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Old Bat City

Area Info

Dirs from CS: South along the road from town. OCP (Old Central Park) is 20 s, 7 e, 20 s from S-cross


General Descrip: Old Bat City -- the original version of the town.

Difficulty: newbie to mid

Area Size: Catacombs have 100 rooms. OBC has additional rooms.

Last Update: July 26, 2002

Monsie Info:


Ancient zombie clerk     4k   none   
Boyish lamp ghoul        1k   none  
Drunk paladin            2k   none
Ghost of Go-player       4k   none
Grocer                  10k  
Leo                   9-15k   none
Old caretaker            1k   none
Old, useless guard       3k   none
Weaponsmith              8k


Fungus              <1k   
Huge alligator       2k
Huge minotaur     6-12k  
Large bat           <1k
Large fungus        <1k
Large mouse         <1k
Large rat           <1k
Large snail         <1k
Mouse               <1k
Rat                 <1k
Slimy creature      <1k
Snail               <1k
Snake               <1k
Sparkling dragon    13k   none

Area Map:

  Maps by Quenthalion.                                                  |


  Old Bat City:

                 o     o
                 |     |
                 |     |
                 |   o-o-o
                 |     |
                 |   o o
                 |   |
              /  |    \
              \  |    /
              /  |    \
             o   o-o-o o
                 |     |
                 o     o  

  OCP=old central park (the room you come to from portal)


  (the longer lines between rooms are the result of "overlapping" rooms) 

The Catacombs: Note: The catacombs are randomly generated, changing each boot. The catacomb map shown is just an example, and it should not be used by anyone hoping to run directly to the dragon. map G1 (ground level): o o-o-o-out | | o-dd | o-DD | D-o | o-o map D1 map D2 (down from 'dd' room) (down from 'DD' room) o o (U)-u-o | | (U)-u-u-u | U map D3 (down from 'D' room) map U1 (U from map 'D1'): o-o-o-o-o | (D) o-o-o | | d o-o-o-o o | | | o o-U--(U)-o-o | | | o o-o o | map U2 o (U from 'map D3'): | o d-o | map D4 o o o ('DD' from 'map U2'): | | | o-o-(D) (U) | | | | DD o o U-o | | o-dd-o-o-D o-o | | | o-o-o o--o o o | | | | o-d-o o--o-o-o enter map D5 map D6 ('dd' from 'map U2'): ('D' from 'map U2'): o o u--o | | | o-(U)-o o-(U) o | | | o o--o | o-o Notes: - the catacombs have lots of aggressive monsters from rats to alligators, so watch it - small 'u' or 'd' letters lead to a dead end of one or two rooms (didn't want to map) - big U or D inside the brackets gets you back to the last room (U) and (D) - through 'enter' in 'map D4' is a room with two exits, portal(OCP) and maze(catacombs). It also has a sparkling dragon(nonagr), which blocks your way trough the portal.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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