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Weapons list for BatMUD


 Name			Type		Damagetype	Special		size

1:  Soth Maul		Maul		Magical		+battlesense	80
2:  Bloodred bone mace	Maul		Phys		+6str		80
3:  Slayer		Battlemace	Electric			60
4:  Maul of Titans	Maul		Phys 		+20str -15dex	80
5:  Maul of Choking     Warmattock	Asphyxiation			60
6:  Barbarian maul	Maul		Phys				80
7:  Despana		Battlemace	Cold				60
8:  Icemace		Adam. mace	Fire				41
9:  Hammer of the Alch. Adam		Phys				41
10: Sunmace		Duranium mace	Fire				41
11: Hammer of str	Hammer		Phys		+1-4 str, va	41
12: Life's Hand         Mithril Mace    Phys                            41
13: Gnarled staff       Diamond cudgel  Phys            +5int           37


1:  Skysplitter		Great axe	Cold		+10str
2:  Hearshin		Great axe	Poison				100
3:  Vikings Axe		Great axe	Phys				100
4:  Demons Axe		Great Axe	Phys				85
5:  Oogga axe		Battleaxe	Phys				60
6:  Ranger's axe	Battleaxe	Fire                            55
7:  Black reaver Axe	Great axe	Phys		Evil            85
8:  Zenth death axe	Battleaxe	Phys		Killing add.    55
9:  Axe of Doom		Battleaxe 	Fire		                55
9:  Brantis axe		Hand-axe	Magical		Emote		41
10: Durin's axe		Battleaxe	Phys				55

Long Blades:

1:  Spirit sword			Magical	
2:  Vorpal blade	Platinum 2h	Random/round	+10 dex/str	100
3:  Stinger		no-dachi	Poison				55
4:  Sword of Wonders	Mithril 2h	Phys				80
5:  Sunsword		Adamant 2h	Fire		Emote		85
6:  Sizzling great	Diamond 2h	Psionic		Evil aligned	85
7:  Blade of Quickness	Diamond 2h	Cold		fast metab.     85
8:  Sizzling Katana			Psionic		Evil aligned	41
9:  Slender sword	Mithril long	Phys		Good aligned	41
10: Shredder		Mithril long	Phys				41
11: Khopesh of Dest	Diamond 	Magical				41


1: Moonstone Lance                                                     100
2: Demon sickle                         Phys                           100
3: Flamesphere                          Fire                           100
4: Halberd of Night                     Elec             Evil          100


1: Rapier Wit                                                           41
2: Cutlass of Cold                      Cold                            41
3: Skie claw                            Elec                            41
4: Silversteel sai                      Elec                            41
5: Snake dirk                           Phys                            41