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Shadowkeep Prison

Area Info

Dirs: In the town of Shadowkeep

Coder: Amarth

General Descrip:

Difficulty: Newbie to partied mid.

Area Size:

Last Update: September 20, 2005

Monsie Info:

Angus MacDuff                           MacDuff Longsword
Dwarven special troop       *     4k   
Aggressive elemental        *     ?k
Aggressive guardian lich         34k    Widowmaker   
Azekian                         4.5k  
Big watchdog                      5k    bone
Bulging dwarf guard               4k    slicing sword, Dwarf amulet     
Chunkster                       4.5k    none
Dwarven guard                     2k    combat shield
Fat prison rat                   500    none
Grand Master Torturer             ?k
Grrzzaaah the Warden              ?k
Huge cockroach                    1k    misc small item
Junior prison guard               3k    Macho boots, key, mighty nightstick
Justus the dropout              1.7k    none
Lesser dwarven guard              3k    war helmet
Muscular con man                  5k    cavalryman's sabre, con man's belt  
Paladin                         1.5k   
Pet prison rat                    1k    none
Platypus                         400 
Sir Garter                        2k
Weirdo                           10k    Pervertsword , astonishing
                                        gizmo, Franz's ass

Area Map:

	                          SHADOWKEEP PRISON

                                       O | O
                                       | D |
                                       O | O

                                    BOTTOM LEVELS

                                    O       O
                                    |       |
                                U   O-O-O   O              O
                                 \  | |     |              |           O-O
                                  O-O-O-O-O-O-D ---->  O-O-O-U  --->   | |
                                 /  | |     |          | |             O O
                                O   O-O     O          O O             | |
                                    |       |          | |             O-O
                                    O       O          ? ?

	Notes: One of the rooms in the 3rd basement floor requires an 
               Antidepression Pill to escape.
               In the bathroom, you can do the obvious and be rewarded 
               with a toilet-candy.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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