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Dryad's Potion FAQ

How do I use a potion?

  There are two methods of using potions:  drinking and throwing.  To 
drink a potion, type "drink potion" or "quaff potion".  To throw, type
"throw potion at __target__".  

Why use potions?

  Potions are skills and spells in liquid form.  Potions give you access 
to spells and skills you normally can not use with your guild.  They are 
no-fail; your skill/spell will always cast, and there is little risk of fumble.  
Some other common uses:

  *  Prots/fws:  Lets you prot objects that you can not (or don't want to) 
     remove from your possession.  Great for ungettables you don't want to
     pass over to a merchant.  

  *  Prots/fws:  Carry a few potions for when prots/fws drop inconveniently,
     such as in parties or in no-reloc zones.  

  *  Invis/flip:  Use when exploring.  Invisibility potions let you turn invisible.
     You can run through areas and avoid being attacked, so long as the monsies are
     properly aligned.  Use flip potions to change alignment as needed.     

  *  Regen:  Use bots (blessing of tarmalen) and regeneration potions to restore
     your eps faster when resting from heavy exertion (combat, hiking, mining).

  *  Anti-magic ares:  Use potions where spells normally can not be cast.

  *  Mischief:  Invis, mental watch, mental glance, glance, possessions, 
     outdoor disguise, slip, etc.

How do I know what a potion does?

  Potions are labelled with their skill/spell.  To find out more about what
a skill or spell does, use the normal help system.  For example, if you come
across a potion of regeneration, "help spell regeneration" will give you 
information about its effects. 

How many uses does a potion have? 

  Potions most often have 2 casts per flask.  Some potions will have as many
as 3 casts.  Some always will have just 1 cast per flask.  You can not 
determine how many casts are available until you've used one cast.  Once 
you've used a cast, look at the potion to see how much is left.  It will 
say "2/3 full" for a 3-caster, or "1/2 full" for a 2-caster.

What does the potion's color indicate?

  Potion color indicates its strength.  For some potions, strenght doesn't matter -
all colors work the same (e.g., teleport, banish).  To the best of my knowledge, 
this is the order of potion strenths:

       Bright Red        (strongest)
       Bright Magenta 
       Bright Blue 
       Bright Cyan 
       Bright Yellow 
       Bright Green      (most potions)
       Green             (weakest)

Just what is the point of potion strengths?  

  (This is verbatim from a news posting by Dwilgar).  One would expect 
there would be a difference in performance between different strength 
potions.  If this is the case the difference is too negligble to worry about.  
For me the difference between a bright green and a bright magenta bot potion 
is a whopping (better sit down for this) +1 epr and a few seconds in duration.
How about just remove the potion strength variability of this is the level
of differentiation we are going to see in the end product.

Why is there a time-delay on potions?

  Here's an old news posting by Porter that explains:

Back in the original LanFear alchemist guild, when it was decided to allow 
Potion Throwing, there was no time limit.  There was a great debate over 
whether there should be or not, so as a demonstration to LanFear on why 
there should be, I soloed the Paladin Guild Master.  "20 throw acid_rain".  
BOOM.  He died, (and I got 100 tp!)

Thought some of you might enjoy that story, and now understand why "throw
potion" is not instantaneous.

How do I store potions?

  Potions can be stored singly in chests or muliply in packs.  Packs are
sold in the alchemist guild shop.  Packs for 10 potions cost 24k, 20-packs
cost 56k, and 50-packs cost 200k. 

How much do potions cost?

  Potion prices typically are in the 3k to 4k range for 2-cast potions, when you 
order in bulk.  3-cast potions cost more, as do potions ordered in small quantities 
(under 10 potions).  Potions in the potion shop are often more expensive than
pre-ordered potions, since you're buying small quantities and enjoying the convenience.

Are there remove-poison potions anymore?

  There are no longer any "remove poison" potions possible.  However, the detect poison
potion can be used to remove poison.  Use the command "throw potion at xxx power 1000". 
Be ready to repeat the throw; it doesn't always work on the first try.

Info for alchemists making potions

How do I get started with potion research?

  There are many web sites that explain this, just google 'batmud potion research'
or similar queries.  Also check the guild bulletin board for more recent notes --
there are often spreadsheets or programs available that will aid you in your research,
if you prefer not to use pen and paper.

Where can I sell potions?

  Potions can be sold directly to other players through the sales channel.
If you are the potion's creator, you can sell potions in the potion shop
in BC.  You can store multiple flasks of the same potion in the same rack.
You are limited to 5 racks, and a potion rack holds only potions of the 
same spell/skill at the same color and price.

How do I make stronger potions?

  Raise your potion related skills/spells.  Use organs from bigger monsies.
You'll notice that organs have colors assigned to them -- as with potion
strengths, higher-order colors indicate more powerful organs.  So far as I 
can tell, the material quality doesn't affect potion strength.  I get the 
same quality potions from raw material as I do from divine.

How do I gain the mixmaster title?

  Find all 197 potions.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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