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Newbie Petting Zoo

Area Info

Dirs: 4 east of N-Cross


General Descrip: Fun little newbie area with no aggressive monsters. Remember to take care of your corpses in here.

Difficulty: Newbie

Area Size: 21 rooms

Last Update: 12-03-01

Monsie Info:

Alaron                      500   none
Archwizard                   1k   none
Chicken                     200   none
Child                       200   none
Goat                        200   none
Grizzly bear                600   none
Grounds keeper, mops        250   none
Grounds keeper, sweeps      250   none
Lamb                        200   none
Moose                       200   none
Osir                        500   none
Rabbit                      200   none
Sheep                       250   none
Tampio                      400   none
Whizz                       750   none

Area Map:

			 / \
      	    archwizards O   O bears
		      |/     \|
	      rabbits-O       O-mortals
		      |\     /|
		  goats O   O empty cage
			 \ /

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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