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Dryad's Ring FAQ

How long do alch rings last?

  Alch rings last roughly 30-45 days of unchested play-time.  Only time out-of-chest 
counts towards a ring's age, so they'll last forever if left in a chest.  If you 
chest your rings when not in use and play an average of 4 hours a day, your ring 
will last approximiately 6-9 months from creation.

  I like to keep several sets of alch rings around at a time.  I wear two wis rings 
that I never bother to chest -- I just replace them every 4-6 weeks.  This is how 
most players seem to treat rings, at least tanks w/fighting rings and casters with 
int/wis rings.   Then the other sets of rings I own I keep in chests and pull out 
only when I need them.  At the moment, I keep a set of dex rings for dex-boosts 
(for reagents, chests, refining, etc), a set of charisma rings (with my money 
exchanging set), and a few random +skill and +spell rings that I pull out only when 
needed.  These chested rings will last for many years, as long as I am diligent 
about chesting them once I'm done using them.

Does ld time count towards age?

  Yes, according to Shinarae, any time out of chest counts towards a ring's age, 
including time spent link-dead.  The only way to extend a ring's life-span is to 
put it in storage, such as in a chest or a merchant cart.

How do I determine how much life my ring has left?

  You can look at your ring with 'see magic' to determine its age.  If you don't 
have see magic, you can buy a ring of see magic from Barnum's ring shop in BC for 
4k gold.  All alch rings begin life as 'extra powerful'.  As time passes, the 
power rating decreases.  Though power ratings decrease, the ring's magical 
abilities remain the same over time.  When the ring's time is past, you'll get 
the message "The ring's magic is used up, and it turns to dust."

  extra powerful 
  extremely weak  (time to sacrifice)

  See notes at the bottom of the page on how long rings last in each stage.

How can an alch ring be named?

  Player names can be added to alch rings during the boot of their creation.  
There are two methods, one during creation and one after creation (but still 
only during the same boot the ring was created).  Once that boot passes, 
a ring can not be named.

  The first method is free but requires the player to be logged in at creation.   
To name during creation, the ring has to be powerful enough to allow the alch 
to give it a custom description.  The alch sets the short description, long 
description (optional), and then can give the ring one owner's name.  

  The second method can be done after creation is complete.  The alch brings 
the ring to the alch guild and pays the GM a fee for each name added.  The 
first name costs 5k, 2nd costs 10k, and so on.  A ring already named during 
creation can have additional names added to it, at a cost of 10k for the first, 
20k second, etc.  The players do not have to be in the game for their names 
to be added by this method.

Is there a name bonus?

  Yes, stat-boosting alch rings do give a name bonus.  A +6 wis alch ring 
worn by its owner will give a range of +6 to +8 wis, which varies somewhat 
with time (more info next paragraph).  Skill and spell rings do not give 
name bonuses.  I don't know if non-stat rings, such as  pr, hpr/spr, avoid, 
and hit, give bonuses.  If someone else knows more about this, please 
let me know.

  For stat-bonus rings (such as +str, +int, +wis, etc), the name bonus 
ranges from 0 to 2, and it changes in something like 8-hour periods.  
Amd has tested this a bit and also notes that boot seems to change the 
bonus while chesting/unchesting does not.  He also says that the amount 
of time needed for the bonus to change varies among your items, and item 
bonus change times differ every boot too.

Note: Item name bonuses were tuned down in late March 2006.  I 
haven't thoroughly tested out how this tune affects alch ring name bonuses.  
It is probably in-line with the tune to all other eq/weapons, so anticipate 
that ring name bonuses are now LESS than they used to be. 

Does having the ring in my name affect its sacworth?

  Short answer, no.  I've tested this on rings in my own name, and I find 
that the ring's sacworth is unaffected by naming.  However, I've been told 
that rings used for spider demons do see a bonus (in the resulting demon) 
when the ring is in the player's name.  The rings most often used for demons 
are in the 800-900k sacworth range, and I price them at 10% if the ring is 
un-named and 15% if the ring is in your name.

You put a lame price tag on my ring.  How do I fix that?

  Easy one.. "label ring as ______" to fix that.  I'll usually give my rings 
a custom name, like "Kinblighter's Ring of Revenge".  You're stuck with that 
part.  But then I'll put some additional information, such as "+4 dam, +1 avoid, 
425k" on it.  The second bit of information is what you can name with the 
label command.  You can do this labeling yourself, just as you can with purses 
and chests.. you do not need a merchant to use the labeling skill.

Is there any convenient way to store a bunch of alch rings?

  Yes, there is.  In February of 2006, Shinarae introduced jewelry boxes 
into the game.  They come in two sizes (6 slot and 12 slot) and are sold in 
the alchemist guild.  The smaller boxes are made of cedar and cost 25k; the 
larger boxes are made of ebony and cost 50k.  Both types of boxes are in 
slightly-damaged condition when purchased, and since they're made of wood, 
they take damage rather quickly.  Keep an eye on their conditions, so that 
they don't dest with your rings in them.  Shinarae also attaches a warning 
to the jewelry boxes, saying that they shouldn't be stored alongside other 
jewelry boxes -- it's best to store them alone in a 1-slot chest.  Also, 
be careful about handling multiple boxes in inventory, since that's also 
somewhat risky.  I've handled and stored several boxes together without 
incident, but that's apparently tempting fate.

FAQ for Ring-Creators

Is ring creation the same for everyone?

   Ring creation is rumored to be unique for each player, much like 
alch potions.  However, I suspect that there is a lot more in common 
between players than is generally accepted.  For myself, I find that 
the stronger, more expensive materials tend to produce reliably-better 
rings than the weaker, cheaper materials.  With gemstones, I get the 
best results with those gemstones that sell best in the shops -- 
for example, diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire work better than amethyst, 
bloodstone, etc.

Are your rings reproducible?
  Yes and no.  Given exactly the same material and gemstone, I can often 
reproduce the same class of effect, such as a particular stat bonus or 
type of regen bonus.  But it is often difficult to reproduce an identical 
ring "to order."  If I am looking for a +3 dam ring, I may try 3-4 times 
in order to achieve exactly +3 damage, even with knowing exactly how much 
material and which gem type produced the same bonus in the past.
My personal record for getting a 4pr ring is 22 tries on proven formulas.  :)

How much material should I use?

  This depends on the type of material being used.  For weak materials, 
such as wood-types, you will need to use much more material than you would 
with a strong material, like diamond or dukonium.  For strong materials, 
25-35 kgs is a good place to start. 

  In practice, I usually take 25-80 kg of a material, always in max-divine 
condition.  What's this 'max-divine'?  That's when you make sure the material 
is truly top-notch by throwing an extra refine at it after it reaches divine.  
If this is new to you, you'll be surprised at how many times a divine 
material can be refined further.  Of course, make sure your refining skills 
are at 100% -- you will not reach max-divine with 95% skill.  Refinement has 
a huge impact on ring quality; don't bother testing ring combos with less 
than divine quality materials.

What materials should I use?

  I usually see better effects with high sturdiness materials than with low.  
However, it's worth testing anything you can get your hands on.  You may be 
able to produce the same effect with wood as I can with dukonium!

What types of gems should I use?

  Rumor has it that all gem materials can be used and are random in their 
effects.  So again, it's probably useful to test out everything, in case 
cheaper gems are as useful for you as expensive ones.  In my experience, 
the tougher, more expensive gemstones produce the most useful gems for 
ring-making.  My favorites at the moment are diamond, ruby, sapphire, and 
emerald.   But I've had some success with a few other, cheaper gems.

What quality of gems should I use?

  I generally use only the top 3 quality gems: perfect, flawless, and huge.  
I sometimes use magnificent and large gems.  

What percentage does my mould ring spell need to be at?
  100%, of course!  No, really.. you CAN create rings with less training, 
but your results will be more random and of lower quality, most of the time.  
I made the mistake of trying to test rings with my spell only at 50%.  
(This was out of sheer stupidity -- I had forgotten to study the spell to 
max in my re-reinc, and I thought I had it at 100%).  Once I realized my 
error, I maxxed the spell and continued testing.  I found that the 
same material/gem combinations still produced the same class of effects, and 
my ring bonuses were much improved.  So instead of producing a +2 dex ring, 
I was producing +5 dex.

What is the syntax for casting mould ring?

  'cast mould ring at mould gem ______ material _______'
for example:
  'cast mould ring at mould gem diamond material ebony'

  The ring mould, gemstone, and material all need to be on the ground.  If you 
have several gems on the ground, the spell will only affect the first gem (gem 1) 
on the ground.  The material can only be in several chunks.. the spell will 
amalgamate material for you.  So if you have 2 50-kg chunks of ebony on the 
ground, the ring will be created with 100 kg of ebony.

I have some low-stat or mostly useless rings that I can't sell on sales.  
What do I do with them?

Ring's     Sales    Skeep    BC Lux     Caly   Rilynt    Pcity
Sacworth   Value   Armour    Armour   Armour   Armour   Armour

 67k        6700     7042      6566     6470     5613     6237
 94k        9400     8256      7778     7682     6821     7389
129k       12900     9687      9207     9111     8247     8746
147k       14700    10392      9911     9815     8949     9415
148k       14800    10430      9949     9853     8988     9451
156k       16600        -     10254    10158     9292     9741
165k       16500        -     10593    10497     9630    10063
183k       18300        -     11257    11160    10293    10694
229k       22900        -     12882    12785    11916    12237
819k       81900        -     29662    29564    28687    28178
856k       85600        -     30580    30482    29605    29051

  For rings starting at about 100k sacworth, it's most profitable to sell the 
ring as a sacring on sales channel.  Traditional pricing for sac rings is 10% 
of their sacworth.  If you choose not to sell the rings on sales, your best bet 
is to sell any you can at Skeep, then shift to BC's luxury armoury for the rest.

  Skeep armour shop pays the best rate per ring but inexplicably won't buy many 
of the rings.  When you present your inventory, the armourer only values a 
few of the rings -- he ignores the rest.  Next best is the BC Luxury armour shop.  
It quoted prices on all alch rings and beats the other shop values by a smidgen.
For pcity armour shops, I tested several different ones and found the ring values 
to be exactly the same at each.


ring creation      id  (number in parenthesis shows number of ids cast)
    +4 avoid       insig(4)/slightly(3)/moderately(2) improve agility in combat
    +3 avoid       171k sac, insig(1)/slightly(4) improve agility in combat
    +2 avoid       172k sac, insig(6) improve agility in combat
    +1 avoid       insig improve agility in combat
    -3 avoid       slightly reduce agility in combat    

    -3 cha         insig/slightly reduce cha

    +5 con         slightly/moderate improves con
    +2 con         insig(4)/slightly(1) improves con

    +4 dam         slightly(1)/moderately(3)/greatly(2) improve damage
    +3 dam         slightly(3)/moderately(3) improve damage
    +1 dam         50k sac, will not/insig. improve your damage in combat
    -3 dam         slightly/moderately reduce damage
    -4 dam         moderately/greatly reduce damage

    +6 dex         slightly(2)/moderately(2) improve dex
    +5 dex         288k sac, +moderate dex
    +4 dex         181k sac
    +2 dex         insignificantly improve dex
    +1 dex         13k sac, will not/insignificantly improve dex
    -2 dex         will not(2)/insig(4) reduce dex

    +4 hit         greatly/vastly improve how easily you hit your opponents
    +3 hit         slightly(4)/moderately(1) improve how easily you hit your opponents

    +4 hpr         moderately(5)/greatly(1) improve physical regen
    +3 hpr         slightly(5)/moderately(2)/greatly(1) improve physical regen
    +2 hpr         190k sac, slightly improves physical regen

    +5 int         slightly(4)/moderately(6)/greatly(1) improve int
    +4 int         181k sac, slightly(2)/moderately(6) improve int
    -3 int         insig(5)/slight(3) reduce int

    +4 pr          slightly-moderately improve resist against phys damage
    +3 pr          472k sac, insig-slight resistance against phys damage
    +2 pr          214k sac, insig improve resistance against phys damage
    +1 pr          will not(3)/insig(3) improve resistance against phys damage
    -1 pr          insig reduce resistance against phys damage
    -5 pr          slightly(3)/moderately(2) reduce resistance against phys damage

    +4 spr         843k sac, vastly improve mental regen
    +3 spr         447k sac, moderately(5)/greatly(1) improve mental regen
    +2 spr         190k sac, insig.-slightly improve mental regen
    +1 spr         will not(2)/insig(6) improve mental regen

    +6 str         slightly(1x)/greatly(5x) improve str
    +5 str         slightly(7)/moderately(6)/greatly(2) improve str
    +4 str         181k sac, slightly(4)/moderately(3) improve str
    +2 str         insig(7)/slightly(1) improve str
    +1 str         will not(4)/insig(4) improve str

    +7 wis         max possible for alch rings?
    +6 wis         moderately(1)/greatly(4) improve wis      
    +5 wis         288k sac, slightly(2)/moderately(4) improve wis
    +4 wis         181k sac, slightly{3}/moderately{4} improve wis
    +1 wis         will not(1)/insig(6) improve wis
    -3 wis         slightly reduce wis

    +5 skill       slight/moderate improve (e.g., firebuilding)

Ring Age Data

I'm currently scoping out how long rings spend in each power rating.  Here
are some in-progress notes (Jan 2010).

Age in 
Days  Hrs   Description              Date
  0    0    Extremely Powerful     12/31/09        9 PM
  0   13    Extremely Powerful       1/1/10       10 AM
  2    1    Extremely Powerful       1/2/10       10 PM
  3   23    Extremely Powerful       1/4/10        8 PM         
  4   20    Extremely Powerful       1/5/10        5 PM
  6   23    Extremely Powerful       1/7/10        8 PM
  8    0    Extremely Powerful       1/8/10        9 PM
  8   19    Extremely Powerful       1/9/10        3 PM
 10   23    Powerful                1/11/10        8 PM
 11   23    Powerful                1/12/10        8 PM
 15   14    Powerful                1/16/10       11 AM
 17    1    Powerful                1/17/10       10 PM  
 21   12    Powerful                1/22/10        9 AM  
 30    1    Strong                  1/30/10       10 PM
 31    1    Strong                  1/31/10       10 PM
 34    0    Strong                  2/03/10        9 PM
 35   14    Strong                  2/05/10       11 AM
 36   19    Strong                  2/06/10        4 PM
 38    0    Strong                  2/07/10        9 PM

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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