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The Salve Matrix

These are combinations that have been tried.  Some of this dates back to 
Gurb's work in 2001 and 2002, and later by Alkor.  I have been working 
to expand the tables.

A white salve means a failed test; it has no effects.

Skill %      Bonus
97           +24 to some stats
58           +17 to some stats

New Salve combos
protect item         starmetal      blueberry

Salve             Effect
blue poison       mildly poisonous (one poison tick of 39, then nothing more)
blue poison       mildly poisonous (ticks of 30 25 30 81 17 18 etc).  And +vulner to poison/toxin
indigo +con       gives +20 con, or 60 hps., lasted for 10 min.
cyan +wis         +41 sps
magenta +wis      gives +41 sps (usually +2 to +3 sps per +1 wis) so about +16 wis
yellow +wis        
red poison        mildly poisonous (poison ticks of 41 16 17 63 49 40 53 15, etc)

SALVE              MATERIAL          PLANT             CLOSE-TO            BONUS
green              adamantium        carrot
*muave             adamantium        carrot
white              adamantium        crystalline
white              adamantium        vine seed
white              alexandrite       blueberry
white              alexandrite       cauliflower
white              alexandrite       elder berry
white              alexandrite       holly berry 
white              alexandrite       lobelia
white              alexandrite       lungwort
white              alexandrite       nightshade
white              alexandrite       soapwort
white              alexandrite       wheat
white              aluminum          cauliflower
white              aluminum          holly berry 
white              aluminum          lobelia
white              aluminum          lungwort
white              aluminum          nightshade
white              aluminum          soapwort
white              amber             barberry
white              amber             blueberry
white              amber             boneset
white              amber             costmary
white              amber             jimsonweed
white              amber             plum
white              amber             potato
white              amber             wolfbane
white              amethyst          cauliflower
white              amethyst          holly berry 
white              amethyst          lobelia
white              amethyst          lungwort
white              amethyst          nightshade
white              amethyst          soapwort
white              anipium           blueberry
white              anipium           boneset
white              anipium           carrot
white              anipium           cauliflower
white              anipium           comfrey
white              anipium           costmary
white              anipium           hemlock
white              anipium           holly berry
white              anipium           lobelia
white              anipium           lungwort
white              anipium           mistletoe
white              anipium           mugwort
white              anipium           mystic carrot
white              anipium           nightshade
white              anipium           
white              anipium           soapwort
white              anipium           spinach
white              anipium           thistle
white              anipium           tomato
white              anipium           vine seed
white              anipium           wolfbane
white              anipium           yarrow
white              aquamarine        hemlock
white              aquamarine        honeysuckle
white              aquamarine        lobelia
white              aquamarine        lungwort
white              aquamarine        nightshade
white              aquamarine        water lily
white              bamboo            apple
white              bamboo            arnica
white              bamboo            barberry
white              bamboo            bloodroot
white              bamboo            blueberry
white              bamboo            boneset
white              bamboo            burdock
white              bamboo            cabbage
white              bamboo            carrot
white              bamboo            chickweed
white              bamboo            comfrey
white              bamboo            costmary
white              bamboo            cotton
white              bamboo            crystalline
white              bamboo            foxglove
white              bamboo            garlic
white              bamboo            ginseng
white              bamboo            h'cliz
white              bamboo            hemlock
white              bamboo            honeysuckle
white              bamboo            jaslah
white              bamboo            lobelia
white              bamboo            lungwort
white              bamboo            mistletoe
white              bamboo            mugwort
white              bamboo            mushroom
white              bamboo            nightshade
white              bamboo            pear 
white              bamboo            plum
white              bamboo            potato
white              bamboo            rhubarb
white              bamboo            soapwort
white              bamboo            spinach
white              bamboo            strawberry
white              bamboo            thistle
white              bamboo            tomato
white              bamboo            turnip
white              bamboo            wolfbane
white              bamboo            wormwood
white              bamboo            yarrow
white              batium            hemlock
white              batium            honeysuckle
white              batium            lobelia
white              batium            lungwort
white              batium            nightshade
white              batium            water lily
white              bloodstone        hemlock
white              bloodstone        honeysuckle
white              bloodstone        lobelia
white              bloodstone        lungwort
white              bloodstone        nightshade
white              bloodstone        water lily
white              bone              cotton
white              bone              ginseng
white              bone              holly berry
white              bone              lobelia
white              bone              lungwort
white              bone              nightshade
white              bone              soapwort
white              brass             cauliflower
white              brass             holly berry 
white              brass             lobelia
white              brass             lungwort
white              brass             nightshade
white              brass             soapwort
white              bronze            cauliflower
white              bronze            holly berry 
white              bronze            lobelia
white              bronze            lungwort
white              bronze            nightshade
white              bronze            soapwort
white              carnelian         hemlock
white              carnelian         honeysuckle 
white              carnelian         lobelia
white              carnelian         lungwort
white              carnelian         nightshade
white              cedar             hemlock
white              cedar             honeysuckle 
white              cedar             lobelia
white              cedar             lungwort
white              cedar             nightshade
white              cedar             water lily
white              cesium            carrot
white              cesium            costmary
white              cesium            hemlock
white              cesium            honeysuckle
white              cesium            lobelia
white              cesium            lungwort
white              cesium            onion
white              cesium            raspberry
white              cesium            rose
white              cesium            spinach
white              cesium            strawberry
white              cesium            tomato
white              cesium            vine seed
white              cesium            water lily
white              cesium            wolfbane
white              chromium          hemlock
white              chromium          honeysuckle 
white              chromium          lobelia
white              chromium          lungwort
white              chromium          nightshade
white              chromium          water lily
white              chrysoberyl       hemlock
white              chrysoberyl       honeysuckle 
white              chrysoberyl       lobelia
white              chrysoberyl       lungwort
white              chrysoberyl       nightshade
white              chrysoberyl       water lily
white              cloth             bloodroot
white              cloth             crystalline
white              cloth             hemlock
white              cloth             honeysuckle 
white              cloth             lobelia
white              cloth             lungwort
white              cloth             nightshade
white              cloth             water lily
*black             coal              foxglove
*cyan              coal              foxglove
*white             coal              foxglove
*yellow            coal              foxglove
*red               coal              mugwort
*violet            coal              mugwort
*white             coal              mugwort
*yellow            coal              mugwort
white              cobalt            apple
white              cobalt            burdock
white              cobalt            costmary
white              cobalt            elder berry
white              cobalt            h'cliz
white              cobalt            lobelia
white              cobalt            mistletoe
white              cobalt            onion
white              cobalt            pear
white              cobalt            spinach
white              copper            apple
white              copper            arnica
white              copper            barberry
white              copper            bloodroot
white              copper            blueberry
white              copper            boneset
*green             copper            borage
white              copper            burdock
white              copper            cabbage
white              copper            carrot
white              copper            cauliflower
white              copper            chickweed
white              copper            chicory
white              copper            comfrey
white              copper            costmary
white              copper            cotton
white              copper            crystalline
white              copper            elder berry
white              copper            foxglove
white              copper            garlic
white              copper            ginseng
white              copper            h'cliz
white              copper            hemlock
white              copper            henbane
white              copper            honeysuckle
white              copper            jaslah
white              copper            jimsonweed
white              copper            lettuce
white              copper            lobelia
white              copper            lungwort
*magenta           copper            mandrake
*green             copper            mangrel
white              copper            mistletoe
white              copper            mugwort
white              copper            mushroom
white              copper            nightshade
white              copper            onion
white              copper            pear
white              copper            plum
white              copper            potato
white              copper            raspberry
white              copper            rhubarb
white              copper            soapwort
white              copper            spinach
white              copper            strawberry
white              copper            thistle
white              copper            tomato
white              copper            turnip
white              copper            wolfbane
white              copper            wormwood
white              copper            yarrow
white              chromium          apple
white              chromium          arnica
white              chromium          barberry
white              chromium          bloodroot
white              chromium          boneset
white              chromium          burdock
white              chromium          cabbage
white              chromium          carrot
white              chromium          cotton
white              chromium          crystalline
white              chromium          h'cliz
white              chromium          hemlock
white              chromium          lettuce
white              chromium          lungwort
white              chromium          mistletoe
white              chromium          mushroom
white              chromium          onion
white              chromium          potato
white              chromium          thistle
white              chromium          tomato
white              chromium          turnip
white              chromium          wolfbane
white              chromium          wormwood
white              chromium          yarrow
white              clay              blueberry
white              clay              elder berry
white              clay              garlic
white              clay              pear
white              clay              rose
white              clay              vine seed
white              clay              wheat 
white              diamond           cauliflower
white              diamond           chickweed
white              diamond           elder berry
white              diamond           foxglove
white              diamond           garlic
white              diamond           holly berry 
white              diamond           lettuce
white              diamond           lobelia
white              diamond           lungwort
*blue              diamond           mandrake                             poison
*red               diamond           mandrake                             poison
white              diamond           nightshade
white              diamond           onion             beauty
white              diamond           raspberry
white              diamond           rhubarb           beauty
white              diamond           rose              beauty
white              diamond           soapwort
white              diamond           spinach           beauty
white              diamond           strawberry        asphyx_proof
white              diamond           sweet flag
white              diamond           water lily
white              diggalite         apple
white              diggalite         arnica
white              diggalite         barberry
white              diggalite         bloodroot
*yellow            diggalite         borage
white              diggalite         cabbage
white              diggalite         crystalline
white              diggalite         elder berry
white              diggalite         garlic
white              diggalite         ginseng
white              diggalite         lobelia
*blue              diggalite         mandrake
white              diggalite         mistletoe
white              diggalite         mugwort
white              diggalite         nightshade
white              diggalite         onion
white              diggalite         potato
white              diggalite         raspberry
white              diggalite         soapwort
white              diggalite         spinach
white              diggalite         thistle
white              diggalite         wolfbane
white              diggalite         yarrow
*indigo            dukonium          cauliflower                          +con
white              dukonium          holly berry
white              dukonium          lobelia
white              dukonium          lungwort
white              dukonium          nightshade
white              dukonium          soapwort
white              ebony             blueberry
white              ebony             cabbage
white              ebony             carrot
white              ebony             costmary
white              ebony             garlic
white              ebony             honeysuckle
white              ebony             lobelia
white              ebony             onion
white              ebony             pear
white              ebony             potato
white              ebony             raspberry
white              ebony             rose
white              ebony             strawberry
white              ebony             turnip
white              ebony             vine seed
white              electrum          lungwort
white              electrum          spinach
white              emerald           crystalline
white              garnet            mushroom
white              garnet            plum
white              gold              crystalline
white              gold              vine seed
*magenta           gold              water lily                           +wis
*cyan              gold              water lily                           +wis
*yellow            gold              water lily                           +wis
white              hematite          blueberry
white              hematite          garlic
white              hematite          plum
white              hematite          yarrow
white              illumium          bloodroot 
white              illumium          boneset
white              illumium          burdock
white              illumium          cauliflower
white              illumium          chickweed
white              illumium          elder berry
white              illumium          foxglove
white              illumium          hemlock
white              illumium          holly berry
white              illumium          honeysuckle
white              illumium          lettuce
white              illumium          lungwort
white              illumium          mistletoe
white              illumium          mugwort
white              illumium          mushroom
white              illumium          pear
white              illumium          raspberry
white              illumium          soapwort
white              illumium          sweet flag
white              illumium          tomato
white              illumium          wormwood
*blue              iron              ginseng
*green             iron              ginseng
white              iron              ginseng
white              iron              honeysuckle
white              iron              nightshade
white              iron              onion
white              iron              potato
white              iron              rose
white              iron              spinach
white              iron              strawberry
white              iron              tomato
white              iron              turnip
*black             kryptonite        turnip
*brown             kryptonite        turnip
*green             kryptonite        turnip
*indigo            kryptonite        turnip
*magenta           kryptonite        turnip
*pink              kryptonite        turnip
*purple            kryptonite        turnip
*red               kryptonite        turnip
*violet            kryptonite        turnip
*yellow            kryptonite        turnip
white              lead              apple
white              lead              cauliflower
white              lead              chickweed
white              lead              lettuce
white              lead              lungwort
white              lead              onion
white              lead              soapwort
white              lead              wolfbane
white              leather           elder berry
white              leather           raspberry
white              maple             crystalline
white              maple             vine seed
white              moonstone         apple
white              moonstone         arnica
white              moonstone         bloodroot
white              moonstone         blueberry
white              moonstone         boneset
white              moonstone         cauliflower
white              moonstone         chickweed
white              moonstone         costmary
white              moonstone         elder berry
white              moonstone         foxglove
white              moonstone         garlic
white              moonstone         mistletoe
white              moonstone         pear
white              moonstone         rhubarb
white              moonstone         spinach
white              moonstone         sweet flag
white              moonstone         water lily
white              moonstone         wheat
white              moonstone         wormwood
white              mowglite          apple
white              mowglite          chickweed
white              mowglite          foxglove
white              mowglite          h'cliz
white              mowglite          pear
white              mowglite          plum
white              mowglite          raspberry
white              mowglite          rhubarb
white              mowglite          wormwood
white              nullium           blueberry
white              nullium           boneset
*mauve             nullium           borage              poison
white              nullium           burdock
white              nullium           cabbage
white              nullium           carrot
white              nullium           cauliflower
white              nullium           costmary
white              nullium           cotton
white              nullium           crystalline
white              nullium           garlic
white              nullium           h'cliz
white              nullium           hemlock
white              nullium           henbane
white              nullium           jimsonweed
white              nullium           lettuce
white              nullium           lungwort
white              nullium           mushroom
white              nullium           mystic carrot
white              nullium           nightshade
white              nullium           onion
white              nullium           pear
white              nullium           potato
white              nullium           soapwort
white              nullium           strawberry
white              nullium           thistle
white              nullium           wolfbane
white              nullium           
white              nullium           
white              palladium         carrot
*brown             platinum          apple
white              platinum          cotton
white              platinum          pear
white              platinum          strawberry
white              pyrite            apple
white              pyrite            arnica
white              pyrite            bluberry
white              pyrite            boneset
white              pyrite            burdock
white              pyrite            cabbage
white              pyrite            carrot
white              pyrite            cauliflower
white              pyrite            chickweed
white              pyrite            chicory
white              pyrite            comfrey
white              pyrite            costmary
white              pyrite            cotton
white              pyrite            crystalline
white              pyrite            elder berry
white              pyrite            foxglove
white              pyrite            garlic
white              pyrite            ginseng
white              pyrite            h'cliz
white              pyrite            hemlock
white              pyrite            henbane
white              pyrite            honeysuckle
white              pyrite            jaslah
white              pyrite            jimsonweed
white              pyrite            lettuce
white              pyrite            lobelia
white              pyrite            lunwort
*blue              pyrite            mangrel
white              pyrite            mistletoe
white              pyrite            mugwort
white              pyrite            mushroom
white              pyrite            nightshade
white              pyrite            onion
white              pyrite            pear
white              pyrite            plum
white              pyrite            potato
white              pyrite            rhubarb
*green             pyrite            rose
white              pyrite            soapwort
white              pyrite            spinach
white              pyrite            strawberry
white              pyrite            thistle
white              pyrite            tomato
white              pyrite            turnip
white              pyrite            wheat
white              pyrite            wolfbane
white              pyrite            wormwood
white              pyrite            yarrow
white              rhodium           apple
white              rhodium           lungwort
white              rhodium           mistletoe
white              ruby              ginseng
white              ruby              hemlock
white              ruby              nightshade
white              ruby              rhubarb
*purple            sapphire          cabbage
*yellow            sapphire          cabbage
*violet            sapphire          cabbage
white              sapphire          comfrey
white              sapphire          cotton
white              sapphire          elder berry
white              sapphire          mistletoe
white              sapphire          mushroom
white              sapphire          pear
white              sapphire          plum
white              sapphire          soapwort
white              sapphire          thistle
white              sapphire          tomato
white              silicon           apple
white              silicon           arnica
white              silicon           cauliflower
white              silicon           chickweed
white              silicon           elder berry
white              silicon           garlic
white              silicon           h'cliz
white              silicon           holly berry
*blue              silicon           mandrake            poison, +vulnerable to poison/toxins
white              silicon           mistletoe
white              silicon           pear
white              silicon           plum
white              silicon           sweet flag
white              silicon           wormwood
white              silver            crystalline
white              silver            vine seed
white              starmetal         arnica
*mauve             starmetal         blueberry                              protect item
white              starmetal         boneset
white              starmetal         costmary
white              starmetal         garlic
white              starmetal         hemlock
white              starmetal         honeysuckle
white              starmetal         lobelia
white              starmetal         lungwort
white              starmetal         nightshade
white              starmetal         pear
white              starmetal         rose
white              starmetal         turnip
white              starmetal         vine seed
white              starmetal         water lily
white              starmetal         wheat
white              steel             apple
white              steel             barberry
white              steel             blueberry
white              steel             boneset
white              steel             carrot
white              steel             cauliflower
white              steel             chicory
white              steel             crystalline
white              steel             honeysuckle
white              steel             lettuce
white              steel             mugwort
white              steel             mushroom
white              steel             soapwort
white              steel             thistle
white              steel             wolfbane
white              stone             arnica
white              stone             blueberry
white              stone             cabbage
white              stone             cauliflower
white              stone             mugwort
white              stone             mushroom
white              stone             onion
white              stone             plum
white              stone             rose
white              stone             tomato
white              stone             turnip
white              stone             vine seed
white              sunstone          arnica
white              sunstone          blueberry
white              sunstone          boneset
white              sunstone          elder berry
white              sunstone          garlic
white              sunstone          pear
white              sunstone          rose
white              sunstone          wheat
white              tadmium           blueberry
*mauve             tadmium           borage               poison
white              tadmium           burdock
white              tadmium           chickweed
white              tadmium           chicory
white              tadmium           cotton
white              tadmium           elder berry
white              tadmium           foxglove
white              tadmium           ginseng
white              tadmium           holly berry
white              tadmium           lettuce
white              tadmium           lungwort
*magenta           tadmium           mandrake            poison
white              tadmium           mushroom
white              tadmium           onion
white              tadmium           plum
white              tadmium           potato
white              tadmium           raspberry
white              tadmium           rhubarb
white              tadmium           rose
white              tadmium           spinach
*brown             tadmium           strawberry                             +asphyx resistance
white              tadmium           sweet flag
white              tadmium           water lily
white              tadmium           wormwood
white              tin               barberry
white              tin               blueberry
white              tin               chickweed
white              tin               crystalline
white              tin               garlic
white              tin               hemlock
white              tin               jaslah
white              tin               jimsonweed
white              tin               lungwort
white              tin               mushroom
white              tin               nightshade
white              tin               pear
white              tin               potato
white              tin               raspberry
white              tin               vine seed
white              tin               wolfbane
white              tin               yarrow
white              titanium          crystalline
white              titanium          cauliflower
white              topaz             crystalline
white              topaz             elder berry
white              topaz             vine seed
*pink              wood              apple
white              wood              arnica
white              wood              blueberry
white              wood              carrot
white              wood              chickweed
white              wood              cotton
white              wood              crystalline
white              wood              garlic
white              wood              pear
white              wood              plum
white              wood              potato
white              wood              rhubarb
white              wood              soapwort
white              wood              spinach
white              wood              sweet flag
white              wood              turnip
white              wood              water lily
white              wood              wormwood
white              vanadium          crystalline
white              vanadium          vine seed
white              zinc              elder berry
white              zircon            hemlock
white              zircon            honeysuckle
white              zircon            lobelia
white              zircon            lungwort
white              zircon            nightshade
white              zircon            water lily

More notes:

* So whatddya do with all the white salves you end up with?  They can 
  be sold in the general shops, for around 80 if from raw materials
  and about 230 if from divine.  I find that the Skeep shop pays about
  5% more than the other general shops for the salve dishes.

Discussion from Alch channel, August 1, 2010:

[19:42]:Uki [alchemists]: are herb pairs same with salves than potions? 
        and are also those recipes unique to everyone?
[19:43]:Seed [alchemists]: salves are same all around, potions are unique 
        for each player
[19:43]:Uki [alchemists]: ok, have anyone shared information about salve recipes?
[19:44]:Seed [alchemists]: check dryads, has some combos
[19:45]:Uki [alchemists]: ok, thanks
[21:33]:Uki [alchemists]: hmm..I don't quite understand Dryad's way to research 
        salves. mix salve always shows if you are close, let say you try indium 
        garlic and it doesn't say you are close, neither of them aren't part of 
        any combo, and you try then iron garlic, and it says you're close 'healing' 
        then iron must be part of healing combo. Now has anyone listed minerals 
        or herbs, that aren't part of any combo, that would save lot of time.
[22:04]:Uki [alchemists]: hmm got lot of different kind of information, thanks 
        to all, but let me rephrase my actual question (english is not my native 
        language): carrot - thistle are herb pair, if iron,heart and carrot 
        are ingrediments of 'dim door', so iron,heart and thistle would make 
        same potion. If Iron and carrot makes 'healing' salve, would iron and 
        thistle make same salve?
[22:05]:Seed [alchemists]: don't believe so. i think herb pairs are exclusive 
        to potions
[22:06]:Uki [alchemists]: ok thanks
[22:12]:Sprite [alchemists]: How many salve formulas are there?
[22:14]:Seed [alchemists]: unless there's some method for mass elimination like 
        potions, that's at least a few thousand tests to find out
[22:15]:Sprite [alchemists]: hehe. ok. how many possible salves then? Seeing as 
        how each can have at least two and someimes more formulas?
[22:15]:Sprite [alchemists]: and has anyone found all of them?
[22:17]:Seed [alchemists]: i found a few on dryads site =)
[22:18]:Sprite [alchemists]: yeah. I started there. Good site.
[22:18]:Seed [alchemists]: it lacks the dex formula though, that one would be handy
[22:20]:Uki [alchemists]: it shouldn't be too impossible research, it would help a lot 
        if someone would be listed herbs and minerals that doesn't give close msg, and 
        so on can't be part of any formula
[22:23]:Tarken : There are 52,900 possible combinations iirc.
[22:25]:Seed [alchemists]: is there some hidden way of finding valid components 
        or eliminating invalid components? cause that's beyond ridicilous if you 
        would brute-force test 53,000 combinations
[22:30]:Uki [alchemists]: 53k combinations in potions, not in salves
[22:31]:Uki [alchemists]: and you can eliminate whole herb or mineral once in awhile, 
        from research
[22:37]:Tarken : finger porter
[22:37]:Tarken : go to his url

URL is http://www.askgar.com/batmud/

[22:38]:Seed [alchemists]: well potions have a proper method for researching. dunno 
        if salves do
[22:42]:Uki [alchemists]: some modifications to that table, and it can be used...
        i think.
[22:43]:Seed [alchemists]: maybe "white" salve means neither ingredients work in 
        any salves. that's only way research could make sense that i understand
[22:45]:Uki [alchemists]: no, it gives 'close msg' when either one of ingrediments 
        is correct, and no msg if either one aren't used in any combo, or that 
        is what I came up
[22:45]:Seed [alchemists]: are you talking about potions or salves?
[22:45]:Uki [alchemists]: salves
[22:45]:Seed [alchemists]: ah, really? i guess i should go investigate a bit someday
[22:46]:Uki [alchemists]: and close msg comes even you wouldn't use authenticator
[22:46]:Seed [alchemists]: you can put salves in the authenticator?
[22:47]:Uki [alchemists]: don't know, just meant that it gives close msg anywhere
[22:47]:Uki [alchemists]: You aren't very proud of your results, but you think you 
        came close to discovering the formula for 'healing'.
[22:48]:Sprite [alchemists]: means one of the two ingredients in a healing salve.

[22:49]:Uki [alchemists]: same msg when using iron and spinach or iron and garlic, 
        and dryad's page already told us that iron is part of healing, but anyway 
        if I use iron and strawberry it says I'm close asphyxiation_proof, that is 
        kind of intresting...
[22:56]:Dryad [alchemists]: I did my combos before they introduced the new herbs.  
        Could there have been a combo scramble?
[22:56]:Sprite [alchemists]: not so far as I know.
[22:57]:Seed [alchemists]: all the stat salves listed on your site work fine. has 
        anybody found the dex formula?

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