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Newbie Mines

Area Info

Dirs from CS: 56w 7n from South Cross


General Descrip: Underground cave system. Has level-limit at 30. Two level quests at this area: lq16 and lq17.

Difficulty: Newbie, Newbie Parties

Area Size: 79 rooms+

Last Update: September 18, 2005

Monsie Info:

* = aggressive

Small Black Fly            50    none
Baby Black Pudding        500
Black Pudding              3k
Brown Pudding              2k
Orc                       100 
Orc Captain              1.5K
Butterfly                 100
Skeleton Dwarf             2k
Dwarf guarding the vault 2.5k
Small beholder *           1K
Soldier Ant               400
Valiant guard            1.4K

..and many random monsters like
Red naga hatchling
Red demon                 ~4K
Human                    1-2K
Unarmed soldier
Mordor orc                300
Orc mummy                 900
Hill orc                  200
..that are almost all under 1K. And ofcourse there's the Black butterfly for the lvl quest.

Monsie info contributed by Westchester.

Area Map:

                           Newbie Mines
                      -- map by Moonlord --

 sd = 2 skeleton dwarfs             o
 p = black pudding                  |
 b = beholder (they move)           o down/out

                                    o down/up

    o--o--o                         o down/up
    |     |      p
    o     o--o  o          o        o down/up
             |  |          |
             o--o--o--o=o--o        o down/up
                |     p p  |
     o up       o          o        o up
                 2p        |        |
     o down                o     o--o     o--o
    b|                     |  down  |     |
sd o-o-o sd                o up     o     o
     up                    |              |
               o 4p        o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o 3p
       down    |           |                    |
          o=o--o           o                    o sd
               |           |                    |
            o--o           o                    o
            |              |                    |
            o--o--o--o--o--o                 o--o--o
                  |                          |vault|
                  o                        b o o   o b
                  |                          |/    |
                  o       o b                o--o--o
                  |       |                     b
                     sd   |
                          o b

  Hints :

  - tie rope to pole
  - you can buy rope from tinker's shop in batcity
  - black puddings go all aggro if you use offensive skills or spells in the same room
  - from the mouth of the mines go down and north.  Type 'enter painting' and
    go east, and there's some bloke to kill... you can go down from there and kick 
    the sink to get more black puddings
  - inside the painting, a mouse drops a key which fits the locked door                                                                           

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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