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Shaft More, Die Less

Newbie Merchant Guide to Shafts

Shafts can be used to support your mines to prevent them from making 
mincemeat pie out of your sorry merchant ass (by caving in, flooding, 
releasing Grues, etc).

In order to make a shaft, chop a log of any wood type.  Mine a bit of 
your material out first.  Then make a shaft (costs about 50 ep) with 
your carpentry skill and this command:

     use carpentry at build supports use (wood type)

A quick command you can set to do this is:

     command shaft use carpentry at build supports use $1 $2

You can then call this command with a simple "shaft wood" or 
"shaft elm".

Oh yeah, and Marvin reminds me:

    Since you can just use 'log' as any wood type, you can just do:

    command shaft use carpentry at build supports use log

Once created, a shaft will protect you until it is destroyed.  You can 
check your shaft's condition by looking at it.  If it starts getting 
too shaky for your comfort, simply re-shaft and continue mining. 

Most mining disasters happen when your deposit is mined to less than 
15 kg.  Shafts should be set up before you hit about 20 kg, so that 
you're protected in case you have a lucky round of mining.  You'll need
to have mined a deposit at least once time before you're allowed to build
a shaft.

Hope this helps save your skin.    - Dryad 

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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