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BatMUD Logs

Remember Gogi? Remember Shift? Remember Oziris?

Meet Violator.

Feb. 9, 2006

(19:03) Violator tells you 'hello'
(19:03) Violator tells you 'got a minute?'
(19:05) Violator tells you 'pls drop me a tell when youre unidle and have time'

Violator is a level 30 mortal of the Ogre race.
He was created Thu Feb 02 20:03:18 2006 and he is 18h, 24min and 40s old.
He has been on for 59min and 41s, idle 1s.
He has killed: a black panther, watching and planning, 6315 exp
This player has a blog - last modified 5d, 21h, 25min and 47s ago. 
He has no plan.

blog view violator
| Fri Feb 03 21:47:20 2006 [#20580]
| You say 'Hp: 666 (831) Sp: 26 (26) Ep: 59 (276).'

Violator tells you 'i heard you do loans'
Violator tells you 'so i was thinking if i could get one'
You tell Violator 'yup, but you need to have more age.. I don't give loans to brand 
new players, since so many tend to quit playing (I'd lose the money if that happened)'
Violator tells you 'hrm i wont quit'
You tell Violator 'nods, every one of them says that :)'
Violator tells you 'i understand you'

Violator [sales]: vbc mb:60k

You tell Violator 'you can ask again after 4 days of age'
Violator tells you 'thanks for youre time'
You emote to Violator 'nods at you.'
Violator tells you 'yep'

.. a few minutes later ..

[19:12]:Violator [sales]: vbc mb:60k
[19:12]:Antonius [sales]: 60k
[19:12]:Violator [sales]: sold
[19:12]:Air (sales): medallion of honor for sale / trade for polearms
[19:13]:Violator [sales]: maul of titans mb:150k

(pretty good eq for 18 hrs of playtime.... seems suspicious)

You tell Antonius (*Idle-at-work*) 'hey any idea who that violator dude is?  
he's got a lot of eq for a <1 day old character'
@Antonius goes 'Hrm..'.
You tell Antonius (*Idle-at-work*) 'he's hitting me up for a loan, and 
I like to check out ppl.  Sucks to lend to cheaters, I tend to lose 
my money when they get rm'd  :p'
Antonius tells you 'Didn't even check that. :P'
You tell Antonius (*Idle-at-work*) 'nods np.. he's probably a 2ndary, 
but I don't have anything to prove it'
@Antonius nods at you.

[19:21]:Violator [sales]: holy sword of heaven mb:130k
[19:22]:Nuane (sales): short length of rope +dodge? some wearing restriction, 
shrug, mb 20k
[19:22]:Nuane (sales): belt slot
[19:22]:Bazil [sales]: u cant have any coins to wear it fyi
[19:22]:Violator [sales]: no wearing restrict i think
[19:22]:Violator [sales]: yep drop coins and wear it
[19:27]:Violator [sales]: MoT mb:160k 2,4M sac
[19:27]:Violator [sales]: holy sword of heaven mb:150k

You tell Antonius (*Idle-at-work*) 'that guy is SO cheating  :p'
You tell Antonius (*Idle-at-work*) 'check out sales last now.. 
he's got 2 more 100k+ items up  :p'
@Antonius nods at you.
Antonius tells you 'Unless he's suiciding his old char and selling off eq 
he doesn't want anymore, he's totally illegit.'
You tell Antonius (*Idle-at-work*) 'nods, even that is cheating tho'
@Antonius lets out an 'ah' of comprehension as your idea becomes clear.

Blasterr Possun0rsu is a level 30 immortal.
She was created Fri Oct 08 00:00:00 1982 and she is 23y, 130d, 19h, 36min and 57s old.
She has been on for 7h, 20min and 14s, idle 2min and 32s.
She forwards mail to another account.
She has killed: Nelson, the highbie leader cowers un.., 3215 exp
                a young candy girl, 159383 exp (party of 5)
She is the shiroi ninja.
Larpan TJ 329 aamua (läjä). SIT RESERVIIN!
She is the Captain of the UNK Frigate Rulership.
Web page: http://wiz.bat.org/~blasterr/
This player has a blog - last modified 85d, 30min and 39s ago. 
> ____________________________________________
>/_\                                          \
>  |        hiljaisuuden jälkeen kukaan       |
>  |          ei enää halunnut nauraa         |
>  |  ________________________________________|__
>  \_/__________________________________________/
@Blasterr gives you a sound spanking.

You tell Blasterr 'hey.. are you there?'
@Blasterr nods twice rapidly in agreement to you.
You tell Blasterr 'there's a little guy that seems to be blatantly cheating.. 
wondering if you can check him out'
Blasterr tells you 'sure, what's his name?'
You tell Blasterr 'heh "violator"  :p'
Blasterr tells you 'and what makes you think he's cheating?'
You tell Blasterr 'I have a log of what I've seen.. may I mudmail it to you?'
Blasterr tells you 'sure, mail ahead'
You tell Blasterr 'he's got way the heck too much real eq for an 18 hr character'>

(I mudmail Blasterr much of the above log of sales channel)

Blasterr tells you 'he had a previous char, stored his eq to a friend, suicided 
and started from a scratch'
You tell Blasterr 'that's legal?'
Blasterr tells you 'I'm not sure'
You tell Blasterr 'at the least, it's not starting from scrath.. 
if I suicided dryad and gave my 200+ chests and dunno, 100m gold to my new character, 
I think that'd be cheating'
You tell Blasterr 'but if it's not, ignore me :) that's all that I 
saw that was suspicious'

Blasterr tells you 'I'm investigating the issue, not sure if it's legal or not but 
unless he's dodging some loans I don't see why he can't do so'
You tell Blasterr 'nods, that's what I'm trying to sort through too.  Can you 
tell me who his suicided character was?'
Blasterr tells you 'I forgot his name, going through logs atm'
You emote to Blasterr 'nods at you.'
You tell Blasterr (busy) 'yeah, cuz what first made me suspicious was that he 
hit me up for a loan. I'm guessing his previous char took loans from me'

Blasterr tells you 'did gogi ever pay you that missing 580k he still owed you 
when he got rm'd?'
You tell Blasterr 'no, somewhat long story there.  He was removed along with shift.  
Shift is now playing as another character (I forget his name right off).  
He swears he wasn't playing gogi, but he wanted to pay me back that money anyways.  
I let him, and he's paid of maybe half of it.'
You tell Blasterr 'oziris is shift/gogi's current character'
Violator tells you 'hey'
(funny timing, that..)
You tell Blasterr 'any interaction between violator and oziris?'
Violator tells you 'got a minute?'
You tell Violator 'nods, sure'
You tell Violator 'nods, will check'

finger oziris
No such player (Oziris).
Violator tells you 'pls do'
You tell Violator 'eep oziris is gone!'

cast credit check at oziris
You start chanting.
You sing 'eki eki eki equifaxeki'
Checking credit history of Oziris.
Loan: 88000     PAID @ Jan 18 2006        Loan was due: Feb 13 2006, Creditor: Dryad
Loan: 240000    PAID @ Jan 27 2006        Loan was due: Mar 19 2006, Creditor: Dryad

Violator tells you 'omfg..that was my character'
Violator tells you 'do you save those forms or something?'
You tell Violator 'what??'
Violator tells you 'i dont remmember if i took a loan from you or not'
You tell Violator 'what happened to oziris??'
Violator tells Blasterr and you 'blasterr help me!'
Violator tells Blasterr and you 'can you check those logs to find out how much and 
if oziris even took a loan from dryad'
You tell Blasterr and Violator 'oziris had and paid 2 different loans. I'm trying 
to check now if there was a 3rd loan outstanding.'

Violator tells Blasterr and you 'man if there is any more loan'
Violator tells Blasterr and you 'i will pay it back in 7days if not bigger then 500k'
Violator tells Blasterr and you 'cause what do you think shoudl i stop smoking weed?'

You tell Blasterr 'I see no loans outstanding, but I wonder if the loan system deleted 
a loan when the character was removed.  Not sure how suicide is handled by the loan system.'

You tell Blasterr and Violator 'I think an IP ban is in order, personally.'

Violator tells Blasterr and you 'well sorry man'
Violator tells Blasterr and you 'iam not trying to steal anything from you'

You tell Blasterr and Violator 'no but you seem to repeatedly cheat with characters 
and waste wizard time and mine as well.'
Violator tells Blasterr and you 'well i didnt cheat'
Violator tells Blasterr and you 'and it isnt my purpose to take youre cash'

You tell Blasterr and Violator 'blasterr, if you haven't seen his previous history, 
check out http://www.maroon.com/bat/interviews/shift.asp'

Violator tells Blasterr and you 'everyone saw that'
Violator tells Blasterr and you 'did you find out how much i owe you or not?'
Violator tells Blasterr and you 'i want to pay you back'

You tell Blasterr and Violator 'I'm not able to find out, the loan system 
records are incomplete.'
You tell Blasterr and Violator 'I don't care about cash, I'd just like to see 
you gone from the mud.'
Violator tells Blasterr and you 'blasterr?'
Blasterr tells Violator and you 'hold on, I'm reading something'

[20:18]:Dryad [wanted]: does oziris (nee gogi nee shift) owe anyone money?
[20:18]:Reima (wanted): yes
[20:18]:Fingust [wanted]: i think its just you dryad..
[20:18]:Dryad [wanted]: he's got a new character now that wants to pay before it 
next gets rm'd
Dryad [wanted]: it's "violator"  (yeah, ha ha ha)
Dryad [wanted]: he's gotten so sneaky
Fingust tells you 'how did you know that its oziris?'
You tell Fingust 'he admits it.. and blasterr is investigating'
[20:19]:Dryad [wanted]: he's gotten so sneaky
[20:19]:Dryad [wanted]: but hey, we get another funny log  :)
[20:20]:Sephiroth (wanted): ooo
[20:20]:Violator [wanted]: fuck you
[20:20]:Dryad [wanted]: nah, you've got it backwards
[20:20]:Cyberlahko {wanted}: :((((
[20:20]:Violator [wanted]: anyone who wants this eq i got feel free to relo
[20:20]:Violator [wanted]: not to fenster

Sephiroth tells you 'oh you didn't have a new log? sniff'
Blasterr tells you 'holy shit this log of yours is long'
You tell Sephiroth 'not yet  :)'
You tell Blasterr 'heh nods, sorry.. kept it long cuz the funny shit kept happening  :p'

You tell Blasterr 'I've gotta go do rl stuff.. but thanks for looking into this guy.  
I hope you can get it sorted out some fair way.'

[20:24]:Violator [sales]: marion axe mb:270k
[20:25]:Cyberlahko {sales}: 270k!
[20:25]:Violator [sales]: sold

Fingust tells you 'hmmm'
Fingust tells you 'seems that he is lowbidding most of the stuff...'

Blasterr tells Violator and you 'Well, seems to me that mr V has had some serious 
issues before. I'd advice to proceed with caution. And to Violator I say straighten up 
and pay whatever your previous characters owed. Otherwise you're risking a rm once more.'

[20:28]:Violator [sales]: haershin axe mb:160k
[20:30]:Dryad [sales]: I'll bid 160k.. I like items with history  :p
(20:31) Violator tells you 'dont'
Violator tells you 'i dont want youre cash take that as paying back'
You tell Violator 'blasterr found no cash owed, so I think you didn't have any 
open loans.  We were even.'

Violator tells you 'sorry'

You tell Violator 'nods, but he's just speaking in general.. I think there were 
no loans out at all between you and me.  The loan system is generally reliable on 
records, even with suicidals.
Violator tells you 'you made me look ridicioulud in front of all that players'
You tell Violator 'nah, you make yourself look ridiculous.

(20:32) Violator tells you 'thanks'
(20:33) Calmis tells Violator and you 'dryad is buying that haershin?'
(20:33) Violator tells Calmis and you 'yeah'
(20:33) Violator tells Calmis and you 'she found out i didnt owe anything to him'
(20:33) Calmis tells Violator and you 'could you id the marion and check 
its max cond also?'
(20:35) Violator tells Calmis and you 'well summ em and calmis and check it out?'

You tell Violator 'sorry, lost my connection.. I'm here now'
You tell Violator 'I'm confused.. is calmis buying the haershin rather than me?'

(20:38) Violator tells you 'no he only wants id on marion'

You tell Violator 'I know you're busy selling atm, but let me know sometime what 
you're doing with this character (are you actually gonna play it?)'

The teller says 'Sent 160000.00 gold to Violator.
(buying the infamous haershin .. of gogi then of shift then of violator)

[20:42]:Violator [sales]: 270k in anips mb:280k
[20:42]:Calmis [sales]: 280k
[20:42]:Violator [sales]: sold

Violator tells you 'do i owe you anything more?'
Violator [sales]: amulet of power mb:20k
Violator [sales]: or amulet of power mb:5,5k (shopbid)
Doomface tells you 'get violator removed if u can plz hez a shmuck! 
he dont deserve to play here'
Violator [sales]: noone needs?
Violator [sales]: withdrawn
Reima tells you 'thanks for pointin out the oziris'

Violator [sales]: black belt with bird claw symbol +something mb:1k
Fingust [sales]: + infra..
Krnlpanik [sales]: +infra
Violator [sales]: well +infra
You tell Violator 'nope, you don't owe me anything, with this character or any 
previous characters.'

Violator tells you 'well why do you want me IP banned then?'
You tell Violator 'because you're a habitual cheater'
Violator tells you 'huh? pls talk like 20 years old guy or girl i dont understand that'
You tell Violator 'I believe what you're doing right now is cheating... 
taking the loot from a previous character to jump-start a new character.'
Violator tells you 'not true'
You tell Violator 'you earned all of that eq in 18 hours of playtime?'
Violator tells you 'wait till you see what iam gonna do'
You tell Violator 'I can hardly wait.'
Violator tells you 'heh'


I went afk a few hours, then came back and checked up on Violator.

finger violator
No such player (Violator).

[     1    ] Gamblor Grenadier the bony Skeleton
[     5    ] Lask the Minotaur
[     1    ] Niqua Autopsia the Duck
[     7    ] Rimrunner the Elf
[     1    ] Thukydides the Thrikhren
5 players shown. (<>=Wizard, {}=Leader, []=Mortal, ()=Reborn)

(Wonder which of these guys is the new gogi/shift/oziris/violator, if any?)

finger rimrunner
Rimrunner is a level 7 mortal of the Elf race.
He was created Fri Feb 03 22:34:05 2006 and he is 17h, 29min and 6s old.
He has been on for 3h, 28min and 34s, idle 19s.
He has killed: A large kobold is wielding a trident.., 1321 exp
He has no plan.

finger lask
Lask is a level 5 mortal of the Minotaur race.
He was created Thu Feb 09 23:43:58 2006 and he is 23min and 44s old.
He has been on for 27min and 2s, idle 12s.
He has killed: a happy purple pigeon, 241 exp
He has no plan.

You tell Lask 'gogi/shift/oziris/violator?'
(no response)

[00:17]:Dryad [wanted]: anyone see what happened to violator, who was gogi/shift/oziris's 
latest incarnation?
[00:17]:Zalcon [wanted]: !!!!!!!!!!!
[00:17]:Zalcon [wanted]: do tell
[00:17]:Dryad [wanted]: heh no, I didn't see.. I had to take my kid to a doc for a 
few hours.  When I came back, he was gone.
[00:17]:Triton [wanted]: party for barb or tarma,tiger,barb for exp
[00:17]:Malicat [wanted]: does he owe you money?
[00:17]:Zalcon [wanted]: Gogi will live in our hearts for all eternity.
[00:18]:Litteboy [wanted]: party
[00:18]:Dryad [wanted]: hah no, I didn't lose money this time.  I'm slow, but I'm learning.
[00:18]:Bazil [wanted]: he gave away all his shit and suicided i believe dryad
[00:19]:Dryad [wanted]: thanks, that seemed the most likely.  I just wondered if 
some wiz rm'd him for the inter-character cheating.
[00:19]:Zalcon [wanted]: they can take his corporeal self, but they'll never get his soul!

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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