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Bob's Apple Orchard

Area Info

Dirs from S-Cross: 21 se, 2 s


General Descrip: Nice little newbie area with very few aggressives.

Difficulty: Newbie

Area Size: 33

Last Update: September 18, 2005

Monsie Info:

* = aggressive

Bob                        700   bronze broadsword, random armour
Big pig             *   200-1k   none
Bloated pig         *   200-1k   none
Butt ugly girl         100-600   see below
Clucking chicken    *  100-500   none
Crazed chicken      *  100-500   none
Fat pig             *   200-1k   none
Goofy chicken       *  100-500   none
Plump boy              100-600   see below
Plump girl             100-600   see below
Plump pig           *   200-1k   none   
Rugged boy             100-600   see below
Skinny chicken      *  100-500   none
Skinny boy             100-600   see below
Skinny girl            100-600   see below
Skinny pig          *   200-1k   none
Thelma                     800   rolling pin, random armours
Thick boy              100-600   see below
Thick girl             100-600   see below

  - Almost all girls and boys carry tin cleaver, some sort of armour (very
    low-quality of course) and some random eq. 
  - Pigs in pig pen and chickens in chicken cook may get nasty for newbie 
    adventurers - both rooms have four monsies which some or all may agro.
  - Almost all the armours are fur, and you might even find an occasional 
    fur o-yoroi that goes for 3.5K

Area Map:

			| | | | |
			| | | | |
			| | | | |
                        O-O-O-O-O   kitchen   living room
			| | | | |   |         |
			O-O-O-O-O   Bob's house
			         \  |
				  O-O-pig pen
				    chicken coop

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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