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Land of Ochimo

Area Info

Dirs: Desolathya, south of Calythien.

Coder: Kip

General Descrip:

Difficulty: Newbie

Area Size:

Last Update: November 2009

Monsie Info:

Baby killing cloud          75
Fairy                      200
Deorc                      900
Firestarter                200
Good will o' wisp          200
Jabberwocky                600
King of the Tumbleweeds    400
Lung dragon                900
Nether Beast               800
Ochimo                     400   amulet
Rosy cherub                800
Salamander                  50
Small burning bush          50
Small flaming balrog       800
Small pixie                100
Small sunbeam              200
Small tumbleweed           100
Spirit warrior            1.5k
Tornado                    800
Vampire bat                270
Wierd shadow               400

Area Map:


                     |                /
                     N           o-o-R
                      \         /   /|
                       o       o   o o
                       |       |  /  |
                       o       o o   o
                       |       |/   /
                       o-o     o-o-o
                       | |    /
                   J   o D   o
                   |   |    /
                   o-o-o   o
                        \ /
                        / \
                       /   o-o-o
                      /    |   |
                 o-o-o     o   u
                 | |\     /    |
                 o-o-o   o   u-o-u
                 | | |   |    \ /
                 o-o-o   o     B
                 |   |    \    |
                 o-P-o     L   O-F

       Balrog, Nether Beast, Ochimo and Rosy cherub will block
       your way further (find small gold pile bonuses behind them).

       B = Balrog
       D = The Deorc
       F = Fire (small gold pile bonus is here)
       J = Jabberwocky
       L = Lung Dragon
       N = The feared Nether Beast
       O = Ochimo
       P = Portal
       R = Rosy cherub

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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