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The Mythical Valley

Area Info

Dirs: Desolathya

Coder: Cyberman

General Descrip: Area contains LQ29. Beware Hermit casts Disintergrate.

Difficulty: Turbo newbie (or partied newbies)

Area Size: 70 rooms

Last Update: November 27, 2009

Monsie Info:

*  = Aggressive
*1 = Casts firebolt
*2 = Disintergrates
*3 = Casts Turn to newt
*4 = Cast Fireball

Aged guard                   (*1)   16k   Belt, Battleaxe
Broth the Dwarf                      6k   Small Silvered Amulet
Devmon of Gomorah                    3k
Flick the Thief                    4.3k   Long Sword
Grell the Dwarf                      2k   Steel Helmet
Hermit                       (*2)   31k   Mythiko 
Max the Gray Magician              5.9k   Magical Glove
Mewt the Tannet Boy                  6k    
Nemesis                      (*3)   28k   
Old Guardian                         5k
Old Man                            2-3k   Grey cloak    
Oracle                               5k   Silvery Ring  
Prince of Darkness                  22k
Qlui the Little Monster              3k   Platinum trombone
Squirrel                           0.3k
Servant                              1k   Dirty Shield                              
She-Demon of Sodom                   3k
Shybil the Evil Witch               13k   Golden Ring
Sonny: the Lesser Paladin    (*4)   22k   Platinum trombone
Skeleton King                      0.4k   Silver Platemail, Crown
Squirrel                            200    
Thadd the Dwarf                    2.4k   Steel Pick
Ugly Troll                    (*)    9k   Iron Battleaxe    
Ugrah the Dwarf                      2k   Shovel 
Witchhunter                         14k   Witchhunter's Sword, red cape
Wrathaug the Red Drake  (*,*1,*4)   29k   Skull of Drake, Old Amulet
Young Fightress                     13k   Leather Vest,Leather Boots,Blackblade

Area Map:

                          The Mythical Valley
                          --   Map By Crom   --
                          ( Updated By Oilthu )
                 up  down
        wrathaug o   o  
                       |                desert       nemesis o--o--o
            mountains  o                  o-----.              |
                       |                  ^     |               o--o--o
                       o--o--o         o<-o--o  |                  |
                           \           |  |     |                  o
                            o          |  o<-.<-'                  |
                            |          |     |                     o
                            o          '->o--'                    well
                            |             |
                            o    tower 5  o
                            |          |  | 
                            1--o--o    4--6 well        
                            ruins |    |            down up      
                                  2    o              o  o
                                  |    |       castle |             
                         .->o<-.  o    o--o--o--o--o--o--o
                         |  |  |  |   /               |  up up/down down
                         '--o--o--o--o                o--o    o      o
                   forest   |  |  |  |  
                         3--o--o--o  o
                            |  |     | down up/down up
                            '->o     o--o     o     o--o
                                     o up
                                     o down 
                              scenic location


    1. Go 'north'.
    2. Enter ruin.
    3. Climb tree. (When you leave a 'Note' will drop down)
    4. 'Play dead' to enter tower.
    5. 'Sit throne' to enter lair of the 'Prince of Darkness'.
    6. Go 'Down' to enter well, or 'Enter desert' to enter desert maze.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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