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Player City Castle Construction and Protection (by Phantros)

     The first step once you've bought a player city, or a plot in
someone else's player city, is to begin building.  First, to build
in a room you must be one of the owners of a room.  Each room can
have many owners, and they are viewed by typing 'owner list'.  If
your name is on that list, the next step is to type 'cityhelp'.  That
gives a list of player city commands that are available.  'cityhelp
build' for info on building rooms, and 'build module' will tell you
the price for a room on level 0.  The farther from level 0 a room is,
the more expensive the price.  A level 0 house room is 20k, a level 1
house room is 20399, still cheap...but a level 10 house room is
probably about 500k, so keep this in mind when making your plans.
Now let's say you want to build a house (castle) room to up, you
would type 'build module house to up' then you must add an exit to
it with 'build exit to up'.  Remember to then set proper owners for
the room with a command like 'owner set phantros' if you want me to
be able to use it.  You can only start in a room that you own, and
you can only open doors without using a key when you own the room
on each side of the door.
     Once you have constructed some rooms, or had someone else
construct rooms for you, you will need to convert your old castle
chests because player valley castle chests won't work in a player
city.  Go to the furniture room for this, which is the 'k' on the map.
'convert chest' or 'convert safe' will make your old chest or safe
into a new one.  You will need to give it a new setkey and label
when you get to your room.  BEWARE: There is a slight weight bug
when you convert a chest, something like 6.6 kg I believe, so do
NOT convert if you are full unless you want to chance dropping
things around town.
     Once you have converted your chests and stowed your stuff, you
will need to convert your old figs into new guards.  New guards are
very cool, and very customizable.  An old fig gives you credit when
converted.  A level 18 fig gives about 300k credit.  When you're ready
to convert your old figs, bring them to the guard house, or 'g' on the
map and 'convert'.  There is a sign there that tells the commands, but
I'll give an overview.  You design most aspects of a guard before it is
hired.  Once it is hired, most of these cannot be changed, so design
carefully.  The level ranges from 1 to 30.  Level 30 is very powerful,
and I would recommend making most guards level 25-30.  Each guard starts
with some default skills that you don't have to pay for ('list default
skills' to see them).  You will want to add spells and skills though,
because these are just the bare minimum.  DO NOT add more then 1 spell
per guard or you are wasting your money.  The price goes up roughly
exponentially for adding spells and skills.  In other words, adding
a few things is cheap, but adding twice as much is extremely expensive.
If you want both true heal, killing cloud, and shelter, make 3 guards,
one that does each...after all, one guard can only cast one spell at a
time, 3 guards can cast 3 spells, hit 3 times as much, and cost about the
same as that one very deluxe guard.  A good guard design is: level 25-30,
reset after death: yes, one area spell, cast generic, quick chant, cast
dam-type to go with the spell.  If the guard is level 30, this will run
you about 550k and will be one hell of a tough guard.  Note: There is a
max of 16 guards per room so don't think you can do something tricky and
make a room with 1000 cheap guards instead, won't work.  The useful spells
are: high level area spells, earthquake, paralyze, true heal, and shelter.
The good skills are: quick chant, and perhaps the cast skills and martial
arts.  Quick chant is NECESSARY for any attacking spell.  A smart castle
raider types 'quit', then waits about 14 secs, then runs in and does an
area spell and the quit goes off about the time his area does.  If you
don't have quick chant on your guards, his area will go off and he will
quit out and live, and your guards will sit there areaing empty air.
True heal and shelter are slowdown tactics to let your other guards
regen or reset, so they don't need to have quick chant.  The blasters
must though.  Use sense when buying spells, don't buy things like area
banish because castles are no summon, dim mak because it won't get used,
etc.  It would be a costly mistake.
     Once you've designed your first guard, you hire it, and it will
then follow you to the room you want it to guard.  'l at guard', notice
the help on the commands.  If the guard's name is blah, 'guard blah help'
You will see the other commands then.  'guard blah info' to see the
current state of the guard.  Once the guard has followed you to your
room 'guard blah stay' and then add friends and enemies to it like so:
'guard blah friend phantros' and 'guard blah enemy braik' (if it's
aggressive it won't need enemies, everything will be an enemy but the
current owners of the room).  Make sure the guard shouts, and blocks
ALL directions.  Unlike old figs, each guard can block more then one
direction.  Blocking out is as important as blocking in.
Don't put aggressive guards in an entry room, it's rude.  Make an
entry guard in the entry room that is nonaggro and blocks further
in, and shouts, but doesn't attack.  Make the rest the guards in
the next room aggro and blocking all directions, and make the chest
room beyond that.
     Because I admittedly am doing this on the spur of the moment, and
so it is poorly organized, I'll end with some random thoughts and advice.
Make sure to have a crystal door, they require something like 90% pick
locks.  Tigers have only 70% pick locks, so until thieves are back, or
some pick locks items (or potions?) appear in the game, they are an
excellent defence.  Use safes when possible.  They are a real pain in
the ass to open because they poison you quite often if you weren't
the last one to open them.  Even a chest takes a thief hours to open,
even if the thief has pick locks skill and a good chest opening macro,
so a safe is ridiculously tough.  Read the help files on player cities,
and the signs in the shops etc.  Some of them are 'help player cities',
'help player city changes'.  The others are listed in them.
     Hope you found this helpful and interesting.  If you have
_intelligent_ questions, ask.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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