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Book of Spell Vocals (by Chronic)

This book updates and reformats Yari's work.

There is currently 386 incantations listed, and if you know one that is not
here, please report it to me so I can add it to this book.
This same information can be found at http://www.saunalahti.fi/shuriken/

Last update: 20.12.2003

Spell                        Incantation
Achromatic eyes:             'Stand confused with lack of comprehension, pagan
                              of mine for I know of the true belief, while
                              death calls you, compel your soul to the true
                              belief, for I offer you this redemption in the
                              harmony of my true belief..'
Acid arrow:                  'fzz zur semen'
Acid blast:                  'fzz mar nak grttzt'
Acid rain:                   'fzz zur sanc gnatlnamauch'
Acid ray:                    'fzz mar nak semen'
Acid shield:                 'hfizz hfizz nglurglptz'
Acid storm:                  'fzz mar nak semen gnatlnamauch'
Acid wind:                   'fzz zur sanc'
Acquisition:                 'mesmr pulrl metism'
Aegis:                       'condiiit riimaynii'
Agility accelerator:         'xeddex mof'
Airsteel:                    'whooz'
All-seeing eye:              'tamakan natelo assim'
Amnesia:                     'siwwis uurthg'
Aneurysm:                    'yugzhrr paf'
Animate golem:               'Give my creation life!!'
Anti magic field:            'taikoja ma inhoan'
Arches favour:               'In the Shadows cast down by the moon, a certain
                              Elven lord he strolls among the common folk,
                              cloaked and hidden from recognition. The dark
                              streets of the Keep of Shadows, vehement Inns,
                              dancing women appeasing patrons.. A vigorous
                              gleam in his eye, a nod of knowledge and
                              satisfaction; dreams slowly fulfilled as the
                              notes of time pass, participating and watching
                              the twists of life, Lord Shadowstring, the
                              artful archwizard, grant us a fragment of
Area entropy:                'vaka tosi vanha vainamoinen'
Armour of aether:            'fooharribah inaminos cantor'
Artificial intelligence:     'nitin mof'
Aura detection:              'fooohh haaahhh booooloooooh'
Aura of hate:                'Feel your anger and strike with all your hatred.
                              Use your aggressive feelings and let the hate
                              flow through you.'
Aura of power:               'noccon mof'
Aura of wind:                'englobo globo mc'pop'
Awareness:                   'siwwis mof'
Banish:                      'havia kauhistus pois'
Banish demons:               'Satan down'
Bastardly balm:              'Bastage'
Bearskin:                    'murraugh'
Black hole:                  'Azzarakk, take this sacrifice I offer thee'
Blade of fire:               'dsaflk aslfoir'
Blast lightning:             'zot zur semen'
Blast vacuum:                'ghht mar nak grttzt'
Bless armament:              'Faerwon, grant your favor!'
Blessed warmth:              '! (*) !'
Blessing of faerwon:         'Benedic, Faerwon, nos et haec tua dona quae de
                              tua largitate sumus sumpturi'
Blessing of tarmalen:        'nilaehz arzocupne'
Blood seeker:                'The sharper, the sweeter'
Blurred image:               'ziiiuuuuns wiz'
Call pigeon:                 'habbi urblk'
Call scythe:                 'It is time for the harvest of bone and blood'
Campfire tune:               'What child is this, who laid to rest on Mary's
                              lap is sleeping, angels greet with anthems sweet
                              while shepherds guard are keeping? This, this is
                              Christ the king, whom shephers guard and angels
                              sing. Haste, haste to bring him laude the babe,
                              the son of Mary!'
Cash flow:                   'eyem en da munnee'
Catchy singalong:            'Shooting Star'
Cause critical wounds:       'rhuuuumm angotz klekltz'
Cause light wounds:          'tosi pieni neula'
Cause serious wounds:        'rhuuuumm angotz amprltz'
Celestial haven:             'zeriqum'
Chain lightning:             'zot zur semen gnatlnamauch'
Channelball:                 'shar ryo den...Haa!'
Channelbolt:                 'tsaibaa'
Channelburn:                 'grhagrhagrhagrah gra gra Hyaa!'
Channelray:                  'lecaps meeb nonnock'
Channelspray:                'grinurb sdan imflagrum'
Chaos bolt:                  'ghht zur semen'
Chaotic warp:                'weaapytama wezup boomie'
Charge staff:                '# !('
Chill touch:                 'cah zur fehh'
Clairvoyance:                'aalltyyuii regonza zirii'
Clandestine thoughts:        'To all the eyes around me, I wish to remain
                              hidden, must I be seen when so far I have
                              namelessly ridden. To all those who relentlessly
                              me seek or hound, covet I nothing but mayhaps a
                              trifling wound.'
Cleanse heathen:             'Ala itkeš iletys, parkua paha kuvatus'
Cold ray:                    'cah mar nak grttzt'
Con fioco:                   'AeaH*h***Gdg'
Cone of cold:                'cah zur semen gnatlnamauch'
Corrosion shield:            'sulphiraidzik hydrochloodriz gidz zuf'
Create air armour:           'ilma on sakeampaa kuin veri'
Create food:                 'juustoa ja pullaa, sita mun maha halajaa'
Create herb:                 'greeeenie fiiingerie'
Create money:                'roope ankka rulettaa'
Create mud:                  '# !#'
Credit check:                'eki eki eki equifaxeki'
Cure critical wounds:        'judicandus mangenic'
Cure light wounds:           'judicandus mercuree'
Cure player:                 'freudemas egoid'
Cure serious wounds:         'judicandus ignius'
Curse:                       'oli isa-sammakko, aiti-sammakko ja
Curse of ogre:               'rtsstr uurthg'
Curse of tarmalen:           'nilaehz temnahecne neg'
Damn armament:               'Gawd DAMN IT!'
Dancing blades:              'Dance my little blades, whip my enemies for I am
                              the true fiend. Dance, for I am the source that
                              tweaks the winds! Dance my blades, ravage at my
                              command, for thou shall find sheaths in the
                              abdomens of my foes!'
Darkfire:                    'cah zur semen'
Darkness:                    'na ful'
Deaths door:                 'mumbo jumbo'
Degenerate person:           'kewa dan dol rae hout'
Destroy armour:              'rikki ja poikki'
Destroy weapon:              'se on sarki nyt'
Detect alignment:            'annihilar hzzz golum'
Detect poison:               '$ !^'
Detect race:                 'taxonimus zoologica whaddahellizzat'
Dim:                         'grrreee allblakkee'
Dimension door:              'prtolala offf pwerrrr'
Disease:                     'noccon uurthg'
Disintegrate:                'sahanpurua, shampanjaa ja vaahtokarkkeja'
Dispel evil:                 'Ez' div'
Dispel good:                 'whoosy banzziii pal eeeiizz dooneb'
Dispel magical protection:   'removezzzzzarmour'
Dispel undead:               'Sanctum disqum'
Displacement:                'diiiiuuunz aaanziz'
Disruption:                  'fzz zur fehh'
Divine enhancement:          'In the name of Faerwon, make this shield
Dragonify:                   'mun enoni oli rakoni'
Drain ally:                  'enfuego delmigo'
Drain enemy:                 'enfuego delvivendo'
Drain item:                  'enfuego delcosa'
Drain pool:                  '$ !^'
Drain room:                  'enfuegome delterra'
Drying wind:                 'hooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwlllllllllllllll'
Earth blood:                 '!( *)'
Earth power:                 '% !^'
Earth skin:                  '% !('
Earthquake:                  '%'
Electric field:              'Ziiiiiiiiiiit Ziit Ziiiit'
Electrocution:               'zot mar nak grttzt'
Energy aura:                 'hhhnnnnnrrrrraaahhh!!'
Energy aura:                 'hnnn....Urrgggg.....RRAAHH!!!'
Energy aura:                 'RRRRAAAAAHHRRRRGGGGGGHHH!!!!!'
Energy channeling:           'kablaaaammmmm bliitz zundfer'
Energy drain:                'yugfzhrrr suuck suuuuuck suuuuuuuuuuck'
Energy vortex:               'incantar enfeugo aggriva'
Entropy:                     'vaka vanha vainamoinen'
Enwise:                      'siwwis duumof'
Essence shield:              'Aryu Xperienced'
Ether boundary:              'qor monoliftus'
Feather weight:              'transformaticus minimus'
Feeblemind:                  'nitin uurthg'
Field of fear:               'wheeeaaaaaa oooooo'
Field of light:              'ja nyt kenka kepposasti nousee'
Fire blast:                  'fah zur semen'
Fireball:                    'zing yulygul bugh'
Firebolt:                    'fah zur sanc'
Flame arrow:                 'fah zur fehh'
Flame fists:                 'Polo Polomii'
Flame shield:                'huppa huppa tiki tiki'
Flames of righteousness:     'ex'domus naz'
Flaming ice:                 'cah zur sanc'
Flex shield:                 '^ !)'
Flip:                        'jammpa humppa ryydy mopsi'
Floating:                    'rise Rise RISE'
Floating disc:               'rex car bus xzar'
Floating letters:            'lentavia lauseita'
Force absorption:            'ztonez des deckers'
Force dome:                  'xulu tango charlie'
Force shield:                'thoiiiiiisss huuuiahashn'
Forget:                      'sulta taiat pois, mulle hyva mieli
Forked lightning:            'zot mar nak semen'
Frost insulation:            'skaki barictos yetz fiil'
Frost shield:                'nbarrimon zfettix roi'
Gem fire:                    '& ^'
Giant strength:              'rtsstr mof'
Glory of destruction:        'Grant me the power, the fire from within'
Glow:                        'grrreee gelowwa'
Go:                          'flzeeeziiiiying nyyyaaa'
Golden arrow:                'gtzt mar nak grttzt'
Golem heal:                  'shalambala shoashu'
Good berry:                  'sezdaron montir'
Granitize:                   'noccon duumof'
Greater darkness:            'vas na ful'
Greater light:               'vas ful'
Guardian angel:              'Judicandee iocus merciaa Tarmalen'
Hailstorm:                   'cah mar nak grttzt gnatlnamauch'
Half harm:                   'ruotsalainen ensiapu'
Half heal:                   'pzzzar paf'
Hallucination:               'huumeet miehen tiella pitaa'
Harm:                        'puujalka jumalauta'
Harm body:                   'PAF PAF PAF!'
Haste:                       'sakenoivasta voimasta'
Heal:                        'pzzarr'
Heal all:                    'koko mudi kuntoon, hep'
Heal body:                   'ZAP ZAP ZAP!'
Heal self:                   'judicandus littleee'
Heat reduction:              'hot hot not zeis daimons'
Heavenly protection:         'sanctus . o O'
Heavy weight:                'tonnikalaa'
Hemorrhage:                  'yugzhrr'
Hoar frost:                  '& ^'
Holy bolt:                   'Sanctum circum'
Holy cross:                  'ddracc'
Holy hand:                   'Sanctus inxze'
Holy way:                    'Avee Alee adudaaa..'
Holy wind:                   'Rev 'liz'
Hunger of the spider:        'Khizanth Arachnidus Vitalis'
Icebolt:                     'cah mar nak semen'
Identify:                    'mega visa huijari'
Identify relic:              'srR' Upon^nep'
Immolate:                    'fah relep krlnpth'
Imprisonment:                'imprickening zang gah'
Infravision:                 'demoni on pomoni'
Inquiry to ahm:              '!?'
Intelligize:                 'nitin duumof'
Invisibility:                '..... .... ... ..  .    .!'
Iron will:                   'nostaaaanndiz noszum'
Item dispersion shield:      'h'njya'
Jesters trivia:              'Green skins, white skins, black skins, purple
                              skins. Big minds, small minds, dumb minds, silly
                              minds. Can you see through yourself, I care not,
                              for I can. I can see what you wear and what you
                              bear, disguised or not, you're a book for me to
Killing cloud:               'krkx mar nak semen gnatlnamauch'
Kings feast:                 'If you look behind a spider web, when it is
                              covered with frost, You may see a tiny pixie,
                              who perhaps is a little bit lost. That tiny
                              pixie is full of spirit representing goodness
                              and light, The embodiment of joy and laughter,
                              of passion and sheer delight. In a world of pure
                              imagination, and a mind full of magical dreams,
                              An enchanted forest can exist, and so can a
                              pixie it seems.'
Knowledge drain:             'nyyjoo happa hilleiksis'
Last rites:                  'Ab sinestris, mortum demitteri'
Lava blast:                  'fah mar nak grttzt'
Lava storm:                  'fah mar nak grttzt gnatlnamauch'
Laying on hands:             'Renew our strength'
Lessen poison:               'Impuqueto es Bien'
Levin bolt:                  'gtzt zur semen'
Levitation:                  'etati elem ekam'
Life leech:                  'gimme urhits'
Life link:                   'Corporem Connecticut Corporee'
Light:                       'ful'
Lightning bolt:              'zot zur sanc'
Lightning shield:            'ohm'
Lightning storm:             'zot mar nak semen gnatlnamauch'
Magic dispersion:            'meke tul magic'
Magic eruption:              'gtzt mar nak semen gnatlnamauch'
Magic missile:               'gtzt zur fehh'
Magic wave:                  'gtzt zur semen gnatlnamauch'
Major heal:                  'judicandus pafzarmus'
Major party heal:            'judicandus puorgo mangenic'
Make scar:                   'viiltaja jaska'
Mana drain:                  'I HATE MAGIC'
Mana shield:                 'nullum driiiks umbah mana'
Mellon collie:               'Zmasching Pupkins's infanitsadnnes'
Melodical embracement:       'Once there were two knights and maidens They'd
                              walk together Out in the gardens In all kinds of
                              weather The maidens had other plans for the two
                              knights They'd give them potions And make them
                              see dreams and lights'
Mental glance:               'vaxtextraktdryck'
Mental watch:                'kakakaaa tsooon'
Meteor blast:                'fah mar nak semen'
Meteor swarm:                'fah zur sanc gnatlnamauch'
Mind blast:                  'omm zur fehh'
Mind development:            'Annatheer graaweizta'
Mind disruption:             'omm mar nak semen'
Mind store:                  'memono locati'
Mindseize:                   'diir mieelis sxil miarr mieelin'
Minor heal:                  'judicandus pzarcumus'
Minor party heal:            'judicandus puorgo ignius'
Mirror image:                'peilikuvia ja lasinsirpaleita'
Mobile cannon:               'buuuummbzdiiiiiibummm'
Money is power:              '$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$'
Moon sense:                  'daaa timaaa of daaa maaanth'
Mould ring:                  'fingerrrr ovuuulah'
Musicians alm:               'Donations welcome'
Natural renewal:             'Naturallis Judicandus Imellys'
Neutralize field:            'null, nill, noll, nutin'
Noituloves deathlore:        'Thar! Rauko! Mor! Ris-Rim! Fuin-Heru! GOR!
Noituloves dischord:         'dIsCHoRD'
Paralyze:                    'vorek ky taree'
Party banish:                'etsi poika pippuria'
Patch item:                  'jimmiii fixiiii'
Pathfinder:                  'Fo fu fe fum, Lord of the Winds, I know Thy
                              ways, I know Thy names, I know Thy rest. Fo fu
                              fe fum, show me paths or slay me now. Fo fe fi
Personal force field:        'riljya'
Pestilence:                  'Harken to me and hear my plea, disease is what I
                              call to thee'
Phaze shift:                 'xafe uurthq'
Poison:                      'saugaiii'
Poison blast:                'krkx zur sanc'
Poison cloud:                'ddt ddt ddt is good for you and me!'
Poison spray:                'krkx zur sanc gnatlnamauch'
Power blast:                 'krkx mar nak semen'
Prayer to the spider queen:  'Khizanth Arachnidus Satisfusmus'
Prepare flask:               'phylli phylli'
Preserve corpse:             'upo huurre helkama'
Protect armour:              'blueeeeeeeeeee****saka??am!a'
Protect item:                'blueeeeeeeeeee****saka??am!a'
Protect weapon:              'blueeeeeeeeeee****saka??am!a'
Protection from evil:        'sanctus Exzordus'
Protection from good:        'Good is dumb'
Psi blast:                   'omm zur semen'
Psibolt:                     'omm zur sanc'
Psionic phalanx:             'all for one, gather around me'
Psionic shield:              'niihek atierapip aj niiramaan aaffaj'
Psychic crush:               'tora tora tora'
Psychic purge:               'aamad ato naav aanarub atyak ala'
Psychic sanctuary:           'toughen da mind reeez un biis'
Psychic shout:               'omm zur semen gnatlnamauch'
Psychic storm:               'omm mar nak grttzt gnatlnamauch'
Punishment:                  'iiiihihihih hihihihih hihihih iiiiiiiihihihih'
Quicksilver:                 'jumpiiz laika wabbitzz'
Rain:                        'huku mopo huku'
Raise dead:                  'vokinsalak elfirtluassa'
Reanimation:                 'Blaarh ARGHAGHAHAHA URAAAH BELARGH!'
Reaping of pile:             'Grant this the caustic touch, to clense the
Regeneration:                'nilaehz temnahecne'
Reincarnation:               'henget uusix'
Relocate:                    'xafe uurthq'
Remote banking:              'bat-o-mat'
Remove poison:               'judicandus saugaiii'
Remove scar:                 'lkzaz zueei enz orn'
Replenish ally:              'enfuego delyo'
Repulsor aura:               'shamarubu incixtes delfo'
Resist disintegrate:         'bii thee dzname uv tii blaaaz drazon'
Resist dispel:               'zicks laai qluu'
Resist entropy:              'Ourglazz Schmourglazz'
Resist gaseous form:         'Break like the wind'
Restore:                     'Siwa on selvaa saastoa.'
Resurrect:                   'tuo fo wen stanhc'
Runic heal:                  '!* *'
Saintly touch:               'Exzorde' Ň'
Satiate person:              'Creo Herbamus Satisfus'
See invisible:               '$%&@ #*%@*@# $&*@#'
See magic:                   'ahne paskianen olen ma kun taikuutta nahda
See the light:               'ogyawaelbirroh'
Sex change:                  'likz az zurgeeon'
Shadow armour:               'ful na .. .q^st'
Shadow leap:                 'Haii!'
Shapechange:                 '!('
Shattered feast:             'That I have set free, return to me'
Shelter:                     'withing thang walz'
Shield of detoxification:    'nyiaha llaimay exchekes ployp'
Shield of faith:             'Grant your worshipper your protection'
Shield of protection:        'nsiiznau'
Shift blade:                 'kallora kassam'
Shocking grasp:              'zot zur fehh'
Sneezing powder:             'aaaaaaaaattchhhoooooooooo'
Soothing sounds:             'Now that two decades gone by and I know that's a
                              long time, para tiempo means nada nunca. Cause
                              I'm still the same asshole and I still wet my
                              pants everytime that I see your face! (who are
                              you?) Introduce yourself! (right on!)'
Soul hold:                   'naxanhar hecnatemne'
Soul shield:                 'sanctus angeliq'
Sounds of silence:           'Hear this charm, there in the dark, lurking
                              fiends, devouring sharks. Lend me your ears, out
                              in the mist. Where secrets lie, you cannot
                              resist. The paths I traveled, the abyss I found,
                              shall not be seen by any hound. Accept that,
                              when these rhymes will end, only silence is your
Speed:                       'xeddex duumof'
Spellteaching:               'moon fiksu, soot tyhma  - opi tasta taika'
Spider demon banishment:     'infernalicus thanatos arachnidos'
Spider demon channeling:     'infernalicus nexus arachnid rex'
Spider demon conjuration:    'arachnid infernalicus arachnoidus demonicus'
Spider demon control:        'infernalicus domus arachnid rex'
Spider demon inquiry:        'Khirsah Zokant Arachnidus'
Spider demon mass sacrifice: 'infernalicus domus arachnid rex magnos'
Spider demon sacrifice:      'infernalicus domus arachnid rex'
Spider eye:                  'infernalicus intellegus arachnidos'
Spider gate:                 'Khirsah Khazanth Arachinidus'
Spider gaze:                 'infernalicus claravonticus arachnidos'
Spider servant:              'infernalicus conjuratis arachnidos'
Spider touch:                'Khizanth Arachnidus Diametricus'
Spider walk:                 'Khizanth Arachnidus Walkitus'
Spider web:                  'infernalicus thanatos arachnidos'
Spider wrath:                'Khizanth Arachnidus Iracundus'
Star light:                  '!( !!'
Strangulation:               'ghht mar nak semen'
Strength in unity:           'You say you don't believe this unity will last,
                              nobody said it would be perfect, but co-operate,
                              share your pain and strength. Together we are
Strengthen:                  'rtsstr duumof'
Suffocation:                 'ghht zur sanc'
Summon:                      'gwwaaajj'
Summon blade:                'ahieppa weaapytama nyttemmin'
Summon carnal spores:        'krkx mar nak grttzt'
Summon greater spores:       'gtzt mar nak semen'
Summon homonculus:           'imppy floooogah'
Summon lesser spores:        'gtzt zur sanc'
Suppress magic:              'hus hus hus'
Teleport with error:         'xafe xyyqh xckgandhuzqarr'
Teleport without error:      'xafe ayz xckgandhuzqarr'
Terror:                      'BBBBOOOOOO!!!!'
There not there:             'jakki makupala'
Thorn spray:                 'krkx zur fehh'
Tiger claw:                  'Haii!'
Tiger mask:                  'Tiger Power!'
Toxic dilution:              'morri nam pantoloosa'
Transfer mana:               ') !#\'
Transform golem:             'insignificus et gargantum alternos'
Transmute self:              'nihenuak assaam no nek orrek'
True heal:                   'judicandus zapracus'
True party heal:             'judicandus eurto mangenic'
Turn undead:                 'drac a duck'
Uncontrollable mosh:         'III want to ROAR, III want to SLAM, III want to
                              bash your ass! Hit the WALLS! Hit the WALLS! Go,
                              go go I'll screw the BASS! Hit the WALLS! Hit
                              the WALLS!'
Unholy matrimony:            'With this ring, i do deconsecrate thee'
Unpain:                      'harnaxan temnahecne'
Unstable mutation:           'ragus on etsat mumixam!'
Unstun:                      'Paxus'
Vacuum ball:                 'ghht zur sanc gnatlnamauch'
Vacuum globe:                'ghht mar nak semen gnatlnamauch'
Vacuumbolt:                  'ghht zur fehh'
War ensemble:                'War is TOTAL massacre, sport the war, war
Water walking:               'Jeeeeeeeeeeeesuuuuuuuus'
Venom blade:                 'May this become the blood of the Spider queen'
Venom strike:                'krkx zur semen'
Venturers way:               '..a few steps to earthen might, a few steps just
                              go ahead me, but do I walk the right direction,
                              is it here or there? Just a few steps, left or
                              right. Spirits are what show the sight.'
Vigilant melody:             'Lost I am not but knowledge I seek for there, my
                              friend, lies a true path for wisdom. With a
                              clouded mind one can not think, but small fog
                              may enhance a precense.'
Wilderness location:         'spirits of nature, show me the way!'
Vine mantle:                 '"" !#'
Wither:                      'xeddex uurthg'
Wither flesh:                '"# ^'
Wizard eye:                  'mad rad dar'
Word of apocalypse:          'dymofo'
Word of attrition:           'khozak'
Word of blasting:            'Sherpha!'
Word of destruction:         'hraugh'
Word of genocide:            'dephtua'
Word of oblivion:            'FRONOX!!'
Word of recall:              'vole love velo levo'
Word of slaughter:           'niinr'
Word of spite:               'torrfra'
Wrath of las:                ' §Lassum§ '
Youth:                       'Akronym Htouy, Hokrune Arafax'

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