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Newbie Mountain

Area Info

Dirs: From S-Cross, go 18 sw, 21 s

Coder: Wane

General Descrip: Great newbie area for getting started in. Nice place to pick up lots of exploration points. Be sure not to miss the rock digger area on the sw side of the mid-way up the mountain lvl.

Difficulty: Newbie

Area Size: 150-200 rooms (not counting cave)

Last Update: February 20, 2005

Monsie Info:

6 Spotted Ladybird                              80      No EQ
Brown Field Mouse                               160     No EQ
Caretaker of the Temple                         800     shovel
Green scaled lizard                             150     No EQ
Large black lizard searching for food           220     No EQ
Red and Black Monarch Butterfly                 80      No EQ
Small Black Fly                                 40      No EQ
Small Brown Beetle                              80      No EQ
Small Grey Wood Louse                           80      No EQ
Small Red and Brown Snake                       150     No EQ
Small White Slug                                70      No EQ
Mountain-goat clambers around angrily
Young mountain-goat looking for it's mother     220     No EQ

Fully grown digger      1.5k       worn and dented pick
King rock digger          3k       new and well-crafted pick
Large rock digger       1.5k       newly-crafted pick
Weak rock digger         700       old and worn small pick

Area Map:

       --- Newbie Mountain ---     
       Key:                   bbbb        
       b Base of Mt         bbbbbbbb      
       L Lower slopes      bbbbbbbbbbbb   
       m midway up      bbbbbbLLLLbbbbbb  
       N Near top   E bbbbbbLLLLLLLLbbbbb 
       p Plateau     bbbbbbLLLmmmmLLLbbb  
       T Temple     bbbbbLLLmmNNNNmmLLbbb 
       E Entrance  bbbLLLLLmNNppppNmLLbbb 
       s mountain  bbbLLLmmNpppTpNmLLbbb  
          stream    bbbLLmNNppppNmLLbbbb  


      o   o-o-o-o-o
      |       |
      o       o
       \      |
        o-d   o-o
       /   \ /
      o     o
   newbie mtn 

   2nd Lvl of Cave:
        o         o
        |         |
        o     o-o-o
        |     |
       /      |
      o       d-o-o-o
       \     /      |
        o-U-o       o
       /    |       |
      o     o-o     o
      |     | 
      o     o

   3rd Lvl of Cave:  
      o     o     o
       \   / \   /
        o-o   o-o
              o     o
              |    /
      o-o-o   o-U-o
           \ /     \
            o       o
           /        |
        o-o     o   o-o
           \   /    |
            o-o     o
           /   \    |
      o-o-o     o-o-o


What follows is Whyi's guide to raping Newbie Mountain, as posted 
on the Alch Guild bulletin board.

Here are the locations of the monsters in newbie mountain, and a path around
the mountain that I've used.

First level:
     ...f..    ...s.l
   .f.s..        .b...
  l.b.y.          ..f
 ..y..             .y.
.f.                .b.
..s               ..s
 .l.             f.y.
  .f.           .y..
  .b.          .s.b.
  .s.l.        .f.
    .f..l    ..s.

Second level:
     lsm    .ls
   .m.        .b
.m.s.         .m
.b.          s.
 .b         .b
  lm       .m
  .ls.    .b

Starting on the second level, directly east of the entrance,
command w1 kill lizard
command w2 e;kill snake
command w3 e;kill mouse
command w4 n;kill butterfly
command w5 ne;kill lizard
command w6 e;s;kill snake
command w7 e;n;kill mouse
command w8 e;s;kill butterfly
command w9 2 e;kill mouse
command w10 s;kill lizard
command w11 e;kill snake
command w12 se;n;kill butterfly
command w13 s;kill mouse
command w14 sw;w;kill snake
command w15 s;kill butterfly
command w16 sw;kill mouse
command w17 sw;kill butterfly
command w18 s;kill lizard
command w19 2 w;kill snake
command w20 s;w;kill mouse
command w21 n;w;kill butterfly
command w22 s;w;kill lizard
command w23 nw;kill mouse
command w24 n;w;kill snake
command w25 w;kill lizard
command w26 n;kill mouse
command w27 w;kill lizard
command w28 n;kill butterfly
command w29 n;w;kill butterfly
command w30 n;kill mouse
command w31 2 e;kill snake
command w32 e;n;kill mouse
command w33 ne

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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