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Noran's Castle

Area Info

Dirs: from SC 11 sw, w, 2 n, transport Rilynttar (portal is free), 4 n, 8 w, sw, 5 w, 5 se, 20 w, 20 w, 8 sw, 20 w, 17 nw, 20 n, 20 n, 5 n, 4 w, enter.


General Descrip: Newbies can come here and kill a 2k monsie to get Noran's equipment.

Difficulty: newbie (solo and party)

Area Size: 15 rooms

Last Update: May 11, 2005

Monsie Info:

* = aggressive

Handsome guardian         1-2k   none
Huge bastard dog           10k   none
Jim                      .2-1k   none
Kaffrer Filter            2-3k   none, blue robe is in same room (worth 300 gold)
Noran the ex-wizard      .5-2k   white platemail, shiny helmet, white amulet, 
                                 white boots (all worth ~3k gold)
Durty orc              *  3-8k   none
Powerful guard            1-5k   very sharp dagger, round shield
White poodle                6k   none

Area Map:

Map by Yasha, updated by Ravenna.



1*  type "swim", then "dive" to get to Kaffrer Filter. 
2*  aggresive Durty Orc is here. 
3*  to "U" Noran the ex-wizard, nice newbie cash mosie. 

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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