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Alchemist Salves

Mix Salve Helpfile

Not all alchemists leap straight into the delicate and sometimes unpredictable
art of potion mixing. Some take the time to work with a slightly simpler
system and make salves instead. Salves are various balms, ointments, and
creams applied to a person or object to give it some special power. Making a
salve requires only a bit of some material and a plant, plus a mortar and
pestle (or alchemist's hammer) to grind the ingredients.

Skill syntax is:    use mix salve at < material > and < plant >


* The skill uses 0.5 kg of material per salve dish.  
* Each dish has 2 doses by 50% skill, 3 doses by 90% skill.
* If you test combos and produce a white salve, it has no effects.  
* The mortar and pestle are available in the hardware store in BC.
* Salves get stronger with skill
* Unlike potions, formulas are the same from player to player. 
* Use divine material and have high skill % to reduce side effects. 
* A useful command to set up is:  
  'ms' is aliased to 'use mix salve at $1 and $2 $3'

Some Proven Combos:

SALVE                     MATERIAL               PLANT

cha boost                 platinum               apple
equipment prot            kryptonite             turnip
heal                      iron                   ginseng
heal                      silver                 barberry
int boost                 sapphire               cabbage
str boost                 adamantium             carrot
wis boost                 copper                 blood moss
wis boost                 gold                   water lily
? (recheck)               pyrite                 rose

Formulas above were provided by Alkor.  If you experiment and find 
additional combos, please tell me (Dryad) so I can add them to the list.

Alkor notes that:

* Borage, Mangrel, and Mandrake produce poison. 
* Wood,Apple and Bone,Hemlock have strange effects. 
* There is one mystery salve that has not yet been identified.
* Four families of salves and 11 individual salves have been discovered.
* Any salve composed with Molybdenum turns out poisonous! 
* Is there a single, sneaky exception somewhere?
* I wonder what Molybdenum does if mixed with Mangrel, Mandrake, or Borage?

Do you want to help?

This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as salves go.  Very little work
has been done, much remains.  I've taken the liberty of putting together all
the data I could find from Gurb's early testing, as well as Alkor and Whyi's
later work.  This is all in a single file now, and I'm working to expand it
by testing combos myself.  

Here's the salve matrix. If you want to make additions to it, e-mail me with
the combos.  Please put them in the same format as you see in the file.

Salve Effects:

wis       blue     +24       10 min          none
wis       blue     +24       10 min          none
wis       blue     +24       10 min          none
wis       violet   +24       10 min          none
wis       pink     +24       <10, recheck    -24 dex 

Salve Messages:

-- start message --
You stop what you were doing and begin to apply clay dish of blue salve 
labeled as +WIS to yourself.
You finish applying the salve.
You feel inner peace.

-- end message -- 
You feel your body returning to normal.

Some ramblings from bat channel: [02:26]:Dryad [bat]: http://www.maroon.com/bat/library/mixing_salves.asp [02:44]:Dryad [bat]: I just tested one of those wis salves.. it gave me a +24 wis boost for 10 minutes, no side effects [02:44]:Presence (bat): I never could figure why people don't use them. [02:45]:Puhuri [bat]: too lazy? [02:45]:Presence (bat): Safe bet. [02:45]:Shiwa [bat]: they use potions ... [02:45]:Grimpold (bat): well bit too much work for little benefit [02:45]:Jutom [bat]: couse noone makes those salves steadily [02:45]:Tixe [bat]: its rare a party lasts 10 minutes [02:45]:Grimpold (bat): for those who minmax and for others it doesn't suit since too much work [02:45]:Dryad [bat]: cuz there are no buyers [02:46]:Jutom [bat]: and therefor, noone trusts those salves [02:46]:Jutom [bat]: couse there is no experience using them [02:46]:Grimpold (bat): well something like 20 wis or int isn't worth even 3k if it lasts only 10 min [02:47]:Grimpold (bat): nice idea, but the game structure doesn't much encourage it [02:47]:Grimpold (bat): let's face it, how many salves would you need to take down eq mob? [02:47]:Dryad [bat]: I find it very useful for things like alch rings.. a short wis-based cast that I spend a lot of time building up to [02:47]:Tixe [bat]: 6 an hour for 5 hours [02:47]:Dryad [bat]: would also use if casting a new body on some exp-laden player [02:47]:Jutom [bat]: salves could be more usefull for creationskills [02:47]:Tixe [bat]: whats the price on salves [02:48]:Dryad [bat]: I was pricing at 2k/use.. so a 2-use would be 4k, 3-use 6k [02:48]:Tixe [bat]: so like around 100k if you want to keep it up during a 5hr eq party [02:48]:Grimpold (bat): uhm, shall we fastly test the benefit of ~+30 wis on new body?:) [02:48]:Dryad [bat]: auction house seems a good place to sell them.. that way ppl don't have to waste chest space on more salves than they use [02:48]:Grimpold (bat): well one more thing is the half empty potions [02:49]:Grimpold (bat): since you don't automatically check the half empty flasks [02:49]:Grimpold (bat): takes just too much space and adds weight [02:49]:Jutom [bat]: also those salves dont meet the demands of the playerbase, salves could be in more demand if they added 50 or 100 to stat for a while [02:50]:Grimpold (bat): that would be too much, but if the duration was raised, it would work better [02:50]:Dryad [bat]: nods, well that's just wis ones I'm talking about. Seems +dex could be useful for certain players (chest builders for example) [02:50]:Dryad [bat]: send ideas on them then, perhaps a tune is needed [02:51]:Jutom [bat]: and talking about uptune now - so nothing is going to happen [02:51]:Dryad [bat]: I think they're in-tune. But not something every player should use for every party.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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