose        notable
anipium         v heavy   sturdy       very       incred solid highly      
aquamarine      normal    very sturdy  valuable   loose        a bit
bark            v light   v fragile    cheap      loose        a bit
batium          v heavy   sturdy       very       very solid   highly
bloodstone                incredibly   very       loose        very
bone            normal    normal       cheap      loose        a bit
burlap          normal    normal       cheap      loose        weak
carnelian       high      sturdy       avg        loose        notable
cedar           light     normal       low        loose        a bit
cesium          normal    fragile      valuable   bit loose    weak
chromium        heavy     normal       valuable   incred solid magical
chrysoberyl     normal    incredibly   avg        loose        a bit
cloth           light     fragile      cheap      loose        weak
cobalt          heavy     incredibly   valuable   very solid   magical
cork            v light   v fragile    cheap      loose        a bit
diamond         normal    incredibly   highly     loose        a bit
diggalite       heavy     incredibly   very       very solid   highly
dragonscale     normal    normal       very       loose        highly
dukonium        heavy     incredibly   very       incred solid highly
durandium       heavy     incredibly   very       loose        highly
ebony           light     v sturdy     low        loose        a bit
emerald         normal    incredibly   highly     loose        magical
feathers        v light   v fragile    cheap      loose        weak
flesh           v light   v fragile    cheap      loose        weak
gold            v heavy   sturdy       very       solid        very
granite         normal    sturdy       cheap      loose        weak
hematite        heavy     normal       cheap      quite solid  magical
illumium        heavy     v sturdy     very       very solid   very 
jade            heavy     v sturdy     very       loose        notable
leather         normal    normal       cheap      loose        weak
mahogany        light     normal       low        loose        magical
mallorn         light     sturdy       avg        loose        highly
mithril         v heavy   incredibly   very       incred solid highly
molybdenum      v heavy   v sturdy     avg        incred solid a bit
moonstone       normal    sturdy       avg        loose        notable
mowglite        heavy     normal       cheap      bit loose    weak
nullium         heavy     v sturdy     very       very solid   very 
oak             light     normal       low        loose        magical
olivine         normal    v sturdy     low        loose        magical
platinum        v heavy   v sturdy     very       solid        very
quartz          normal    sturdy       average    loose        notable
rhodonite       normal    normal       average    loose        magical
ruby            normal    v sturdy     highly     loose        magical
sapphire        normal    v sturdy     very       loose        magical 
silicon         normal    normal       low        very solid   weak
silk            v light   normal       low        loose        a bit
starmetal       heavy     v sturdy     highly     incred solid very
tadmium         normal    v sturdy     very       solid        highly
tin             heavy     fragile      cheap      quite solid  a bit
titanium        heavy     incredibly   average    very wolid   magical
tormium         heavy     v sturdy     very       very solid   very
uranium         v heavy   normal       very       very solid   magical
vanadium        heavy     incredibly   valuable   solid        magical
wood            v light   normal       low        loose        a bit 
zircon          heavy     v sturdy     average    loose        a bit


* Density is the material's specific gravity (g/l); I'm not sure exactly
  how it affects craftsmanship.  

* Sturdiness is a reflection of the intrinsic strenth of the material.  
  In general, more sturdy materials mean less is required to craft an object, 
  such as a chest or armour item.  

* Value is the material's relative worth, useful if you want to sacrifice 
  small chunks (such as of diamond) to improve your luck.  Appears also to 
  indicate the value of gemstones cut from gem materials.

* Malleability indicates how hard a material is to mold; some materials 
  (like weenite, for example) may be sturdy yet very difficult to work with.  

* Magic affects the item quality.  Highly magical materials build better quality 
  items than lesser materials.  For example, wood and dragonscale are both of 
  normal sturdiness.  However you can achieve a 12 slot vault from dragonscale 
  (very high magic **), whereas you can not from wood (a bit magical).  
  ** - fill in actual magic value

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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