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Mushroom Hill

Area Info

Dirs: Rothikgen, northwest of Shadowkeep.


Coder: Fizzl

General Descrip: A psychedelic hill populated by mushrooms.

Difficulty: Midbie

Area Size: 50+ rooms

Last Update: December, 2009

Monsie Info:

*= aggressive
b= blocking    a=acid ray    p=poison

Blue mushroom                   6k
Little mushroom                 3k
BIG blue mushroom              13k
BIG green mushroom             13k 
BIG grey mushroom              13k
BIG magenta mushroom           13k
BIG yellow mushroom            13k
Green mushroom                  6k
Grey mushroom                  10k
Guardian mushroom      abp     60k 
Magenta mushroom                6k
Replicator mushroom             ?k   100k the last time I killed it, years ago
Small anklebiters                2
Yellow mushroom                 6k

Area Map:

Map and information provided by Whyi.

            | | |
        | | | | | | |
        | | | | | | |
       -O-O-O- -O-O-O-
        | | |   | | |
     -O-O-O-     -O-O-O-
      | | |       | | |
     -O-g-    R    -G-O-            R = replicator mushroom
      | | |       | | |
     -O-O-O-     -O-O-O-
        | | |   | | |
       -O-O-O- -O-O-O-
        | | | | | | |
        | | | | | | |
            | | |


* 'S' is where you arrive after typing 'bushes' in the outerworld.

* It is easy to walk 'off the map' (which moves you back to the
overworld). Even moving into the center of the ring counts as 'off the
map'. Use 'exits' frequently.

* The four spaces marked 'g' or 'G' are the locations of the guardian
mushrooms, which block the ways into the center.  It seems that the two 'G'
shrooms are tougher than the 'g' ones.   We have killed only the 'g' ones.

* Mushrooms can be skinned to produce vegetation about 50% of the time, so
the area is an easy place to score some kgs of vegetation for merch/alchs.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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