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Area Info

Dirs: Main city on Lucentium.


General Descrip:

Difficulty: Newbie and up

Area Size:

Last Update: January, 2010

Monsie Info:

b = banishes

Ismelidian priest   b    ?k


Big bulky groundhog    1.5k 
Crying child             90
Cute bunny              250
Exhausted laborer       100
Farmer                  600
Farmer's wife           300
Gardener                250
Gopher                 1.5k
Huge rat                22k   iron crown
Jumpy rabbit            150
Large snake              3k
Slave master           1.3k   random eq
Snake guard            3.5k 

Shop NPCs:

Alphidia Alkot          22k   none
Romulus Condito, magic   ?k   none
Trevor Smith the Tooler  3k   none

Random city NPCs:

Acolyte                  1k  
Armoured knight          7k
Artist                  400
Bard                     1k
Beggar                  600
Brew master              2k
Bullywog priest          5k
Captain of Crimson Brgd  ?k  
Crying child            300
Elven minstrel           1k
Lorenchia shopkeeper     4k  
Pearl diver              1k
Porter                   1k
Sad street cleaner      400
Salvager                 1k
Seagulls                100
Shark hunter            800
Ship's swabbie          600
Skilled dock worker     700
Small dog               200
Smuggler                700
Spice trader             1k
Tall wolfman            17k   none
Textile merchant         1k
Unhappy cook            800
Whaler                   1k

Area Map:


  In the gardens, "enter hole" to get into the newbie tunnel system.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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