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Potion List (by Dryad)

Here's my combo list for alchemist potions.  Every alchemist has a
unique list of components for potions, so use this as an example only.  
There are a total of 197 potions; each alchemist can produce the same
set of 197 potions through a different combination of components.

Potion name                      Metal          Organ       Plant
acid_arrow                       pyrite         lung        boneset
acid_wind                        mithril        stomach     sweet_flag
all-seeing_eye                   adamantium     foot        mugwort
anti_magic_field                 potassium      bladder     mistletoe
appraise                         starmetal      paw         cabbage
aura_detection                   gold           leg         onion
aura_of_hate                     gold           beak        cotton
banish                           uranium        gill        water_lily
baptize                          lead           leg         mushroom
bash                             gold           arm         mugwort
battlecry                        pyrite         bladder     wormwood
blacksmithing                    copper         snout       mugwort
blast_lightning                  iridium        eye         mugwort
bless                            indium         bladder     mugwort
bless_armament                   mithril        antenna     thistle
blessing_of_tarmalen             tin            liver       boneset
blurred_image                    titanium       stomach     water_lily
burial_ceremony                  brass          ear         mugwort
call_pigeon                      silver         lung        cotton
camouflage                       darksteel      beak        holly
camping                          potassium      beak        barberry
cardiac_stimulation              indium         horn        soapwort
cash_flow                        platinum       paw         cauliflower
ceremony                         platinum       heart       burdock
chaos_bolt                       tin            ear         bloodroot
chill_touch                      zhentorium     liver       mistletoe
clairvoyance                     hematite       arm         onion
cold_tolerance                   nullium        gill        tomato
compare                          gold           arm         lobelia
consider                         dukonium       leg         tomato
corrosion_shield                 starmetal      tendril     thistle
create_air_armour                indium         eye         borage
create_food                      dukonium       antenna     sweet_flag
credit_check                     mithril        spleen      onion
cure_critical_wounds             illumium       tendril     holly
cure_player                      illumium       nose        tomato
curse_of_tarmalen                chromium       leg         holly
damn_armament                    darksteel      tendril     burdock
dark_baptism                     nullium        foot        soapwort
darkfire                         palladium      tendril     burdock
darkness                         electrum       paw         cotton
deaths_door                      zhentorium     arm         mystic_carrot
desecrate_ground                 potassium      bladder     lobelia
destructive_rage                 cobalt         eye         bloodroot
detect_alignment                 chromium       spleen      mandrake
detect_poison                    titanium       tail        cotton
detect_race                      duraluminium   lung        jaslah
dimension_door                   bronze         kidney      tomato
dispel_magical_protection        kryptonite     bladder     vine
displacement                     highsteel      tail        mugwort
disruption                       potassium      ear         cauliflower
drying_wind                      graphite       liver       jimsonweed
earth_skin                       batium         eye         vine
energy_channeling                tin            tendril     wormwood
ether_boundary                   bronze         tendril     cotton
exchange_money                   tormium        nose        water_lily
feather_weight                   illumium       eye         water_lily
field_of_fear                    darksteel      wing        wormwood
field_of_light                   cesium         nose        cotton
fire_blast                       hematite       kidney      mugwort
fire_building                    electrum       stomach     bloodroot
fire_walking                     nullium        foot        wolfbane
firebolt                         mithril        arm         wormwood
first_aid                        gold           nose        mandrake
flame_arrow                      kryptonite     heart       soapwort
flaming_ice                      highsteel      spleen      jaslah
flex_shield                      tin            bladder     onion
flip                             electrum       paw         mugwort
floating                         indium         wing        onion
floating_disc                    cobalt         lung        onion
floating_letters                 tungsten       horn        wormwood
force_absorption                 molybdenum     heart       cotton
force_dome                       indium         arm         wolfbane
force_shield                     pewter         foot        holly
fresh_pants                      indium         antenna     wolfbane
frost_insulation                 bronze         brain       cabbage
glance                           silver         bladder     thistle
go                               osmium         spleen      burdock
good_berry                       potassium      bladder     soapwort
guardian_angel                   starmetal      nose        water_lily
haste                            osmium         ear         mystic_carrot
heal_self                        electrum       nose        elder
hear_noises                      zinc           beak        holly
heat_reduction                   adamantium     kidney      cabbage
heavy_weight                     cobalt         tendril     wolfbane
hiding                           platinum       antenna     onion
holy_way                         zinc           heart       thistle
identify                         hematite       kidney      tomato
indoors_disguise                 potassium      liver       sweet_flag
inform                           durandium      gill        burdock
infravision                      darksteel      horn        soapwort
invisibility                     silver         heart       wormwood
iron_will                        aluminium      arm         jimsonweed
kata                             platinum       arm         elder
leather_craft                    illumium       gill        spinach
lessen_poison                    nullium        tail        barberry
levin_bolt                       zhentorium     liver       lobelia
life_link                        zhentorium     stomach     mandrake
light                            cesium         paw         lobelia
lightning_bolt                   zhentorium     paw         spinach
locate_water                     iridium        stomach     mushroom
location_memory                  iron           heart       thistle
lumberjacking                    aluminium      arm         cabbage
magic_dispersion                 dukonium       eye         garlic
magic_missile                    steel          tendril     jaslah
mana_shield                      indium         tendril     vine
meditation                       dukonium       heart       jimsonweed
mental_glance                    titanium       brain       vine
mental_watch                     iron           wing        vine
mind_blast                       durandium      eye         spinach
mind_store                       indium         kidney      wormwood
mirror_image                     tadmium        spleen      mystic_carrot
mobile_cannon                    uranium        gill        onion
moon_sense                       hematite       eye         boneset
natural_renewal                  electrum       arm         borage
neutralize_field                 iron           bladder     mandrake
outdoors_disguise                pyrite         gill        onion
pain_threshold                   lead           foot        vine
phaze_shift                      vanadium       antenna     mystic_carrot
plastic_surgery                  brass          eye         elder
poison_blast                     highsteel      spleen      borage
possessions                      palladium      ear         mandrake
preserve_corpse                  lead           bladder     mistletoe
protect_armour                   brass          ear         elder
protect_item                     copper         horn        mystic_carrot
protect_weapon                   chromium       stomach     mugwort
protection_from_evil             copper         liver       onion
protection_from_good             nullium        snout       jimsonweed
psi_blast                        osmium         stomach     mushroom
psibolt                          nullium        snout       water_lily
psionic_shield                   osmium         snout       sweet_flag
psychic_sanctuary                highsteel      kidney      jaslah
quicksilver                      iridium        kidney      tomato
rain                             zinc           lung        jimsonweed
regeneration                     cesium         snout       mistletoe
remote_banking                   rhodium        heart       garlic
remove_scar                      adamantium     tendril     mystic_carrot
repair_item                      uranium        arm         thistle
replenish_energy                 potassium      snout       jimsonweed
resist_disintegrate              indium         liver       soapwort
resist_dispel                    tormium        leg         vine
resist_entropy                   darksteel      bladder     spinach
resist_gaseous_form              nickel         brain       jimsonweed
restore                          iridium        foot        thistle
satiate_person                   palladium      ear         sweet_flag
scouting                         iron           horn        sweet_flag
sculpture                        nullium        eye         jimsonweed
see_invisible                    indium         leg         onion
see_magic                        hematite       snout       mandrake
see_the_light                    steel          brain       mugwort
sewing                           zinc           gill        jaslah
More (80%) [qpbns?]
sex_change                       durandium      arm         garlic
shapechange                      mithril        ear         mandrake
shelter                          illumium       heart       mushroom
shield_of_faith                  rhodium        heart       water_lily
shocking_grasp                   nullium        spleen      elder
skinning                         palladium      wing        holly
slip                             darksteel      wing        lobelia
sneak                            platinum       liver       mushroom
soul_hold                        uranium        arm         barberry
soul_shield                      lead           eye         onion
stargazing                       indium         bladder     cabbage
suffocation                      chromium       arm         wolfbane
summon_lesser_spores             iridium        horn        barberry
teleport_with_error              dukonium       leg         barberry
teleport_without_error           electrum       foot        tomato
tempt                            batium         gill        wormwood
terror                           zinc           brain       mandrake
there_not_there                  palladium      antenna     jimsonweed
thorn_spray                      pewter         horn        mandrake
torch_creation                   hematite       spleen      mystic_carrot
toxic_dilution                   titanium       heart       mandrake
toxic_immunity                   nullium        bladder     vine
track                            nullium        bladder     wolfbane
transmute_self                   silicon        horn        wolfbane
uncontrollable_hideous_laughter  titanium       beak        sweet_flag
unpain                           tungsten       bladder     garlic
unstable_mutation                bronze         stomach     lobelia
unstun                           kryptonite     lung        wormwood
vacuumbolt                       silver         tail        holly
venom_strike                     hematite       tail        thistle
ventriloquism                    potassium      brain       cauliflower
vine_mantle                      silicon        bladder     jimsonweed
water_walking                    magnesium      nose        burdock
wilderness_location              palladium      kidney      onion
wipe_tracks                      palladium      kidney      borage
wizard_eye                       osmium         horn        barberry
woodland_stealth                 pyrite         tail        jimsonweed

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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