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Pauper's Castle

Area Info

Dirs: Middle of the south part of the map. Just north of gnoll shrine. East of Dah'bec and south of Dunedain.

Coder: Pauper. Recoded by Shardik in December, 1997.

General Descrip: Pauper's castle is slowly falling apart, its master long gone.

Difficulty: partied mid

Area Size: 51+ rooms

Last Update: March 19, 2006

Monsie Info:

Nosractik, servant of evil   * 400k   leather muscle shirt   
Patrolling orc guards            2k     
Small goblin                     5k
Ugly orc                         1k
Young maid                       2k

Area Map:

To get to the mapped area: n, w, w from tree, wait till you fall down to elementals, then say 'open portal' 


Old Indian Reservation:

The Maze area:

          o     o
         /     /
        o   o-o   
        |  /  |
        o o   o   o-o
        | |   |  /  |
o o o   o o   o o   o o-o
| | |  / /   /  |    /   \
o-o-o-x-o-o-o   o-o-o     o
| | | |    \   /     \   /
* o o o     o-o       o-o
|     |     |  \
o     o     o   o
      |      \  | 
      o       o-o 
* - move boxes or push barrels to go to nosractic
x - Tarmalen Priestess, the only summable/relocable/dimdoorable room.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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