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Old Forest

Area Info

Dirs: Rothikgen, south from Shadowkeep.

Coder: Kissarobotti

General Descrip: Nice area, the willows are extremely easy to kill.

        -Welcome to The Old Forest- 

Great dangers await those who dare to enter 
this dark forest, but I still would like to 
give a word of wisdom to noobies:
   This forest is probably gonna end up to 
   be your grave, so get out of here, punk! 

If you find some bugs and other crap from 
this area please report/mail them to me.



Area Size: 33+ rooms

Last Update: December 2009

Monsie Info:

Man Willow              120k    a black leaf of The Old Man Willow
Old gnarled willow       40k
Small willow              3k
Small goblin              3k
Tom Bombadil           >100k    Tom's Blue Coat, old battered hat of Tom bombadil, 
                                a pile of white water-lilies on a large leaf, great yellow boots
Goldberry               >50k    golden belt of Fair River-Daughter, a green gown
Rolf                      6k    Mithril Axe (3k)

Area Map:

            |   I
          O-O-O O O-O-O
          | | | | | | |
          | | |   | | |
          O-O-O   O-O-O

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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