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Merchant Guild Minimum Prices

These are the minimum prices recommended for merchant guild products and services.
Undercutters might be throttled, take your chances.
Some merchants charge more, especially for high quality services. 
If you give discounts, please do so privately. 


Prots ------ 2k/item 
Fws -------- 2k/item 
Ids -------- 2k/item 
Labels ----- 2k/item
Repairs ---- 10k/item + materials 
Surgery ---- 5k to 80, 10k to 100 
Exchanges -- 5% (minimum charge 5k)
Surnames --- 20k


1 slot: 20-25k
2 slot: 40-45k
3 slot: 60-70k
4 slot: 90-110k
5 slot: 130-160k
6 slot: 180-190k
7 slot: 210-250k 
8 slot: 280-320k
9 slot: 375-400k
10 slot: 425-475k
11 slot: 475-525k
12 slot: 550k+

Locks usually sell for 5k to 10k per dial in addition to the chest cost.
Traps for 10k-30k, depending on quality.


Coffers sell for approximately 1/2 the number of coin slots, with that
ratio decreasing a bit for larger coffers.  A 200k slot chest would go 
for around 100k (50% ratio).  A 1.3m slot chest would go for around 525k 
(40% ratio).  Locks and traps are extra, priced as for chests.

Harle provides this quick formula for estimating the pricing on coffers:
      ( 11 - ( -509 * [coins slots] ) / 1300 ) * 1000

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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