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Area Info

Dirs from South Cross: from SC 75 south east, 10 south, 15 south east.
General Descrip: Rocking area for partying eq.

Difficulty: All, recommend parties for anything other than Mole area

Area Size:

Last Update: April 28, 2005

Monsie Info:

* = aggressive, a = areas, x = bsenses to 2nd row, b = banishes
d = dests eq

Alena                        d   81k   leather glove, thin black dagger
                                       (search tapestry, go s to maze (n,w) room)
Aleval                      bx  170k   G'kaden, Shroud of darkness, The Drow Lord's Axe 
Beautiful drow guard             28k   2 randoms
Beatiful drow warrior            28k   2 randoms
Dark robed evil priest            6k   2 randoms
Dinos                        *   27k   2 randoms
Ditianna                          ?k   red glove, webbed chain
Divolg, high bailiff             10k
Small Drider                    1-2k
Drider                          3-4k
GIANT Drider                    4-6k
Drow captain                     15k   2 randoms
Drow guarding the keep           15k
Drow ranger                       9k   2 randoms
Drow warrior                     12k   2 randoms
Drow whore                        2k   none
Engar, Drow captain              32k   2 randoms
Gicona                           19k   none
Guard resting from practice      18k
Huge female firedrake        a    8k
Huge hell hound              *   16k   none
Huge female vorth               1-2k
Huge vorth                      1-2k
Huge vorth has gone nuts          2k
Hymmor                       *   25k   2 random
Ianna                            35k   2 randoms
Lamaa                            14k
Large wingless firedrake         17k
Moles                             1k
Muscular drow warrior            46k
Nirep                             7k
Prinell                          26k   Ta'kaden, highsteel elfin chain mail
Skinny drow warrior              17k   
Sleeping evil priest             16k   2 randoms
Small lava child             *   10k   none
Ugliest drow guard           b   32k   2 randoms  
Vigil sentry                 b   45k   2 randoms
Weaponmaster                     18k

Area Map:

                                                      O   O
                                                       \ /
                                                      /   \       O
       Enter                                         /     \     /
       O-----O  To Citdel                           O       O   O
       |  down                                     /         \ /
       |  O----O Skeleton                         O           O
       |  |                                       |           |
       |  |  O Psi Guard and Feral Man            O           O
     __|__|__|__                                   \         /
     |         |      O                             O       O
     |  Maze   |      | down                         \     /
     |_________|      |                               O-O-O
          |           | up                              |
          |           Cave                            out
          O Entrance

Map sent in by Zoso:

    |...ppppppppppprrppppppppppp....ppp.p1..|        1. Noquar
    |...pppppp2pppprpppppppppppp....pp..pp..|        2. Despana
    |...pppppppppprp.ppppppppppp....ppp.pp..|        3. Eisevis
    |...pppppppr.rpp.pppppppppppppAppp.ppp..|        4. Aleval
    |...ppp.plll.rpp3.ppppppppppppsppppppp..|        5. Male warrior
    |...4ppppplrrrppppppppppppppppsppppppp..|        6. Fem warrior
    |...pppppppppppppppppppppp....sppppppp..|        7. Tomtor
    |...pp....pppppppppppppp......s....ppp..|        8. Kilsak
    |...ppppppp.pppp..pppssssssssssssss5p...|        E= Exit
    |...pppssssssssssssssppppppppppppppppp..|        A= Drow city


To enter where the bones are, 'enter exit'.

Mole Cave:

           | |   |          |
           O-O O O O        O
           |   | | |        |
           O O-O-O-O-O-O-O  O
           |     |          |
         O-O     O          O
           |     |          |
           O   O-O-O        O
           |     |          |
         O-O-O   O          O
           |     |          |
           O  entrance      O
           |                |
           |                O
           |                |


Homing Sequences: 
Submitted by Whyi.

There are 10 maze rooms in Perin's maze, and four exits.
One of the 'exits' is the entrance- one of the obvious exits here is 'arch'.
One of the 'exits' is called 'The end of the plains', and there is
nothing that I know of there, except a room of explore.
One has exit has two mobs in it, one called 'a feral man'.
The last exit is the castle.

command perinsarch 3 w;4 nw;n;ne;n;ne;n
command perinsferal 3 w;4 nw;n;ne;n;ne;sw
command perinsend 3 w;4 nw;n;ne;n;se
command perinsentrance 3 w;4 nw;n;ne;n;2 ne;n

These are 'homing sequences'. If you're anywhere in the 10 rooms of
Perin's maze, and you follow the 'perinsarch' path, you will end up
out of the maze ready to leave to the outerworld.

So-and-so walks along the outerworld to the ?, then types 'arch' to go
into the area, 'n' to enter the maze, then 'perinsferal', and he pops
out of the maze at the feral man.

If so-and-so entered the maze, wandered around for a while, gotten
lost, looked at Dryad's web page in desperation, added the
'perinsferal' command-alias, and then typed 'perinsferal', he would
still pop out of the maze at the feral man.


Rojenku tells you 'Hey, I found a room not in your guide in Perin's area. 
From the maze, 3 w,4 nw,n,ne,n,se dead end explore room. There is a trapdoor 
going down. 'open trapdoor' takes you into a laboratory with a sinister demon 
that isn't aggro at first but will aggro soon and one shotted me. 
So he's pretty dangerous.'

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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