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Perilous Forest

Area Info

Dirs: Eastern Rothikgen.

Coder: Xiantha, introduced October 15, 1998.

General Descrip: A strange forest located somewhere southeast of Bat City. Xiantha's first and only area. Contains small area quiz called Malbeth's Quiz which is a bit hard.

Difficulty: Newbie to lowbie, good soloing place for Rangers, Tanks, Monks etc.

Area Size: 50 rooms in main area, many more in sub-areas

Last Update: July, 2010

Monsie Info:

ip = iron palm

Main part of area:

Bunny rabbit                 150   none
Female skinny squirrel       500   none
Fluffy bunny rabbit          175   none
Fox                          200   none
Hill scout                   400   none
Hill warrior                2-3k
Huge bear                *    6k   none
Hunter Arniduke          ip   ?k   Hunters amulet
Long dangerous snake         175   none
Male skinny squirrel         275   none  
Muscular hill warrior         4k   none
Old woman (Elisa)            700
Small baby bunny              75   none
Small bird                    50   none
Squirrel munching             75   none

Church:    (beware, quick death for the weak)

Fearsome barguest        *    ?k  


Badly wounded peasant         1k   none
Barkeep                      30k   leather pants
Beautiful cleric             19k   none
Bored peasant                 2k   none
Child playing with rock       1k   none
Drunk                         6k   iron club
Fat dog                      400   none
Leader of the village        25k   none
Peasant carrying wood         7k   none
Pitiful beggar               700   none
Shopkeeper                   20k   misc
Village smith                 7k   none
Wild cat                     700   none

Area Map:

                         O   O
                        /|\ / \ 
                      / \| |\| |\
             T-O   O-O   O-O-*-O O
             |  \  |  \   \| | |/
             O   O O O O-O-O-O-O-O
            / \ / \| | |    \| |/
           O   O C-O-O-O-O O-O-O
           |       | | | |\|  \|
           O-O-H   O-E-O-O O   O
            \|    /   / \|/ \ /| 
             O---O   O   O   V-O
                             | |

E - entrance
V - village
* - army camp, several aggressives
C - church
H - hut
T - tunnel

Church:   (Danger! Hard-hitting aggressives.)



            O-E-O  barkeeper
    cleric  O-O-O  leader
  Leader says 'Please, help me stranger. Go to the hills and return 
  the symbol of this village, The statue. I will reward you when you 
  bring it back to me. '                

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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