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Area Info

Dirs from S-Cross: 41 sw, 3 s, enter, n, e, 5 n, e, ne, n


General Descrip: Pixie mines. Many of the pixies banish.

Difficulty: lowbie

Area Size: 12

Last Update: October 29, 1999

Monsie Info:

x = banishes

Arrogant pixie                   4k   none
Clueless whistling pixie         3k   none
Evil, depressed pixie            3k   none
Evil, vengeful pixie             3k   none
Farting pixie (chocolate)        3k   none
Farting pixie                    3k   none
Lonliest pixie             x     3k   none  
Old king pixie             x     3k   none
Old rat                          ?k   none
Pixie w/butt to wall             3k   none
Poor rat                        400   none
Queen pixie                x     3k   none
Rat dragging dust cart          400   none
Singing pixie                    3k   none
Sloppy pixie                     3k   none
Tuckered out pixie               3k
Wise weeping pixie             2.5k   none

Area Map:

First Level:

              o o     o
	      | |     |

Second Level:  (down)


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