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Orc Scout Tree

Area Info

Dirs: Laenor


General Descrip: Nice little newbie area.

Difficulty: newbie

Area Size: about 27 rooms

Last Update: December 2009

Monsie Info:

Huge punks              400
Large punks             100
Nelson                   3k   small wooden gavel, armor sells for 1-2k
Orc cub scout leader     20
Orc scout guard          5k   armour sells for 1-2k
Orc scout (tied up)      50
Small girls             100

Area Map:

Maps by Hair.

                  Leave-O  (Climb Tree) (1)

                   /   \
                  O     O
Level 1           |     |
                  O     O
                   \   /

                    / \
               (2) D   O
                  /     \
Level 2          O       O
                  \     /
                   O   U (3)
                    \ /

Level 3             | |

                    / \
                   / O \
                  /  =  \
Level 4      (4) D   K---O
                  \     /
                   \   /
                    \ /

At entrance, climb tree to enter the area
At K on level 4, push knot to get to secret room.

Maps by Seasinger with monsie locations.

s-small punk
l-large punk           (up2sl)-(s)
h-Huge punk             /       \
                      (s)       (s)
first level            |          |
                       o          o
                        \        /
Climb tree/down          o - - (s)


                           /   \
second level            (3l)   (l)
                        /        \
                       o          o
                       \          /
                       (l)      (up,h3l)
                          \     /

third level

                           up (2h)-(h)
                              |     |
                             (h)--(2h) down

fourth level
                          /             \ <-- *
         room north/up --/->       o     \
            Push knot- (d,2h)->(hlsldr)-(l) ldr is Nelson the bully leader
                         \               /
                          \             /

Seasinger's notes:

*  You get rockets from the little punks that will send a message 
   to the whole mud.  To use, simply type: 
   message , then drop rocket and light rocket.

* In the fourth level map the 2 \'s and /'s do not mean 2 se or 2 sw 
  I just didnít have room for all the stuff in the map so i needed to 
  make it bigger it is only 1 ne or 1 se Etc. to move from room to 
  room.  I believe there is a quest on the 4th level too but not sure 
  .. look around.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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